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Skylanders - Pirate Seas Adventure pack review

Updated on May 31, 2012

Pirate Seas Adventure Pack - An indepth look at the new Skylanders expansion

This sea faring romp is playable on all versions of the game and provides excellent value for money.

Spyro's Pirate Seas Adventure Pack, comes packaged with four different toys that can be placed on the Portal of Power and transported into the Skylanders world.

The box contains a Terrafin figurine, a Pirate ship containing the Pirate Seas level and the Hidden Treasure and ghost swords power ups.

You also get 4 trading cards and online codes to use on the official Skylanders website.

More info can be found on all of the Skylanders at

Terrafin - click to buy
Terrafin - click to buy

Terrafin - the Ground Shark

Awesome Rock-Earth type Skylander, Exclusive to this multipack.

Terafin is one of the better looking figurines. You'd be forgiven for mistaking him for a water element Skylander.

Terrafin is a Land Shark. In my opinion, he is the best Rock Skylander.

Known for burrowing deep underground and surfacing under his enemies feet.

Terrafin is a Brawler, he likes his fights to be up close and personal.

He is weak against long range fighters and Air Element attacks.

Pirate Ship - Click to buy
Pirate Ship - Click to buy

The Pirate Ship

What does the Pirate ship do? Where can i use it?

When placed on the Portal of power, The Pirate ship toy appears in the docks of the main hub.

When you climb abroad it takes you to The Pirate Seas, a completely new area of the game. This area is rather large and take around 30 minutes to explore.

There are lots of collectables to keep you busy and even though the level is set at night time it is still really bright and vibrant and colorful.

You will encounter lots of pirates along the way, this game was clearly designed with little boys in mind. There are lots of exclusive collectables to find along the way, including Treasure and hats to customise your Skylander.

The Ghost Swords Power up

How do i use the Ghost Swords?

Place the Ghost Swords power up onto your portal of power to summon a pair of swords that hover around your Skylander.

Providing protection by slashing at enemies when they get in range.

They last for around two minutes and are best saved for boss fights.

An excellent power up that comes in very handy when things get a bit frantic.

They can be used in any part of the game, not just Pirate Seas.

Terrafin says click to buy!
Terrafin says click to buy!

Hidden Treasure

What does that little treasure chest do?

When you place this toy on the portal of power 3 green circles appear on your screen.

They act as your compass/radar glowing more the closer you get to the hidden treasure. When you are really close you will hear a humming noise.

The treasure is usually a large sum of gold.

This power up can be used over and over on every level as a way to earn a lot of in game currency.

The treasure isn't always in the same place, it moves around so you cant just go back to where you found it last time and cash in.

This toy squeezes hours of extra fun out of the game and will give you another reason to revisit already completed levels.


Is this adventure pack really worth the money?

The toys are beautifully designed. They are very well painted and appear pretty sturdy.

Terrafin is fun to play with both in and out of the game, and the hidden treasure and ghost sword power ups, quickly become invaluable tools on your quest.

This is a very impressive expansion package for an already jam packed game.

Its will be a very worth while addition to your expanding Skylanders collection.

Pirate Seas is available to purchase! Customers in the USA Click here and UK Customers Click here

Thanks for reading.

Visit Skylanders-Toys for more info - Skylanders available on

Find rare and exclusive Skylanders on ebay. Happy bidding.

Pirate Seas Video Walkthrough - See In game Pirate Seas footage

A quick play through to show exactly how this pack works.

If you have something you want to share about Pirate Seas: Here is the place to do it!!

Let us know what you think About the Pirate Seas adventure Pack!!! - Are you a big Terrafin fan? What is so good about Hidden treasure?

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      6 years ago

      I cant get the treasure chest working?


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