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Updated on October 4, 2015

The doll you love to dress !!

Who made Sindy ?

Pedigree Dolls & Toys, also known as Pedigree Toys, is a toy company located in England and is best known for launching the Sindy doll in 1963.

Pedigree was a subsidiary of Lines Bros. Limited (otherwise known as Tri-ang, who also made dolls houses and furniture - see my other lens) and after their liquidation in 1971, Pedigree became a subsidiary of Dunbee-Combex-Marx. After Dunbee's collapse in 1980, Pedigree and several other Dunbee subsidiaries moved to the holding company Tamwade.

Hasbro bought the rights to the Sindy doll in 1986, but returned the rights to Pedigree in 1998 after a series of lawsuits with Mattel (the manufacturer of Barbie) and sales of the doll declined.

Sindy was licensed to Vivid Imaginations, who relaunched the doll in 1999.

Sindy's 40th anniversary in 2003 saw a new manufacturer, New Moons, and another relaunch and redesign.

History of Sindy

Sindy is a British fashion doll created by Pedigree Dolls & Toys in 1963.

After about 20 years of producing dolls, Pedigree sought to expand its product range to include a trendy fashion doll. American toy manufacturer Mattel offered Pedigree a licence to produce Barbie, which Pedigree declined due to market research showing Barbie was unpopular with British buyers.

Instead Pedigree manufactured its own doll based on another American doll, Tammy. With permission from Tammy's manufacturer, the Ideal Toy Company, Pedigree also borrowed Tammy's slogan, "The doll you love to dress".

The name "Sindy" was chosen after a street poll where young girls were shown a photo of the doll and asked to choose their favourite name from a list.

The Sindy doll was launched in September 1963, and London retailers were sent a promotional 45rpm gramophone record to introduce the doll, which included Pedigree's marketing text below:

"Sindy is the free, swinging girl that every little girl longs to be. Sindy has sports clothes, glamour clothes, everyday clothes - a dog, skates, a gramophone - everything... Every genuine Sindy outfit is a child's dream come true. Each one is designed for today's fashionable young women by today's leading women designers. They are authentic miniature replicas of the latest adult clothes"

Sindy's boyfriend Paul was released in 1965, and her younger sister Patch in 1966. Sindy's friends Vicki and Mitzi, and Patch's friends Poppet and Betsy debuted in 1968. A rival to Barbie, Sindy's wholesome look and range of fashions and accessories made it the best selling toy in the United Kingdom in 1968 and 1970.

In 1978, Sindy was introduced to the United States market by Marx Toys, however they went into receivership in 1980 and Sindy was withdrawn from the US market.

During the 1980s, Pedigree produced a number of evening dresses designed by The Emmanuels, famous for designing Princess Diana's wedding gown. An older-looking Sindy doll was released in 1985, with male and female companions Mark and Marie.

Hasbro bought the rights to the Sindy doll in 1986 and in 1987 and 1989 they redesigned Sindy. The January 1989 redesign made Sindy look more similar to her rival Barbie. In response, Mattel sought and won an injunction against Hasbro after claiming the new Sindy doll was easily confused with their product.

Hasbro introduced Sindy in France and continental Europe in 1994 after minor facial modifications to reduce her resemblance to Barbie. Hasbro withdrew its advertising support for the Sindy doll in 1997 and the next year saw the end of its involvement, with the return of the rights to Pedigree.

In 1999 Pedigree licensed the doll to Vivid Imaginations. The doll market in the United Kingdom had Barbie holding a share of over 75% of sales. Sindy and Barbie went head-to-head in August 1999, when both manufacturers created large advertising campaigns for the dolls and Sindy was relaunched.

In 2003, Sindy was relaunched for her 40th birthday by New Moons and redesigned again in 2006. The 2006 Sindy was aimed at three-to five year old pre-school girls.

Collecting Sindy

The Sindy doll is popular among collectors, and many websites provide advice on how to re-root her hair and replace parts.

Mint condition dolls are the most sought after and many collectors shunned the "American look" Sindy developed by Hasbro, which increased the value of the 1963 - 1986 Pedigree dolls.

