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Updated on May 23, 2012

Skylander Sidekicks - Mini figures

Four adorable new mini figures, designed to work on Skylanders Spyros adventure and presumably Skylanders Giants.

These figures will only be available for a limited time via a special Frito-Lay promotion.

Grab them while they are readily available.

They are guaranteed to become the Collectables of the future.

Who are the Sideicks?

The Sidekicks are:

Whisper elf -a tiny Stealth Elf

Gill Runt - A baby gill Grunt

Trigger Snappy - A little Trigger Happy

Tera Bite-a baby Tera fin

They act as support items, they are not playable characters.

When placed on the portal the Sidekick will jump around your feet not doing very much at all

Whisper Elf

Silent Assassin in training

Whisper elf is the chibi style, Stealth elf.

It is unclear if Whisper elf is Stealth Elf as a child

or a younger member of the same clan.

Text module

the maniacally happy youngster

Shoots tiny Guns and does lots of back flips.

Trigger Snappy is a younger version of Trigger Happy.

When placed on the portal trigger snappy appears as a helper for a limited time.


Tiny Street Shark

A baby Dirtshark.

Very similar in appearance to the baby sharks that Terrafin fires out.

Follows your Skylander around and attacks enemies.

Gill Runt

the Gill man fry

Gill Runt is a young Gilman.

The toy looks a bit like a mini wrecking ball but dont be fooled. it is definitely a Mini Gill grunt.

He hops along next to your Skylander and shoots enemies with a mini water gun.

How to get Skylanders Sidekicks

They are not in the shops

Skylander Sidekicks will only be available through a special Frito-Lay promotion exclusively in the USA around July/August 2012.

There are currently not any plans for a UK or international release.

The details of the promotion are a bit sketchy at the moment,

There will probably be a code in multi packs of chips that you input on-line.

If you have a code, enter it at this website.

Buy Skylander Sidekicks online - If the shops wont stock them -ebay will

If you live outside of America, or you have missed the promotion deadline.

The only way you can get your hands on a Skylander Sidekick is to buy one from ebay.

I imagine the demand for these toys will sky rocket once the promotion ends, so if you see one going cheap, snap it up.

NOTE: Wisper elf, Gill Runt, Triggersnapy and Terabite will not be available until the Promotion begins.

Skylanders on Amazon - While you are waiting for the Sidekicks, why not look here?


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