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Skyrim Becoming A Vampire

Updated on June 29, 2012

Skyrim Becoming A Vampire

Skyrim Becoming A Vampire
Skyrim Becoming A Vampire

Skyrim Becoming A Vampire

In Skyrim, the hero has the option to become a vampire. This will guide the hero in finding a location within the Whiterun region to get inflicted with vampirism, becoming a skyrim vampire, obtaining skyrim vampire powers, maintaining the vampire powers and maximizing the vampire abilities to best combine vampire gameplay with enjoyment of the skyrim game.

Skyrim Location of Broken Fang Cave

Skyrim from Whiterun to Broken Fang Cave
Skyrim from Whiterun to Broken Fang Cave

Skyrim Location Near Whiterun to Become A Vampire

In Skyrim, one of the most accessible and mostly easier ways to become a vampire is to find a location near Whiterun to become inflicted with vampirism. This location is the Broken Fang Cave to the west of Whiterun. From Whiterun, just run west until the hero reaches Broken Fang Cave (see map). When the Broken Fang Cave is reached, it is quite obvious that some kind of horrors live within the cave as the outside is littered with corpses and blood.

Skyrim Become A Vampire and Acquire Powers

In Skyrim, once inflicted with vampirism, the hero must wait a few days (said to be three days) before the disease becomes permanent. To make these few days go faster so that the hero becomes a vampire faster, just use the fast travel option. Fast travel from Whiterun to Ivarstead (or some other places) and back again repeatedly to watch the days go by. The hero will then become a vampire and acquire vampire powers and weaknesses. These vampire powers and weaknesses will grow as the vampire hero becomes hungrier.

The vampire powers include resistances to disease and poison, resistances to ice, vampire sight (allows better eyesight at night), vampire seduction, vampire servant (reanimate dead), a vampire drain spell, vampire sneak improvement and vampire invisibility at the highest level.

And these are just the powers of a "regular vampire" in Skyrim. The hero now has the option of becoming a vampire lord in the first skyrim dlc.

The vampire weaknesses include reduction in health, magicka and stamina when exposed to sunlight. Hiding indoors or underground will correct these deficits during the daylight hours. Also the vampire hero becomes more vulnerable to fire as he becomes hungrier.

Skyrim Vampire Powers

Skyrim Vampire Powers - Press P and scroll to check on vampire powers (vampire servant seen here)
Skyrim Vampire Powers - Press P and scroll to check on vampire powers (vampire servant seen here)

Skyrim Maximizing and Maintaining Vampire Powers

In Skyrim, the vampire hero must maintain his vampire powers and balance these with his other skills such as destructive magic or sneak attack to fully maximize his potential in all his abilities. Here are some hints and tips on maximizing the vampire powers of the hero -

  • Use fast travel during the day, and reserve the night for travel in the wilderness. When within buildings and underground, it does not really matter what time of the day it is for the vampire hero. Press J and use journal to check on the time of the day.
  • Maximize the Backstab option, as the vampire hero can sneak better than most and deal a lot of damage to enemies from behind whilst sneaking. Reserve the perk points from the sneak ability and redistribute these in other abilities to maximize the vampire hero's all round abilities.
  • Choosing to be a dark elf will mean that the overall weakness to fire for the vampire hero is only -50% (inherent fire resistance of dark elf) rather than -100% at highest level.
  • Always identify a few reliable sources of feeding (Riverwood is a good feeding ground) so as to maintain the vampire powers at the level which the vampire hero needs without having to compromise on interaction with NPCs or his questing abilities. Good lockpicking techniques or abilities and the sneak ability are required to unlock doors, sneak into buildings and feed on sleeping NPCs.


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