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Six Minecraft Challenges

Updated on February 3, 2013

Six Ways to Challenge Yourself in Minecraft

If you've been playing Minecraft for awhile you've probably found yourself at a loss for what to do. You have your house, a farm, a mine, but now what? The more adventurous of you might aim to visit the Nether or locate a stronghold to go to the End. But what if you've done that already? What should you do next?

These challenges are designed with the idea in mind to make your gameplay more interesting.

Minecraft Gotten Boring? Challenge Yourself!

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Friend of Animals - Go Vegan!

A Minecraft farm with carrots, potatoes, wheat, and melons.
A Minecraft farm with carrots, potatoes, wheat, and melons.

In this particular challenge the idea is to survive off of vegetation only. You can't kill any chickens, pigs, or cows. You also can't use any eggs or milk. Any veteran of Minecraft can tell you that this can be harder than it looks! Wheat, while it's easy to find and plant, takes about two days to grow. Apples, carrots, potatoes, and melons are hard to find.

The moment you start playing you're going to want to make a hoe and locate water to get started. In cutting down trees for your hoe you're sure to find some apples which can tide you over while your wheat grows.

Vegan Foods In Minecraft

Vegan Foods In Minecraft
Vegan Foods In Minecraft

Insomniac - Sleepless in Minecraftia

No beds allowed!
No beds allowed!

Every good Miner knows that one of the first things you do in Minecraft is make a bed. Beds let you sleep and set your spawn point. In the Insomniac challenge you don't get these lovely benefits. Instead you are left staying up throughout the night with no set spawn location. That's right, beds are prohibited in the Insomniac challenge.

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Memory Full - No Storage Space!

You can't use chests or storage containers in this Minecraft challenge.
You can't use chests or storage containers in this Minecraft challenge.

How many times have you been deep in your mine and realized that you need to go back to your house to store some of your loot? In this challenge there is no storage. You can't use chests, you can only use the inventory on your person. This makes you seriously consider what you have in your inventory and how you use it.

Man's Best Friend - Faithful Dog Companion

Keep you Minecraft wolf alive.
Keep you Minecraft wolf alive.

Everyone knows that having pets is a liability in Minecraft. Dogs get themselves killed constantly and cats climb on everything and make a nuisance of themselves. Dogs are well known for getting themselves set on fire and drowning, so many miners will tell their dog to sit and leave them behind on more dangerous trips. For this challenge you must first tame a wolf and then you must keep him at your side at all times. No leaving him behind.

Contractor - It's a brick...HOUSE!

A brick house in Minecraft.
A brick house in Minecraft.

Starter homes in Minecraft are often made out of dirt or wood and then we work our way up to more advanced materials. In this challenge you have to aim for a house of clay bricks right from the start. This means living outdoors with no shelter for the night and looking for clay to build with. The challenge becomes staying alive long enough to start your house.

Friend of the End - Endermen? You mean Friendermen!

An endermen hanging out in a cave.
An endermen hanging out in a cave.

By far the hardest challenge on this list. To complete the Friend of the End challenge you must reach the End without killing a single Enderman. You must obtain all ender pearls from Endermen that have died naturally. Eyes of Ender you can get by trading with villagers. In this challenge you may not kill any Endermen, even in self defense. So what do you do if you upset an Endermen? You head for water, when they run into it, they reset and are no longer chasing you.

Have You Ever Tried These Challenges?

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    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      Lol, I have a HUGE 19x19 wheat farm and 3x20 cocoa bean farm. More cookies than everyone on my server needs, FTW.


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