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Skyrim Defeating Alduin in Sovngarde

Updated on December 4, 2011

Skyrim Defeating Alduin

Skyrim Defeating Alduin
Skyrim Defeating Alduin

Skyrim Defeating Alduin in Sovngarde

In Skyrim, the hero fights Alduin in Sovngarde with the three heroes - Hakon One-Eye, Felldir the Old and Gormlaith Golden-Hilt. This will guide the hero in using astute tactics to defeat Alduin for the final time in Sovngarde with the three heroes, and completely eliminate the threat of Alduin to Skyrim.

Skyrim Using Clear Skies to Defeat Alduin

In Skyrim, the hero and the other three heroes will come out of the Hall of Valor, and line up just in front of the skull platform. The heroes will have to combine their Clear Skies Shout to dispel the mist in front of the Hall of Valor and lure Alduin out of hiding. The heroes must shout Clear Skies for a combined three times before the mist can be dispelled and Alduin will be flushed out. Now it's time to finally defeat Alduin and put an end to his tyranny.

Skyrim How to Defeat Alduin

Skyrim Alduin Poised in Midair - Ready the Dragonrend Shout
Skyrim Alduin Poised in Midair - Ready the Dragonrend Shout

Skyrim Tactics to Defeat Alduin

In Skyrim, to defeat Alduin for the final time is easy, especially since the hero has not just one but three heroes to tank for him. The key to this final battle with Alduin is to use dragonrend when Alduin is poised in his dragonflight position in midair. Again, dragonrend will cause Alduin to come crashing onto the clearing in front of the skull platform. When Alduin crashes, if the hero is a mage, then use dual destruction spells of chain lightning and fireball to repeatedly hit Alduin. Unfortunately, most heroes get only two shots at Alduin before he flies off again.

In Skyrim Sovngarde, when Alduin flies off for another round of attack, his fire breath and rock avalanche attacks become more potent. This is really the key in this final battle against Alduin - do not stand at one spot. Simply run from one spot in the clearing in front of the skull platform to another and back again, and Alduin's fire breath and rock avalanche attacks cannot hurt the hero too much. Alduin will eventually enter into his midair stance again. This is when the hero will launch dragonrend and then attack Alduin on the ground again with the best fighting style of the hero.

When Alduin's health points is reduced significantly, he will crash land onto the ground for the final time. Move in and just hack Alduin to bits with either melee weapons or destructive magic spells. To claim the title of the hero who dealt Alduin the final blow, the hero must move in quickly to defeat Alduin. This is because the other three heroes are also vying for the final blow to defeat Alduin. After an exhilarating Skyim campaign to defeat Alduin, it is only right for the hero to land the final blow that defeats Alduin.

With the final blow, Alduin's skin will start cracking up, and he will disintegrate....... Congratulations! The hero has defeated Alduin and finished the main quest of the Skyrim game.

Skyrim Rewards for Defeating Alduin

In Skyrim, once the hero defeats Alduin, the hero can return to the real Skyrim by speaking to Tsun. In Skyrim, the rewards for the hero are many, and include -

  • watching the cut scene of victory for the hero, including Odahviing the red dragon swearing allegiance to the hero. The hero can call on Odahviing to help him in outdoor fights
  • obtaining the Shout of Valor, where the hero can on call one of the three heroes to help him in times of need - this is excellent for questing deep underground and running into bosses that the hero cannot deal with alone
  • finally free to explore the many side quests of Skyrim at the hero's own leisurely time
  • Forbidden Legends Quest including how to solve the puzzles in the dungeons
  • focusing on the career to become the archmage of Winterhold
  • living the "life" as a blood-starved vampire and creating the "hero's" own reign of terror
  • obtaining lycanthropy
  • joining or destroying the dark brotherhood
  • resurrecting the former glories of the thieves guild
  • obtaining the ultimate destruction magic spells - get the firestorm, blizzard and lightning storm spells

and much much more........


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