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User created Sims 3 worlds to download

Updated on September 1, 2012

EA Created Sims 3 Worlds that come with The Sims 3 and expansions packs include: Sunset Valley, Twinbrook, Bridgeport and Appaloosa Plains worlds. They all have great things about them. But what if you are looking for something different and want to know the options? Since the release of Create a World (a free download from the official The Sims 3 website) users are able to design their own worlds just like the creators of Sims 3! I am sure it takes a lot of hard work and talent to create a world from scratch. I found some worlds that I thought were amazingly well done and beautiful that I wanted my Sims to live in them so I simply downloaded them onto my game. I wanted to share with you some free high quality user made Sims 3 worlds so you can decide if it would also like to add them to your game.

Red Cliffs


Redcliffs is a coastal village created by Awesims. What drew me to this town was the beautiful screen shots of the beach coast and lovely hills sprinkles with red trees. This world is described as having “districts” downtown, suburban, rural and coastal areas. Awesims has supplied the World with a nice downtown area that includes the necessary rabbit holes, laundry mat, internet café, consignment store, bar, Chinese restaurant, graveyard, saloon/tattoo and library. The game looks even better while playing and offers your sims lots of places to go. I wish it came with more affordable residential homes although it is easy to download and add starter homes to this world. To download this world you will need The Sims 3, World Adventures and Ambitions (Late Night if you want the updated world).



Queenstown is another world created by Awesims it was inspired by a town in New Zealand also called Queenstown. It includes the necessary rabbit holes, 8 bars and clubs, Laundromat, art gallery, saloon, community pool, campground, consignment store, library, gym, fire department and beautiful parks/botanic gardens. This world has gotten many great reviews and is said to run faster than red cliffs and includes less custom content. You will need The Sims 3, World Adventures, Ambitions and Late Night (It has also been updated for Pets).

Or this link for the updated Pets version:

Everything Island

Everything island was created by ruthless_kk the idea in creating this sims 3 world was to combine a little bit of everything into one world. It includes a downtown, country and suburban area. It includes lots of beautifully made homes 52 to be exact. This is a great world if you just want everything or your sims an opportunity to do anything they want! My favorite custom made lot has to be the wedding venue on the boardwalk next to the beach.


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