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Skyrim Avengers Builds

Updated on February 19, 2018

Avengers vs Dragonborn

So this Page is all about Skyrim themed Avengers Builds. With the new Switch version of Skyrim released I figured I'd share some of my past builds. So why do you need a fun Skyrim build? Well first I'll need to explain some things about Skyrim. It suffers from something all sandbox rpg's do. The lack of purpose. When you can do anything, What is the point of doing anything? More to the point, when you have no purpose in the game you tend to wader aimlessly and get bored. The other issue is if while playing skyrim if you don't have a plan you risk your character becoming watered down. It's good to have a plan while leveling up to insure efficiency.

So what I do is this. I make weird crazy themed builds. It keeps me organized and adds a bit of a roleplaying element to the game. Some of these Skyrim builds are much tougher then others. These are my Avenger themed Builds.

Black Panther to Celebrate the New Movie

Black Panther has been on my mind since Captain America: Civil War. Originally I had an idea for a light armor and stealth build because in the new movie he's very quick and light footed. In the end though I decided a build that focuses more on his cat like nature and combining the spiritual with the physical. That's the way of Wakanda after all.

Rule #1 Go become Jarl of something. Black Panther is ruler after all

Rule #2 Play on at least Adept difficulty

You are going to want to level perks in 3 areas. Enchanting, Smithing and Heavy Armor. The crafting skills are to duplicate the level of advance vibranium armor that Black Panther wears. You're gear should always be top notch. Black Panther is prepared for everything so don't be afraid to have multiples of the same items with different enchants. A good example would be Frost resist and Fire resist boots. Useful depending on the time dragon you come up against. I decided to go heavy armor over light because of the perk that gives you glove armor as weapon damage. Black Panther is a hand to hand fighter (with metal claws), so you need to be able to do some real damage. There's a a pair of gloves in the sewers under Riften called the Pugilist gloves. They have the enchant to increase hand to hand damage so you'll want to pick those up early.

Late Game: After level 30 you may want to branch out. I'd suggest Stealth skill or Illusion Magic. Keeping a good dagger for Sneak kills can be very useful.

Perks:Heavy Armor, Enchanting, Smithing

Shout/Power: Up to you but I like the serpent stone

Race: Khajit (Black fur of course)

Thor-God of Thunder

This Build is a lot of fun. It was the first Avengers build I created. The basic idea behind the Thor Skyrim build is to use a hammer and shoot lightning. I try to put rules on these but you don't necessarily have to obey them.

Rule #1 Only Shock type magick

Rule#2 Only Use Hammers

As you level up you should split your bonuses between Health and Magic. After that invest your points in Destruction,Heavy armor and one-hand weapons. You should get your first shock spell and an iron mace in the first 5 minutes of the game. It's in the room with the torturer in Helgen. Your going to want to use all heavy armor but take the apprentice hood in that room anyway. Once you get the Heavy armor Perk for wearing all heavy pieces you can ditch the hood. The 30 magicka it gives is a huge bonus early game.

When you are in combat you want to use you shock spells to soften them up from far away. Once they get close feel free to wail on them. If your stamina drops (it will a lot) hop out of range and keep blasting them.

Perks: Heavy Armor,Destruction,One-hand

Shout: Storm Call-This is one of my favorite shouts in the game. The sky goes dark and the rain comes down. Lightning strikes everyone around you. Bandits, guards, dragons, Lydia. The storm don't care.

Race: Nord- come on only choice.

Iron Man

Tough Skyrim Build

This one is a tough one. How do you put a futuristic suit of armor into Skyrim? Well this Avengers Skyrim build is actually simpler then you'd think.

Tony Stark is basically the best armorsmith around. So you're priority is going to be your smithing. Be sure to pick up + to smithing gear early on. It will make a huge difference. After that work on enchanting. You won't have the resources right a way but don't worry you'll get there. Magic is just science we haven't explained yet right? So from here you want to work on destruction magic. Your going to be walking tank with firepower. Make sure to stack magicka with 2/3 levels until you reach about 250.

Rule #1 You must be a dick in all speech interactions

Rule #2 No weapons

For Combat you want to nuke people with your spells. You have heavy armor so you can take a beating while your magic comes back. If you run out you can still beat them down with your fist.


Shout: Wide open here. I like Flame. Just bursts of fire that burn everyone. You can always use the leap the greybeards give you as well. It makes you feel like you have rocket boots.

Race: Breton or Altmer

Captain America-Hardmode

Patriotic Skyrim Build

With the Captain America Skyrim build you need to use your imagination a bit. First you need to get a shield. Since using a shield with no weapon is impractical I'd say pick up any old one handed you want. Just remember shield is your priority. You want to block often to build up those points. With Cap I also like to use Alteration magic. Spells like Oakflsh and StoneFlesh simulate the super soldier abilities well. Captain America is an inspiring character so I also put effort into speechcraft. It's fun to get you way all the time and the discount prices make it easy to gear up. It felt wrong to put him in heavy armor so I used light. The benefits make for great cave diving but tough fights early game until you get good with the shield.

Rule #1 You need to be the boyscout. No stealing or killing that isn't required to save your life.

Rule #2 Always help those in need.

In combat your going to want to focus on blocking. Once you get shield bash you become pretty unstoppable but until then you want to block often and pick you strikes. Don't forget to use Oakflesh before you charge in.

Perks:Light armor,Blocking, Alteration

Shout: Disarm has a good feel. Like Cap would try to coerce them to lay down weapons before kicking butt.

Race:Imperial or Breton


Crazy Skyrim Build

This is for a person who alreadys know what they are doing and is looking for a challenge. This is one of the craziest Skyrim Builds I've tried. So here is how we do it.

You want to stack almost all of your levels into health. 1/5 can go into Stamina. You are going to be unarmed almost all the time which leads to a big problem. How do you do damage? Easy Pick up heavy armor. A few steps up the tree you can find a talent that gives you attack power based on your gloves armor rating. Now since you are the hulk you can't wear any upper body gear so avoid talents that give you bonuses for wearing a full set. After that work your Alchemy. The potions will simulate all the enormous strength and healing capabilities the Hulk has. Plus I like to think puny banner would have been an alchemist in this universe.

Rule 1# Never run from a fight, even when it's tactical

Rule 2# no weapons

Perks: Alchemy, Heavy armor

Race: Orc (go green)

Shout: You don't really need them since you will be pretty reliant on your Berserk Orc ability. Your first shout does simulate the "hulk clap" pretty well. Last choice would be the shout that weakens enemies.

Some of the Dragonborn DLC shouts can give you buffs. Try those.

Which build did you like the best

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Tell me about your made up builds

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    • tazzytamar profile image


      4 years ago from chichester

      I'm a complete self-confessed geek and I'm definitely going to try this out! Great idea :)

    • vineliner57 profile image

      Hal Gall 

      5 years ago from Bloomington, IN

      What an awesome idea. This mixes two of my favorites. Skyrim and the Avengers!

    • ImmatureEntrepr profile image


      5 years ago

      What a unique idea for a lens! Absolutely loved it. Squid Angel blessed. :)


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