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Skylanders Legendary Giants Triple Pack

Updated on March 26, 2013

Collectible Skylanders Figures Multi-Pack

I am very excited that they are offering this Skylanders Legendary Giants Triple Pack to fans who want to quickly build up their collection! Legendary figures add a ton of fun and extra features to your game play...they are a little more expensive than regular Skylander figures, but they are well worth the higher price!

This 3-pack of Skylanders characters includes the Legendary versions of Jet-Vac, Ignitor, and Slam Bam. The special edition figures have gold features and stronger powers than their original counterparts.

Be sure to watch the Skylanders Giants Legendary 3-Pack video below to see a great review and find other collectible Legendary Skylanders as well.

Product image: Skylanders Figures Triple Pack - Available at Amazon

Skylanders Giants Legendary 3-Pack - Video Review by ProtoRetro

Watch this video to see this 3-pack up close and personal! Each character is carefully examined...this is a great video for Skylanders fans!

Featured 3-Pack Characters

Which characters are in this multi-pack?

Legendary Jet-Vac: He is just like regular Jet-Vac, with his Vac blaster that can shoot blasts of air and suck up air as well. He can perform tricks when flying on his jet pack. But all of these are more awesome with the new colors and outlines.

Legendary Ignitor: He has a flaming sword and can shoot fire. He has awesome armor that is more dramatic than regular Ignitor's. This is an awesome collector's item and is cool to use on the Portal.

Legendary Slam Bam: This is cool to have. Legendary Slam Bam has the same powers but has awesome colors and dramatic outlines. He is the second strongest in this pack.

Discover the Triple Pack Close Up!

Legendary Giants Triple Pack
Legendary Giants Triple Pack

Activision Year 2012 Video Game Series Skylanders Legendary Giants Triple Pack - Legendary IGNITOR, Legendary SLAM BAM and Legendary JET-VAC

Click on image to see details at

Buying your Skylanders figures in a multi-pack like this one is a great idea for many reasons! It immediately gives you 3 new characters to add to your collection, for display or game play purposes. Plus, you can get them cheaper as a set than you can individually, so that's a no-brainer!

This 3-pack is also a great gift idea, especially for those Skylanders fans who haven't yet picked up any of the special edition figures like the Legendary versions. It's a great way to help them build their collection with some of the more rare additions that they may not splurge on themselves.

Legendary Giants Triple Pack - Includes Special Edition Ignitor, Slam Bam and Jet-Vac

The Skylanders Giants featured in this Triple pack also come with exclusive cards and stickers...this is a real collector's item! Get it while it's still available!

Individual Legendary Figures - Jet-Vac, Ignitor and Slam Bam

If you are interested in purchasing these Skylanders characters individually, they are each available at Amazon in their Legendary versions. These special figures will really add eye-catching flare to your figure collection. Plus, the upgraded features will make your game play even more fun than it already is!

Do you have a favorite character among the 3 included in this Legendary triple pack? Please leave your vote and a comment here...I'd love to hear what you think!

Which of these Legendary figures is your favorite?

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Other Legendary Skylander Figures

Although the Skylanders Legendary Giants Triple Pack is a one-of-a-kind product, there are other Legendary figures, including a triple pack from Spyro's Adventure and other single Legendary characters.

Check out some of the Legendary Skylanders figures available at Amazon below. Perhaps you'll find the perfect addition to your collection!

If not, are you considering buying it for yourself or as a gift?

Thanks for checking out this page! I hope you learned more about this great multi-pack and how to add it to your collection. I enjoy hearing from my fellow Skylanders fans, so please leave me a quick note before you leave!

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