A popular doll with collectors is the "Trendy Girls" (produced between 1971 and 1974) due to their high facial colour and attractive body shape.

On UK eBay a first-edition Sindy, complete with original Foale and Tuffin "Weekenders" outfit, box and fashion booklet reached approximately £190. Very recently a boxed 1968 Blonde "Miss Beautiful" sidepart (pictured) reached over £400 !

Sindy's rarer friends Gayle (a doll made for the American market in 1975) is worth up to £400, and Mitzi (her French friend from 1968) up to £500.

Blonde (1963-1964) Made in England

First issue Sindy has a soft vinyl head with rooted hair that has a centre parting and a fringe. She has soft bendable arms, but they will not pose and a hard torso and hollow, unbendable legs. She is marked "Made in England" on or just under the hairline at the back of her neck, and there are no markings to her torso.

Stunning and wearing "Pony Club", outfit complete. I've named her Judy after her seller.

Auburn (1963-1964) Made in England

What a find this Sindy was ! I won her on French eBay along with some 1960s Sindy clothes for 4,50 Euros !! She's wearing "Country Walk", outfit complete including her dog Ringo. I've named her Penny, as I had a dog when I was a child similar to Ringo and she was named Penny !

Brunette (1963-1964) Made in England

Lovely first issue Brunette wearing "Sleepy Time", outfit complete.

Auburn (1965) Made in England

Second issue Sindy doll was manufactured in England from 1965, and she also has a soft vinyl head with rooted hair that has a centre parting and a fringe. She now has heavy vinyl legs with a wire inside them so she is now able to pose and soft vinyl poseable arms with a wire inside. Sindy is marked "Made in England" again on or in the hairline at the back of her neck and her torso is unmarked.

Looking cool in "Seaside Sweetheart", outfit complete.

Blonde (1965) Made in England

She has almost perfect hair after all these years, I don't think it has even been combed ! Wearing "Lunch Date", outfit complete with black stockings.

Brunette (1965) Made in England

A lovely "Bridesmaid" with homemade head-dress, necklace and bracelet.

Brunette Miniature (1965) Made in Hong Kong

Miniature Sindy is marked "Made in Hong Kong" in small letters on the back of her waist. Her head is unmarked and she has a smaller head than the normal sized Hong Kong doll, which tends to wobble. She also has smaller very hard arms and legs. Sindy shoes are to big for her so I've put her in a pair of Patch's. She has gorgeous hair and wears "Air Hostess", outfit complete but the Passenger Manifest is a reproduction.

Paul (1965-1967) Made in England

The first Paul was made in 1965 in England, but is unmarked. He has molded hair that is painted brown. His eyes are hazel, his lips are painted a soft flesh colour and he has bendable arms and legs with a wire inside.

First Paul (MIE) is wearing "And so to Bed", outfit complete.

Paul (1965-1967) Made in England

Second Paul (MIE) is wearing "Seaside", outfit complete.

Paul (1966) Made in Hong Kong

The next Paul was made in Hong Kong, and is marked that way across his shoulders. He is very similar featured to the first Paul. He is looking smart in "London Look", outfit complete.

Auburn (1966-1967) Made in Hong Kong

The next Sindy was made in Hong Kong from 1966 until 1967. She has the same size head and body as the MIE Sindy but is made from a heavier vinyl and her limbs can be bent and hold a pose. She has a fringe and a "bubble" shaped hair style, very 1960s ! She is marked "Made in Hong Kong" in tiny letters on her waist and her head is unmarked.

Looking adorable in "Cocktail Time" with an OOAK necklace.

Patch Chestnut (1966-1967) Made in England

The first Patch doll was made in Merton, England between 1966 and 1967. She has "Made in England" on the back of her neck and "J1834" and "SISTER" on her scalp but is not marked on her torso. Like Paul, her torso is prone to yellowing. She has straight bobbed hair, chin-length, which can be very fragile. She also has hand painted features. My Patch is missing a little hair on her scalp but she is looking quite the little "rascal" she was advertised as on her release. She is wearing "School Days", outfit just missing her glasses.

