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The Legacy Challenge

Updated on October 15, 2013

There's Nothing Like Lawn Living in a Sims Legacy Challenge!

If you've never played a Legacy Challenge in The Sims 2 or The Sims 3, then you don't know what you're missing!

I would really honestly love it if you could scroll down the page and add the links to your stories. These links are free publicity for you, and this page gets traffic from search engines. Help people find you!

Of course, there is probably a good reason that you have chosen not to play through the Legacy Challenge: perhaps you really like being able to use cheats; maybe you're frustrated by not having enough money to build your sims a nice house right in the beginning; it could be that you get bored easily and know you wouldn't be able to focus on one family for that long; it's possible that your computer is slow and can't handle that many memories and ghosts on the lot. Or maybe you just prefer reading legacies written by other folks.

Whether you enjoy playing the Legacy Challenge or just reading them, you should enjoy this lens. If you will stay with me for a little while, you will see that there is a great opportunity to get your own legacy stories listed (below) so that others can find them and read them. You will also find the official rules on this lens and have an opportunity to support my Sims 3 Game Guide by purchasing your games and expansion packs from this lens. Thanks!

What about you?

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Important Legacy Challenge Links - Let's get these out of the way first...

The Sims 2 and 3 provides a lot of new ways to play. Pinstar is the creator of the original Legacy Challenge (for The Sims 2), but players have made their own adaptations of the challenge over the years. Some people don't score, some ignore all of the rules except for the basic premise of getting your sim family through 10 generations, and others choose to enhance their place with the addition of handicaps, something that was added to the game as the expansion packs grew and and added additional ways of creating wealth to the game.

The main point is to enjoy the legacy challenge! Make it your own if you must in order to enjoy it!

The Sims 2 Legacy Challenge - Everything you need to know about The Sims 2 Legacy Challenge

The Sims 2 Legacy Challenge
The Sims 2 Legacy Challenge

The Sims 2 gave us not only a three dimensional world in which to play with our sims, but it also gave us amazing genetics. For the first time, Sims were born, grew up, grew old, and died, all the while passing their genetics on to the next generation, generation after generation.

The concept was so fascinating (and so buggy) that it sparked players and forum members to try new things with their sims. I was one of the first to conduct genetic experiments with my sims, meaning that I was at the forefront of the discovery of the First Born Effect (an effect which causes each sim born into a family identical to the first born -- this can be prevented by going into Create A Sim and rolling the dice several times to mix genetics. Yes, it really works).

Many challenges were born of The Sims 2, but my favorite, and the apparent favorite amongst sims writers, is The Legacy Challenge, a ten generation challenge that allows you to experiment to your heart's content with genetics and playing with the various NPCs and Townies.

A Genetics Problem in The Sims 2

The First-Born Effect

I mentioned the first-born effect above, and I wish that I had copies of The Sims 2 for Mac so that I could take pictures and show you examples of exactly what I mean. Unfortunately, I was running TS2 on a PC and I don't have Macintosh copies to run on this computer (so no pictures).

Early on when I first began playing The Sims 2, I am certain that I didn't have this problem. There was a lot of talk about it, particularly among those who played The Legacy Challenge. Many of us experimented, and it was finally discovered that children born to a family almost always followed along behind the first born, both in appearance and in personality. It was annoying, and the bug was never fixed. I would have had more faith in Maxis than that, but that was the way that it was (and still is).

If you are running The Sims 2 and have problems with the Firstborn effect, simply go into Create A Sim and create two adults, then click the pacifier as though to make offspring for them. Doing this several times will randomize your sim. It may also work to use the sim randomizer (the dice) on the main CAS screen in order to avoid firstborn effect.

This must be done in the same game session that the new child is born. Make sure when randomizing that you do so shortly before the sim is to give birth. Traits aren't assigned until birth.

Wanna Play? - You'll need to purchase a copy of The Sims 2 if you want to play the Legacy Challenge!

If you want to join in the fun of The Sims 2 Legacy Challenge, you're going to need to purchase your own copy of The Sims 2 (if you don't already have it). Immediately below you will have an opportunity to purchase The Sims 2 and each of its expansion packs.

Get to Know the Legacy Challenge - The Official Site

The best way to get started playing The Sims 2 Legacy Challenge is to visit the official site and read the rules, authored by Pinstar. This site includes all of the rules, the handicaps, and modifications based on which expansion packs you are running on your game.

Sharing your Stories

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The Sims 3 Legacy Challenge - Everything you need to know about The Sims 3 Legacy Challenge

The Sims 3 Legacy Challenge
The Sims 3 Legacy Challenge

For the first time since The Sims, The Sims 3 gives us an entirely new way to play The Sims. While the most recent game in the series does build upon what was created in the original and expanded with The Sims 2, there are so many new dimensions that The Sims 3 is practically an entirely new game.

The Legacy Challenge hasn't changed much from The Sims 2 but because there are new careers and a new way of keeping track of lifetime happiness, I find that the challenge has gotten all the more interesting.

If you are playing The Sims 3, the Legacy Challenge is a great way to get the feel for the game, including the new life spans. Have fun with it!

Ready to Experience the Legacy Challenge in The Sims 3? - Buy the game first!

If you're on this page but you haven't yet succumbed to the urge to purchase your copy of The Sims 3, now is the time to really think about doing so. The price of the base game has been dropping, and the Sims 3 store provides a lot of ways to expand your game. The expansion packs (not the stuff packs) are also listed below so that you can purchase them when you're ready to do so. I recommend expanding as fully as possible, as each new expansion pack adds great new challenges to the game!

Get Started with the Sims 3 Legacy Challenge - Know the rules

The rules for the Sims 3 Legacy Challenge are slightly different than they were for The Sims 2, and are slightly more complicated.

Love Legacies? - Share your experience!

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      azkibear 4 years ago

      Started 2 new legacies (one being a Board Game Challenge!) Go check them out here: :)

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      maria-jose-eyzaguirre 5 years ago

      I started a legacy as a competition with a friend- here's the first post if anyone's interested...

      Basically me and my friend's sims exchange letters with each other for moral support as they start out new lives with pretty much nothing on them, except for a handful of cash and a lot of determination! Enjoy :)

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      anonymous 5 years ago

      I've just started a legacy

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      florin87 5 years ago

      Nice work..

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      Recently started my first legacy challenge!

      Would be fun if people checked it out :)

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      MelaniePHenderson 5 years ago

      Nice post! :) I'm a huge fan of the sims 3 myself and have just started a legacy!

      It's great to see someone else who is also passionate about the sims!

    • profile image

      chysanth 5 years ago <----check out my legacy!

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      anonymous 5 years ago

      My legacy just made it to generation 10 and is on the way to generation 20!


      and page: :D

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      anonymous 5 years ago

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      anonymous 6 years ago

      I've started a new legacy (This is my first legacy and first legacy blog just so you know) I'm going to stick with this to the end so please check it out at:

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      ckorkows 6 years ago

      I've just started a new legacy (I've never finished one before due to game crashes) and have faith that I will indeed finish this one. Check out the Brakestone family and their crazy world of surviving at:

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