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Skyrim Defeat Durnehviir At the Boneyard

Updated on July 7, 2012

Skyrim Defeat Durnehviir At the Boneyard

Skyrim learn the Dragon Shout from Durnehviir after defeating him.
Skyrim learn the Dragon Shout from Durnehviir after defeating him.

Skyrim Defeat Durnehviir At the Boneyard

In Skyrim the hero must defeat the Durnehviir at the Boneyard in the Soul Cairn. Durnehviir is the dragon which inhabits the Soul Cairn. Aeons ago, the dragon Durnehviir sought to reign supreme on Tamriel and tried to unravel the mysteries of necromancy. Bargaining with the Ideal Masters to unlock this secret, the dragon Durnehvirr made the mistake of trusting the immortal Ideal Masters. Trapped within the Soul Cairns, he can now only exist in Tamriel for brief periods of time. Durnehvirr has been tasked by the Ideal Masters to guard Valerica's magical prison and the boneyard that leads to the Elder Scroll of Blood. This will guide the low level hero with tactics to defeat Durnehviir the dragon and retrieve the Elder Scroll.

Skyrim Tactics Used by Durnehviir

Durnehviir is a dragon and will use tactics preferred by a dragon to defeat a mortal. This includes flying around the target fast and out of reach of the hero. The dragon will occasionally perch on the high points in the Boneyard and survey the battlefield. He will then swoop in and attack the hero, first hovering and then using his breath attacks on the hero and Serana. Durnehviir will land onto the ground occasionally. He will use more breath attacks on the hero, and also use melee attacks. As if these were not enough, Durnehvirr will also summon bonemen to swarm the hero. These combinations of attacks will surely cripple the low level hero, and he must use his tactics wisely to defeat Durnehvirr.

Skyrim Tactics to Defeat the Soul Cairn Dragon

There are several tactics that the low level hero can use to defeat Durnehvirr. The archer hero can use a bow (or crossbow) and shoot arrows (or bolts) at the dragon when it is hovering, or perched on the high grounds. This will damage the dragon somewhat. Next, when Valerica is attacking the dragon, the dragon will be distracted and this is the opportunity to use more ranged attacks on the dragon. Eventually, the low level hero may tire of the meager amount of damage that he is delivering to the dragon. At the same time, the dragon may summon bonemen to attack the hero. This will make further ranged attacks on Durnehvirr difficult. It is time to change into the vampire lord.

Run away from the bonemen and find a safe spot away from the dragon's breath attacks. Changing into the vampire lord takes some time, and it would be wise to stay away from any damage when this is happening. With the vampire lord mode activated, turn back to face the bonemen and use life drain attacks on them. This will steal health from the enemies and replenish the hero's heatlh. When the hero's health is sufficiently restored, it's time to face the dragon on the ground.

Wait for the dragon to land, and then summon the vampire's gargoyle to attack the dragon. Valerica may also have recovered by this time, and will help the hero. With two allies distracting the dragon, the hero can flank the dragon and launch life drain on the dragon. If the dragon flies away, run around the boneyard to avoid its other attacks from the air. If the hero's health is low again, wait for the dragon to summon more bonemen, and use the tactics above to restore health. Durnehviir will land again at some point. Move in to attack the dragon. Keep hitting the dragon with these attacks until it is defeated.

Skyrim Learn the Dragon Shout Durnehvirr

With the dragon Durnehvirr defeated, Valerica will tell the hero that a dragon defeated in the Soul Cairn does not stay defeated; the dragon will reconstitute within minutes, hours, days or years. It's wise to make haste and get the Elder Scroll of Blood. Valerica leads the hero to get the Elder Scroll of Blood. She reminds the hero to protect Serana and sends the hero out of the Soul Cairn.

Outside the Boneyard, the dragon Durnehvirr has indeed reconstiuted. Luckily, instead of attacking the hero, the dragon speaks to the hero and tells the hero of his new found respect for the hero. In addition, the dragon Durnehvirr teaches the hero the first word (Dur) of the Dragon Shout (meaning Curse, Never, Dying) - "Dur Neh Viir".

Return to Skyrim and hunt for the Elder Scroll of Dragon.

With the two elder scrolls of Blood and Dragon so obtained, head back to Castle Volkihar and speak to Dexion. Learn the tragic news that Dexion has been blinded by trying to read the first Elder Scroll. He is now unable to read any more scrolls. The hero gets the Elder Scroll of the Sun, and Dexion instructs the hero to embark on a quest to obtain "eyes" to read the scroll.


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