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Simulator Games On The Rise

Updated on June 27, 2014


We've seen simulator games before; people flying airplanes, making farms, and driving cars. However, recently simulator games are not only becoming more popular, but increasingly more random and unique. This article is aimed at highlighting some of the games that I find particularly interesting.


Euro Truck Simulator

This game is exactly what you would expect from the title, a game where you drive a truck in a European setting. What else is there to this game you ask? Not much. The player drives the truck through out Europe with the intent on making deliveries with a bonus of being able to enjoy the view. Now, I am not saying this wouldn't be a great game for the right person, specifically those who really love driving and doing nothing, but it can become boring to the masses. According to some steam reviews the game doesn't deliver on the graphics, lacks customization, and can get tiring fast. However, other reviewers have claimed they could play the game for hours on end and it can become strangely addicting. Overall this game isn't for everyone, but worth a look if you love driving and simulators.


Goat Simulator

Remember when I said some of the simulation games are becoming rather unique? Well this game is why. In this game you play as a goat (much like the title suggests), but this game takes a unique spin on the play-style. Rather than having everyone walk around as a goat and experiencing normal goat life, the goal here is to cause destruction. The more items you destroy the more points you will get, not to mention you get extra points for doing it in style. Another interesting point for this game is the bugs. On their steam page they flat out state this game has quite a bit of bugs, so why don't they fix it? The developers claim it is hilarious. While this game might not appeal to the masses, it is truly one of the most unique simulator games out there.


Surgeon Simulator

This game is not for the weak of heart - and I do mean very weak of heart. The graphics aren't anything stellar so seeing a body cut open and laid out in-front of you isn't that big of a deal. That being said, if even the thought of seeing blood, or body parts bother you then this probably isn't your type of game. However, for those of you who are still interested let me give you a little insight about this game and what it does. Surgeon Simulator is exactly that - you play a surgeon and try to "fix" your patients. Why did I put fix in parenthesis? Well, the ambulance driver is borderline drunk (or full out wasted), the controls can be rough, and you will experience very random problems with the patients. Here are some good points: according to their steam page they now support the Oculus Rift, they have added a Team Fortress 2 Mode, and it has a fair amount of achievements to strive for.


Mountain Simulator

Have you ever wished you could be a mountain? If so then you will be happy to hear that a mountain simulator game is on its way to being released. This game will do exactly what it sounds like - let you play as a mountain. What will that entail? So far we do not have much information, but here is what we do know: the game will ask a variety of questions upon launch, each question can influence where your mountain is place. What type of terrain you see, length of seasons, and shape of the mountain. The game will have an ending with an estimation of 50 hours of game play (no word on what exactly that ending will be.) The creators intend to sell the game for one dollar, so at least if this sounds interesting you won't have to break your wallet to give it a try. The release date is set for July 1st as of right now.


Rock Simulator

As far as interactive gameplays go this game doesn't quite deliver. The developers don't seem to mind keeping things on a more relaxing level. In this game, Rock Simulator, you play as a rock. That's about it. The only information that can be provided at this time is the player can experience the rock in a variety of settings. Always wanted to stare at a rock in the grassy plains? Then by all means, this game is for you. While the environments do look beautiful, that is about all there is to this game. The game was just green-lit for Steam and has yet to mention a price, but I really can't imagine it going for very much. I'd only recommend this to anyone who wants to buy it as a joke, or really love their rocks.

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While these games barely scratch the surface for all the simulator games out there, they are some of the quirkier ones I've seen. They each bring a unique take on their simulation and add something you might not find in other games. However, if none of these appeal to you and there is a specific game you have in mind I'd recommend checking out the Steam store. You can browse a wide variety of games there - all of which are organized into separate categories, one of which is simulation.


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    • tech2games profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago

      I often feel the same way! Why play a pretend farm when I can grow a real one haha. But there are some interesting simulators out there. Thanks, hope you have a great day as well!

    • dailytop10 profile image


      4 years ago from Davao City

      Rock simulator?! That blew me away...hahaha In my opinion, simulator games are really boring. Why play something you can easily do on real world like driving a truck or raising a goat. But this is an informative hub though. Thanks for sharing and have a great day!


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