Paul Miniature (1967) Made in Hong Kong

Miniature Paul from 1967 is much shorter than the first Paul doll. His torso is marked "Made in Hong Kong" and his arms and legs are hard plastic and do not bend. Paul's head is much smaller and has a higher colour, his lips are an orangey shade. His head tends to wobble and his arms and legs do not fit very well into the torso. Few clothes fit this Paul well, but here he is in "Motorway Man", just missing his road map - hope he doesn't get lost !!

Blonde Sidepart (1968-1969) Made in Hong Kong

New Look Sindy was released in 1968 and what a change !! She now has a body with a twist waist and slightly longer legs. Her head is made from a new vinyl that tends to pale and she is marked "Made in Hong Kong" on the back of her neck, her torso is unmarked. Sindy has a beautiful new hairstyle parted on the left hand side, longer in length and styled in a flip and she also has 'real' eyelashes !

Such a pretty face and looking adorable in "Dream Date", oufit just missing the original bracelet.

Auburn Sidepart (1968-1969) Made in Hong Kong

All wrapped up warm in "Skating Girl", outfit complete.

Platinum Sidepart (1968-1969) Made in Hong Kong

Deborah (named after Debbie Harry, due to her frizzy hair !!) is wearing "Sugar & Spice" from the sought after Mam'selle range, and "Shopping in the Rain", outfit complete.

No more "Shopping in the Rain" for Deborah - she is "Red Hot". The outfit is complete but the belt is a reproduction. Rerooted in 'Devils Food' nylon and replacement eyelashes - she's back to looking gorgeous !!

Paul (1968) Made in Hong Kong

The last Paul made is marked "Made in Hong Kong" on his neck and his torso is unmarked. His limbs and body are the same as MIE Paul. Paul was given hair in 1968 - although somebody has given my Paul a haircut ! He is wearing "Winter Sports" with his bobble hat hiding his haircut !

Brunette Sidepart (1969) Walker

Walking Sindy was introduced by Pedigree in 1969 and is the tallest of all the Sindy dolls. She is the same as the 1968 Sidepart sindy but with a different bottom and soft rubbery legs. Her legs swing freely when you hold her by the waist which gives the impression that she walks.

She was given a release outfit of a Yellow coat with blue flower patterns which I have, but here she is modelling "Carefree Camping", outfit complete.

Auburn Centrepart (1970) Made in Hong Kong

This Sindy has beautiful shoulder length hair but this time her is hair parted down the centre ! She is marked 'Made in Hong Kong' on the back of the head. Some of these dolls do not have body markings but others have been found with "033029" between the shoulder blades and "033030" on the lower back (the later Trendy Girl markings), my Sindy has these markings.

Introducing Lottie, wearing "Disco Party", outfit complete, including the bronze daisy-strap sandals.

Blonde Centrepart (1970) Made in Hong Kong

This is Caroline and she has the marking "Made in Hong Kong" on her head and no markings on her body. She is looking beautiful in "Miss Sindy", including the necklace that was issued along with the boxed dolls. Her hair is almost perfect after all these years !

Brunette Centrepart (1970) Made in Hong Kong

This Sindy also has the marking "Made in Hong Kong" on her head and no markings on her body. Modelling "Day Girl", which is a reproduction.

Patch Brunette (1970) Made in England

This Patch is known to collectors as the "Canterbury" one, because production was moved back to England from Hong Kong at the start of the 1970s. Patchs made at Canterbury have lovely hand-painted features. They are marked "Made in England" on the neck and number "047001" across the shoulders. My Patch is wearing "Bedtime", outfit complete.

Patch Blonde (1970) Made in England

Another Canterbury Patch (so cute!), this time Blonde, wearing "Waterwings", outfit complete.

Blonde (1971-1972) Lovely Lively

The first 'Lovely Lively' Sindy has changed a lot, she can now bend her arms and knees and turn her head 360 degrees. Her head is no longer attached to her neck but sits on a neck knob that is attached to her body. This doll is called "Gauntlet Sindy" by collectors because of her underarms. Her arms and legs are made of a soft rubber and the torso and upper arms of vinyl. She is marked on her head "033055X" and on her shoulders "E Made in Hong Kong".

This is Marianne and she is wearing "Town & Country" with a reproduction jumper. Super hair, all her eyelashes and a lovely face !

