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Skyrim Lost Legacy Quest

Updated on December 18, 2012

Skyrim Lost Legacy Quest

Skyrim Lost Legacy Quest - solve the puzzle and defeat Vahlok the Jailor in the final burial chamber. The final word of power of Battle Fury lies beyond Vahlok.
Skyrim Lost Legacy Quest - solve the puzzle and defeat Vahlok the Jailor in the final burial chamber. The final word of power of Battle Fury lies beyond Vahlok.

Skyrim Dragonborn Lost Legacy Quest

In Skyrim Dragonborn, the lost legacy quest appears to start after the hero returns Baldor Iron-Shaper to the Skaal village. The hero is then approached by someone called Tharstan, who wants the hero to explore Vahlok's Tomb with him. This will guide the hero on how to solve the puzzles in Vahlok's Tomb and will chronicle how the hero can defeat Vahlok the Jailor and complete the Dragon Shout Battle Fury.

Lost Legacy Quest Solve the First Puzzle

When the hero enters Vahlok's Tomb and speaks to Tharstan, the hero will be directed towards an inscription on a pedestal in the tomb. The inscription reads -

"A sacrifice will bring you closer to what you seek."

Pulling on the handle will cause the doors of the cage on the ground to part but otherwise do little else. What the hero needs to do is to pull the draugr corpse (hold A on Xbox 360 controller and then pull the corpse towards the cage) on top of the fire furnace. Next, go back and pull the handle. When the corpse drops into the fire furnace, the gates on the two sides of the dungeon will open.

Solve the Second Puzzle In Vahlok's Tomb

The second puzzle in Vahlok's Tomb will be found a short distance past the gate on the right side of the main chamber. The inscription on the pedestal for the second puzzle reads -

"Continue along the path, but don't tread where you've been"

This means the hero needs to step on the stones in front of him from the first stone on the bottom right and then continuously onto the next stone until all the stones have been stepped on, but not returning to the ones before. Once the objective is accomplished, the three gates will open, allowing the hero to go beyond.

Beyond the three gates lie some draugrs. Defeat them and especially the miniboss deathlord draugr and obtain half an amethyst claw from the fallen draugr.

There will also be a dragon wall here teaching the hero the dragon shout - Battle Fury, Loyal.

Return to the main chamber.

Solve the Third Puzzle in Vahlok's Tomb

The third puzzle in Vahlok's Tomb will be found past the gate on the left side of the main chamber. The inscription on the pedestal for the third puzzle reads -

"All men must die, often by their own means"

This is the easiest of the three puzzles and requires the hero to strike each of the pedestals facing the central pillar with a different type of weapon. Once this is done, the gate beyond will open.

Head past the gate and defeat more draugrs. Collect the second half of the amethyst claw and the dragon shout second word of power - Valor.

Overcome the Fourth Puzzle in Vahlok's Tomb and Reach the Burial Chamber

The fourth puzzle is not so much as a puzzle. It is more like an obstacle. Return to the main chamber and put both halves of the amethyst claw into the pillars. The gate leading into the control switch will open. Switch on the handle and a blue bridge will materialize in front of the hero. Follow the bridge - it will lead the hero into an underground cavern full of water and corrupted shades. The hero needs to activate another control switch at the ledge and another set of blue bridges will appear. Repeat this countless times until the hero reaches the final burial chamber.

If the hero falls into the watery passageway underneath, it is all right. Simply defeat the shades and then climb up using the nearest staircase.

Vahlok's Tomb Defeat Vahlok the Jailor

To get into the final burial chamber, the hero needs to use the amethyst claw and use the following combinations - eagle, wolf, dragon (top to bottom).

Vahlok the Jailor lies in the final chamber. Go into sneak mode and creep around the final chamber, using arrow attacks on Vahlok. This fight is really easy using these tactics. Then go and pick up the final Battle Fury word of power. Remember to collect the 1000 gold pieces from the archaeologist Tharstan. The lost legacy quest is completed!


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