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The Sims 3 Magic Expansion Pack Has Been Leaked

Updated on March 27, 2012

The Sims 3 Magic Creatures

Electronic Arts leaked several things that will reportedly be in the next expansion pack of The Sims 3 when they released the latest patch for the game. Expansion 7 content has leaked and it is a breath of fresh air for die-hard Makin Magic fans, with plenty of new content to boot.

EP 7, which is yet to be named, brings a whole new aspect of Sim gaming forward. The game will include several new creature types, something entirely new for The Sims 3. These are zombies, fairies and werewolves.

These creatures will all have a different moodlets and wants. Along with werewolves, neighborhoods are now having lunar phases. The werewolf creature will have plenty of new hilarious interactions including apologizing for being a werewolf and implying mother is a chupacabra.

Zombies promise to be a very fun Sim creature to play with. They seem mostly brainless and, according to the interactions, look like death. Fairies grant Sims wishes and make amazing nectar.

There are witches and wizards too for all you die-hard magic fans out there. Witches can do spells like summon apples and poisoned apples, ride on a broom, have random skill gains or even turn other Sims into toads. Really skilled witches are able to become immortal!

The Sims 3 Magic Professions

So you have a cute werewolf and witch family going on. Like all Sims, they need jobs. There are several new careers that come with EP 7.

These include Bee Keeper, Alchemy and Fortune Teller.

Bee Keeping is an extremely dangerous career in which your Sim tries to - har, har - keep a few bees. Your sim is in danger of constantly getting stung, but he or she can produce honey and nectar to name a few things.

Alchemy seems to be the new self-employment option for shut-in Sims. The alchemist must earn money by making and selling potions. He or she can also throw the potions at random sims, get several achievements, drink their own potions and become an alchemy master. Or just be a hobbyist alchemist and see what happens!

That leaves the super natural sounding Fortune Teller. You decide whether your fortune teller is going to be a scam, a really good scam, or will be able to read the future. Your sim can be really good at reading clients until he or she becomes a Vague Visionary or you can simply have him or her fake it. They won't know the different until later anyway, right?

Fortune Teller Career
Fortune Teller
Scam Artist
Celebrity Psychic
Dealer of Destinies
Fortune Guesser
Horoscope Reader
Keen Observer of Human Behavior
Master of Mysticism
Metaphysical Fabricator
Pseudo Psychic
Spiritual Guide
Tarot Card Shark
Traveler of Time and Space
Vague Visionary

EP7 Interest

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    • profile image

      nightshade 5 years ago

      Wow how cool looking forward to this for sure been waiting a long while can't wait:)

    • profile image

      VampireWitch 5 years ago

      Love this expansion pack! I love magic. I love werewolves, I love fairies and I simply adore witches. I was a bit sad because we only had vampires ( by the way, I love vampires too :P) but now it looks like my dream came true!OMG, I hope it will be released soon, I simply can't wait anymore!

      Happy Simming!

    • profile image

      Adam 5 years ago

      I thought seasons was suppose to be the 7th expansion