Auburn (1971-1972) Lovely Lively

Another French eBay find, wearing her release outfit of "Jumpsuit".

Brunette (1971-72) Lovely Lively

Modelling "Hearts Delight" jumpsuit.

Blonde (1971-1974) Trendy Girl (rerooted)

In 1971 Sindy was advertised as "Trendy Girl". Trendy Girl (TG) dolls are one of the favourite Sindy dolls for collectors. They have a high colour face, long eyelashes and long hair in a flip hair style. She is marked on her head "033055X", "033029" on her shoulders and "033030" on her bottom. She has a twist waist and poseable legs but her arms do not pose.

My Trendy Girl has been rerooted, not by me but I have given her new eyelashes. She is wearing "Queen of the Ball".

Blonde (1971-1974) Trendy Girl

This is Jenny (named after my husband's first girlfriend, who had similar hair). Unfortunately my Jenny's hair had a nasty accident during a boil perm !! Still looking lovely in "Zing a Ding". Jenny is the version with the rubber bending legs and small holes near her ankles.

Brunette (1971-1974) Trendy Girl

Modelling "Pinny Party", outfit complete.

Blonde (1973) Funtime

From 1973 onwards Pedigree produced a "Funtime" Sindy for a low price every year. This doll changed every year and the 1973 Funtime is often mistaken for a Trendy Girl. She has the same head marked "033055X" but her body is marked "O D Made in Hong Kong" .

Here's my Funtime wearing her release outfit.

Brunette (1974) Lovely Lively

From 1974 Lovely Lively dolls have long saran hair, which has survived much better than the earlier dolls hair ! They are marked S678 on top of their heads (some may have Made H K) and 033050X below the hairline. Lovely Lively is marked "Made in Hong Kong" on her waist. These Lovely Lively's have rivets in their shoulders, a twist waist, head on a ball joint, jointed knees and bendable elbows. Her hands can turn round completely.

Here modelling "New Puffsleeves".

Blonde (1974) Active

A ballerina was introduced in the 1974 catalogue wearing a white tutu. This doll was a prototype and was never produced ! The first Active Sindys sold in 1974 were without posing ankles. She has a double twist waist, a double neck joint, riveted shoulder joints, ball joints at the wrists and bending elbows and knees. Her hard head is marked "033050X" and her body marked "Made in Hong Kong". She is wearing her release outfit, all original.

Brunette (1974-1975) Lovely Lively Gauntlet MartinAir

This Sindy has the gauntlet arm body and is a Dutch MartinAir doll, so I have named her Martina. This doll was made in Hong Kong and is marked on her head "033055X and "E" between the shoulders. She is made from a different, more shiny, orangey vinyl compared to the Pedigree Lovely Lively Sindy (above). These Sindys were found in the Netherlands only and were either originally dressed as a MartinAir stewardess (brunettes) or in the Volendam traditional costume (blondes).

Martina is wearing her original early Martinair uniform. This was only recently discovered to be genuine and this Martinair uniform is from before 1975. It consists of a grey felt dress with collar and a red felt jacket with gold paper buttons and a Martinair logo. The scarf is white satin, printed with red and black stripes. Black bowfronted shoes and a red felt beret completed this outfit. This outfit is rare and most probably from 1974 as this doll looks very much like the Spanish Florida Sindy and her stewardess outfits from that year. Martina's outfit is complete apart from the original shoes.

Blonde (1975) Lovely Lively

The 1975 Lovely Lively has exactly the same body as the 1974 doll with rivet shoulders but later in the year Sindy appears with the slightly larger head which is still hard vinyl and marked 033055X.

Ready for summer (if we have one !) wearing "Sunflowers", outfit complete.

Blonde (1975) Funtime

The 1974 Funtime Sindy had a new head (marked "033050X") made from very hard vinyl and had a new slimmer body with hard vinyl limbs. These dolls have been found with different body markings, which can cause confusion. Some are marked on the body "O D Made in Hong Kong 033126X" and below the waist "033127X" and others just "Hong Kong".

