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Shut the Box-Fun and Educational

Updated on July 3, 2014

The original game of Shut the Box dates back to the 17th century in France. It is a great classic game that can be played by children and adults alike. It is also a popular pub game in many parts of the world. Children can play it to increase their math skills and for adults it is a fun pub game where you can place a wager on each round.

My husband was looking on line for a good game for our granddaughters birthdays, they are 8 and 10 years old, and came across the game Shut the Box. We ordered the version with 12 numbers( see example below) and when it arrived we took it out and decided to try playing it. The first version we purchased was inexpensive and didn't even come with instructions. When we searched online for instructions we found there were many different versions of the game that could be played. We started out playing a simple version where you roll the dice and then turn down the numbers that equal the number on the dice. Each player keeps playing until they can no longer turn down numbers. If you turn down all the numbers you "shut the box" and are the winner of the game.

Trying Another Version

Next we decided to try another version of the instructions where you can either add the numbers on the dice or multiply the numbers on the dice to decide which numbers to turn down. This version added some more interest to the game and we decided it would be great to help our granddaughters with their math skills.

We enjoyed playing the game so much we decided to keep the first game we bought for ourselves and we ordered a nicer wooden box version of the game for the girls. You can also see that version below. When we arrived at our granddaughters house they opened their game and we had hours of fun playing the game.

Playing with the Girls

One evening I was playing with my granddaughters and one of their friends. We were playing a version where you played to 100 and then the person with the lowest score would win. The exception of course, is that if someone closed all the numbers they would "shut the box" and be the winner. We had played several rounds and my granddaughter Rachel was winning with the lowest score. Then on my turn I 'Shut the Box" and won even though I had the highest score. Rachel couldn't believe it! She was so sure she was the winner. She was a good sport though. She said " let's play again and maybe I'll "Shut the Box"!"

The Double Shutter is another version of this fun game. It is one where children and adults alike can play and develop their strategies to "Shut the Box".

More Selections

Here are several different types of Shut the Box games. I have purchased each of the ones listed below and was pleased with the products.

Circa Shut-the-Box
Circa Shut-the-Box

This is the game we bought for our granddaughters. It comes in a good looking wood box.

WE Games Deluxe Wood Shut the Box Game - 12 Numbers
WE Games Deluxe Wood Shut the Box Game - 12 Numbers

This is the game we bought for ourselves. It is a little different with 12 numbers instead of the usual 9.


Watching a video is a great way to learn a new game. This video gives you the basic strategies of the game.

Learn to Play

Have you ever played "Shut the Box"? What scoring method do you use? I find it very interesting that there are so many different ways to score.

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    • BrianRS profile image

      Brian Stephens 3 years ago from France

      Looks like a fun way to learn some simple maths and I bet it's great if you get to shut the box :-)

    • BunnyFabulous profile image

      BunnyFabulous 3 years ago from Central Florida

      This looks so fun! Glad you did a helpful review and talked about the history behind it.

    • PaigSr profile image

      PaigSr 3 years ago from State of Confussion

      I have seen pictures but never looked into it before. Thanks for the info.

    • noner profile image

      noner 4 years ago

      I've never even heard of that one before! I'm horrible with numbers so I don't see myself winning that one ever. lol