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Skyrim Dragons and Powering Up

Updated on November 15, 2011


The Elder Scroll 5 - Skyrim
The Elder Scroll 5 - Skyrim

Skyrim Dragons

Skyrim is Bethesda Softwork's continuation of the Elder Scrolls series. The last one was Oblivion, and chronicled the struggles of a champion to close the gates of Oblivion. Well the gates are closed. And the mighty empire no longer stands, for 200 years have passed. The prophecy of the Elder Scrolls state that the mighty dragon Alduin is coming to destroy the world of Tamriel. Before the mighty dragon actually arrives on this planet, there are other dragons in the game of Skyrim that the hero has to fight. Each time the hero slays a dragon, part of the dragon's power is infused into the hero and he powers up.

Skyrim Walkthrough begins with a dragon attack.

Skyrim playing as a Vampire.

Skyrim playing as a Werewolf.

Skyrim Combat

The combat system in skyrim has been modified compared to Oblivion so that one can wield two weapons or attacks (one with each hand) rather than just with one attack. For example, one could wield a dagger in one hand and a mace in the other. Tired of multi-weapon fighting? Then switch one hand to a ball of fire, and keep the mace in the other. Leveling up is geared towards what the player uses most of the time. If the player is using a sword, then he or she will get better with the sword. If not, then it will be magic.

Skyrim - What is it?

Skyrim is the successor to Oblivion. It is also the land north in the continent of Tamriel, where most of the heroes' adventures take place. This land is wilder and more icy than the lands in Oblivion. In Oblivion, the hero was awed by great cities and towns. In Skyrim there are only 5 cities, and the rest is wilderness and dungeons and caves for the player to explore. Harmless fauna and deadly sabre-tooth tigers roam this region.

The Elder Scrolls - History and Prophecy

Skyrim - the History and the Prophecy

In Skyrim, the prophecy predicted by the Elder Scrolls is almost coming true. First in the Elder Scrolls Arena, the Staff of Chaos was destroyed. Next in the Elder Scrolls Daggerfall, Numidium appears. Numidium is a powerful iron golem, which can be used for power or for good. In Elder Scrolls Morrowind, the deity Dargoth Ur seeks to destroy the chain of command that binds Morrowind to the Imperium within his fortress of the Red Mountain. InĀ  Oblivion, the gates of Oblivion open. And in skyrim, the Imperium and the Septim line of emperors have been destroyed. The Blades are gone too, and the dragonborn, men born to kill dragons have all but died with the Septim emperors, bar one - the hero or player character of the game Skyrim. The timing is just right, for the dragons are returning and there is only one who can stop the onslaught.

Skyrim is anticipated to be released later this year 2011.

Skyrim Trailer


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