In 1975 the Funtime Sindy is almost the same as the previous year's Funtime, she has a new head with the marking "033055X". Again there are some dolls with different markings. I have two dolls with this head marking, one has a body marked "Made in Hong Kong 033126X" and just below her waist "033127X" (pictured) and the other is marked "Hong Kong" above her waist.

My Funtime is wearing "Polka Party" complete with the pink daisy sandals.

Blonde (1975) Active

The 1975 Active Sindy is the same as the 1974 Active Sindy but she can now stand on tiptoe as her ankles bend and hold a pose. She has a double twist waist, a double neck joint, riveted shoulder joints, ball joints at the wrists and bending elbows and knees and bending ankles. Her hard head is marked "033050X" and her body marked "Made in Hong Kong". She is wearing her release outfit, the ballet slippers are white but have plastic ties, the original ones were tied with ribbon.

Ash Blonde (1976) Funtime

The 1976 Funtime was totally new. She has bendable legs with clicking knee joints but her arms do not bend. Her hair is short and curly and is parted in the middle. Her body is unmarked and her head is marked "033055X".

Still has perfect curls and wearing her release outfit.

Blonde (1976) Lovely Lively

In 1976 Lovely Lively now has her arms attached by simple hooks on elastic and no longer has the rivets in her shoulders. Her head is marked "033055X", her waist is marked "Made in Hong Kong" and she has a twist waist, head on a ball joint, jointed knees and bendable elbows. Her hands can turn round completely. This is the last Lovely Lively Sindy produced.

My Sindy is wearing a Spanish outfit "Primavera" (Springtime) and I've used the necklace sold with the outfits to make her a belt.

Copper Penny (1979-1980) Active Reroot

Active Sindy has new, hinged hands, much sturdier then the former ball jointed hands. She has the new head marked "2 GEN 1077" and "033055X" but remains otherwise the same, with bending elbows, knees and ankles, double head joint and single waist joint. Her body is marked "Made in Hong Kong".

Nina is a pretty ballerina !! Second generation active Sindy, wearing her release outfit, rerooted (by me) in Copper Penny saran and eyelashes in Midnight Black.

Brunette (1982-1985) Basic, UK/China issue

From 1982 onwards all Sindy dolls are marked "Sindy" on their heads. Sindy was made in Hong Kong, UK and China. The British and China made dolls are unmarked on their bodies but have "Sindy 033055X" on their heads.

Such a sweet face and wearing OOAK lingerie.

Brunette (1982-1985) Active, UK/China issue

From 1982 Blonde Ballerinas were sold wearing a white leotard and pink tutu with pink ballet slippers. Brunette and Redhead ballerinas were dressed in a silver leotard, white tutu and white slippers. My ballerina is wearing a tutu from the 1970s whilst I search for the correct one for her !

Blonde (1982-1983) Hard head Basic Sindy, Hong Kong issue

This doll is popular because of her nice hair and pretty, sad eyes. She has a small hard head marked "Sindy 033055X" and a basic body marked "Hong Kong". She is wearing "Dream Time".

Blonde (1982-1983) Hard head Active Sindy, Hong Kong issue

Here is the Active version, wearing her release outfit. This Sindy has a small hard head marked "Sindy 033055X" and a fully poseable body marked "Hong Kong".

Auburn (1984) Masquerade

Masquerade Sindy is beautifully dressed in a cream coloured silk gown. Her dress has small ribbon shoulder straps and is trimmed with lace and a burgundy ribbon bow in front. Over that she wears a small cape, also trimmed with lace. With this outfit Sindy wears a metal necklace with 6 beads, the same beads on elastic as a bracelet and matching beads as earrings. Also a black handheld plastic mask and a folding cream and burgundy fan. She wears cream coloured sandals. This wonderful Sindy has a unique hair style, curls upswept on top of her head. She is rooted differently to the other Sindys and marked on her head "Sindy 033055X" with no markings on her body.

My Masquerade Sindy has all her accessories, although her jewellery is reproduction.

Blonde (1985) Starlight

Starlight Sindy was released with either Blonde or Brunette crimped hair and wearing a metallic coloured jumpsuit. My Starlight is wearing "Maid of Honour".


Here are some great Sindy websites with more information and pictures:


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