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Skylanders Toys and Video Games

Updated on August 30, 2017

Comprenensive Guide to Skylanders Spyro's Adventures - Toys / Figures / Characters and Video Games

This is a comprehensive guide to the Skylanders Video Game and the extensive line of toys / figures that are available for use with this system.

This page will give you everything you want to know about Skylanders, provide you with resources to get started yourself, or to upgrade the game you have with new characters and powers. It is a perfect way to learn what you need to know about Skylanders, before you purchase, or after you have started.

What is Skylanders? - What is Skylanders Spyro's Adventures all about?

Here are a few official Trailers that will show you what the game looks like and what the story is about.

What system do I need to play Skylanders Spyro's Adventures?

You can use nearly any system to play Skylanders, provided you purchase the correct starter kit. Each system has a different kit that will make the "portal" connect to the system.

Skylanders is currently available for play on:

  • PC (Microsoft Windows)
  • Xbox 360
  • Playstation 3
  • Nintendo Wii
  • Nintendo DS 3D

Different systems
Different systems

Can I use the same Skylander Figures on different systems?

YES! They Skylander Figures ARE Interchangeable between systems.

Yes - you can use the Skylander toys interchangeably from one system to another! This is very unique to this game. Most games require you to purchase accessories that belong to each system separately. This game is great because if you have a different system, you can use all the toys on both. The only thing you need to buy additionally is the portal, so it can connect to the system.

So if you upgrade your gaming system to a different model, you can still play your Skylanders!

Another great benefit of this interchangeability is that if your child (or husband etc...) happens to have friends that have Skylanders, and they do not have the same hardware system (ie/ Kevin has Xbox 360 version, and Billy has the Playstation 3 version) they can still bring their toys/figures to each other's house and play this game with them.

Ingenious! (THANK YOU to the creators for this feature!)

Can I play Skylanders as a 2 player game?

or is it only made for one player?

This was a question we had when we first started the game.

Yes - You can play 2 players. You will start with one figure on, and once it appears on the screen, you can add a second figure, and activate the 2 player mode.

(GREAT - Now the kids can play together and not fight over who's turn it is!)

You can also use the 2 player mode to play as a team, or battle each other. Your Choice.



What do I need to Start Playing Skylanders? - Skylanders Starter Kits

The Starter Kit - Comes with Portal, Game, and 3 figures/toys to get you started ! It comes with everything you need to start playing. You can purchase more characters as you desire, but you ONLY need this one set to play the game.

Skylanders Spyro's Adventure Starter Pack - Xbox 360
Skylanders Spyro's Adventure Starter Pack - Xbox 360

This link will take you to the starter kits. You can get it for ANY of the systems with this one link - X-Box 360 - Playstation 3 - Wii - Nintendo DS 3D - PC

Portal Of Power
Portal Of Power

Portal of Power !

It is the Portal of Power that brings the figures / toys to life in the game !

This is the main power pack. It is needed to activate the figures/toys to allow them to play in the game. It makes for an easy way to change characters and accessories while playing game.

You simply place your chosen character on the portal, and the figure's likeness appears on screen. You will now play the game as this character. When you choose to change, you simply remove the one figure, and replace another.

The Portal will glow when activated, and can be used with one or two figures at the same time (you do not need a second portal to play as 2 player - one portal will serve 2 figures)

Strength Elements

Each Skylander figure / Toy is marked with an "element" - noted by a symbol on bottom of figure (also noted on package prior to purchase).

These elements will make them strong against certain enemies in the game. A good collection of figures (for optimum strength in game) would have as many different elements as possible.

If you have the correct Skylander, you can be strong against whatever comes up in the game. You just need to swap out characters (by changing figure on the Portal Of Power.)

So if you are just getting started with Skylanders - you are going to want to get DIFFERENT STRENGTH ELEMENTS - to assemble a winning team :O)

  1. Air
  2. Life
  3. Undead
  4. Earth
  5. Fire
  6. Water
  7. Magic
  8. Tech

Official Skylander Cases

These are great for the typical player that won't end up with more than 8 characters ... or for a more extensive player that might want to put together their best team (one of each of the 8 elements).

These each hold 8 Skylander Figures.

Wanna display your characters so you can find them easily and show them off?

You might have too many figures to put in an official "Skylander" case (they tend to hold only 8) - so think outside the box. A curio cabinet, or hang on the wall display case can be Perfect to house your Skylanders !

Multi Packs

Many of the Skylander figures come in 3 packs - and work great as teams, or to conquer different areas. They are also less expensive when purchased in the groupings.

My kids Love these sets.

What Do You Think About Skylander?

Too Overwhelming or Tons of Fun?

Are You Stuck on a Board or Puzzle?

Here Is The Help You Need !

There is nothing more frustrating than being stuck on a board or puzzle in a game. (Except having your child stuck, and be unable to help them...)

If this is the case, you can find help here ! Just click on the link and it will take you to a "Walk Through" which will walk you through the game, step by step, and tell you EXACTLY what you need to do to move on ...

Your kids will LOVE you for helping them.... You will decrease frustration in trying time and time again to get through that one part ... Give it a try, you won't regret it !

Single Characters - Single Figure Packs - Vote on your Favorite

You can click on any of these figures to bring you Amazon to purchase. They are also available at local stores, in limited supplies, and vary by location. The Search is On ! (or you can just get them online)

Feel free to vote up your favorite characters as well, so new players can see who might be the "coolest" characters to own.

Skylander Codes - For Online Game

Online Game of Skylander - using codes from figures

Each Figure comes with a code that can be used for online play.

You can connect up your portal to your PC and play online using these codes. These are for use in the Web and Mobile Device versions (which is a different game). I suggest keeping them for future use, even if you don't use them now.

Go to to play the online game with your codes.

Web Based Online Game / Mobile Device Skylanders - Having Trouble entering the Codes for online play?

Unofficial guide on how to enter the codes for online play, and a nice demo of the Web based online game / mobile device game. This is very different from the regular games (Xbox 360, Playstation 3, Wii, PC, or Nintendo DS 3D)

Why did you come to this page?

Please share why you happened upon this page.

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Not sure which characters you want to own? - There are so many choices ...

Well learn here a bit about several of them, so you can not only see what they look like, but also see how they play and what they are all about !

Move your mouse over the video pic at the bottom and it will show you the name of the character - each contains a short clip about one of the characters - This might help you or your kids pick out who they might like to have as characters in THEIR game.

Our Favorite Skylanders

You take My 6 yr old daughter' s favorite is one of the "Air" figures - Wirlwind. She likes it best because it is a girl and it has a cool hat, can fly and is pretty.

My 9 yr old son's favorite is hard to pick out because he loves so many of them, but he picked Sonic Boom when I asked for just one - he is a member of the Air Tribe. He likes it because it can make babies that help fight the battles.

I personally like Stump Smasher - he is a "Life" tribe. It is a tree that smashes things - I just think it is pretty cool looking !

Daddy likes Trigger Happy and Drobot which are both Tech Tribe Members.

Please let us know what your favorite Skylander is ... and why :

Skylander Cards

Each Skylander figure also comes with a playing card. Currently they do not seem to have a use, except for collection purposes.

Please leave me some feedback :O) - I like to know who visited :O)

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