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How to Make Money in Simcity 4 Deluxe Edition

Updated on August 9, 2011

Making money is easy when you know how

I have played SimCity 4 Deluxe Edition for quite a while and find it very addictive. Now I am going to share about my experience on how to make money in the game. I find that many beginners complain of the sheer difficulty in balancing the budget and scratch their heads when it comes to generating revenue to put into their cities' coffers.

You are the mayor, so you decide everything. After deciding how you should build your city (either self-sufficient ones with all 3 type of zones or sprawling megalopolis that span a few maps), start by zoning low density first. It applies to everything.

So here's the simple guide I have for making lots of money in SimCity 4:

1. Start by being stingy and frugal. Do not spend money on education, health or anything that increases your Sims' quality of life. Provide only basic utility like power. Do not build water pumps too, it will save some money.

2. Zone more and more. Zone residential areas, then industrial, finally commercial. Remember, keep everything low density. Increase taxes to 9.5%

3. Just repeat the process and keep an eye on your expenses. Tweak the spending on power plants to a capacity of below 75% (increases plant lifespan).

4. After your city seems not to grow anymore, start by giving water and education to your people.

5. Keep an eye on budget.

6. Keep increasing your people's education by building high school, college etc.

7. By now your Sims are starting to be smarter, so they will work at high wealth places. High tech industry also picks up by now.

8. Keep an eye on traffic too. If you have money, spend some on public transport.

9. Once your city is well-established, you should have a lot of money by now.

I used these strategies and after 107 years, my city has a population of almost 100,000 and I have more than 7 million simoleons. That is 7,000,000+!! My budget is a positive cash flow with an average surplus of 10,000.

Well, hope you have fun playing the game!

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    • LennyP profile image

      LennyP 4 years ago from Iowa

      If you don't mind *cheating* then there are several mods you can install to make money easier. To me SimCity is a sandbox to design really cool cities. Therefore, I have no problem cheating.

    • profile image

      Alyaa Hesham Elkhafif 5 years ago

      I get what you're saying but honestly I can't keep my income *more* than the expenses. Can anyone tell me how.

    • profile image

      Me and me 6 years ago

      I have to do sim city 4 deluxe for a school project called future cities and I can't help but laugh because all the jerky kids who made me join a group of idiots who do nothing are losing money and In debth while i have tons of money

    • profile image

      Scotty 6 years ago

      This was probably poster years ago, but i cant quite get the hang of it to be honest :/