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Skelita Calaveras: Daughter of Los Esqueletos

Updated on March 23, 2016
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Nightcat is a freelance writer and enjoys writing about a wide variety of subjects.

I was always a girl ahead of her time. Where most girls were dressing up in poofy cute costumes for Halloween I was always a monster, and I always loved dressing up those rubber skeletons in my fashion doll clothing, having no idea that in Mexico people had been doing just that for a very long time to honor their departed ancestors.

So imagine my joy when the ghouls from Monster High strutted onto the fashion scene. True, I'm at the age where you wonder about people who still collect dolls, but Skelita is seven kinds of awesome. She reminds me of the skeletons I used to dress up and she has Dia de los Muertos flair.

Her colorful skirt that she wears over her fashionable black dress is made up of the papel picado or cut paper flags that decorate altars for the dead, but are also hung at fiestas as well,. Her face is made up like a calaveras de azucar, or sugar skull. (Squidoo doesn't support the accent in azucar, lo siento!) which can of course lead to teaching people of all ages about the Day of the Dead celebrations where los esqueletos, or the skeletons dance, play and wear all sorts of costumes.

But back to Skelita! She loves her family and on the back of her box talks about 'mi familia' or my family with obvious pride. To me that is wonderful since she is bilingual and proud. And like all of the dolls from the Scaris City of Frights collection she has accessories like her bright pink luggage that really opens, a sketch book about the things that matter most to her, a black stand, a skull-shaped hair brush, plus the wonderful outfit she is wearing.

She also wears fun accessories like her belt, mile high lime green wedge sandals and chunky bracelet that all feature skulls and flowers in the design. Skelita also rocks her necklace that has a wonderful story behind it and is her most prized possession. Skelita would make the perfect doll for anyone with an affinity for Mexico, Day of the Dead, or skeletons, and since she is such a friendly and loving skeleton in the books and web series, parents can be sure she will set a positive example like all the ghouls of Monster High do.

So why not click the Amazon link or watch the videos below to learn more about Skelita and learn why I just love her to pieces?

PS The background and photos below are of my own doll. However if you own the rights to anything and want credit and a link or something removed please let me know.

So why do I love Skelita so much? Well first, I have adored Monster High ever since the dolls came out, and yes, parents I hear you, there are seemingly five billion dolls. Well so far there is only one Skelita, and maybe that is why she is so popular. But like all the ghouls of Monster High (Yes, even Cleo!) she has a can-do attitude and doesn't let being a monster in a world full of Normies (humans) get her down.

The backstory, or at least one, to get new fans up to speed is that originally monsters and humans all lived in peace. Sure they were different, but different was good, right? But then some monsters went to Hollywood and made films, where they acted scary, so even though they weren't really bad or mean humans (Read: Normies) learned to fear and hate monsters.

Now places like Monster High with all monster campuses and other places make monsters feel safe. But Skelita is so very sweet and helpful in the books, wed episodes and in film that she will surely help bridge the gap. We all, after all, will become skeletons, just usually not as super chic as Skelita.

I also love that she is connected with the Day of the Dead celebrations. Here it is impossible and I mean this, to walk into a local store and find the paper flags, sugar skulls or bread of the dead. So she makes a very lovely year 'round decoration where she is, a festive, living skeleton who celebrates her Hexican culture and traditions all year 'round. Don't be offended, Paris becomes Scaris and so on.

That is a scan of the back of my box. As you can see all the ghouls in the line are featured.

My favorite Skelita videos! First her heritage video both in English and Spanish, face painting in English and Spanish and a doll review. Enjoy!


Photo Gallery

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My Skelita! Still in her box of course.A scan of the back of my box.
My Skelita! Still in her box of course.
My Skelita! Still in her box of course.
A scan of the back of my box.
A scan of the back of my box.

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    • Nightcat profile image

      Nightcat 4 years ago

      @aka-rms: Really? Thanks so much Let me check! OK, checked and found a new supplier for the dolls. She is really popular so thanks for the heads up! :)

    • aka-rms profile image

      Robin S 4 years ago from USA

      Just an FYI: I think the product is missing or sold out. You can delete this. I just wanted to let you know.