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Skyrim Master Crafter Build

Updated on August 17, 2016

The Best Skyrim Character Build

The Master Crafter Skyrim Build is something I came up while putting a spin on one of my other popular builds (The Ironman Build). The key points will be in Enchanting, Smithing, Speech craft and Archery all though it's not as simple as all that. The idea is you will always have the best gear, more gold then needed and it will leave you with the freedom to do any play style you want once you get to around level 25.

Other possible names: Artillery Skyrim Build, Tony Stark Skyrim Build, Make Money Skyrim Build

Splatter Skyrim Image Courtesy of Solid-Snake92

Starting Fresh

Character Creation - Imperial or Nothing

Best Starting Race for Crafting

Character Creation is pretty simple. I strongly suggest going Imperial. Two reason why.

1.Voice of the Emperor:This will let you calm your enemies down and get them to stop attacking you. Early in the game when your little Archer gets attacked by 3 or 4 Bandits at once you are going to want to have something like this around.

2.Imperial Luck: Anywhere you in Skyrim that you find gold coins, Imperials find more of them. Very useful for buying materials early in the game.

Skyrim Painting by BlackGoldSaw5

How to Play the Master Crafter Skyrim Build

At the beginning of the game you need to stick to some simple guidelines.

-Mine often, mine every mineral node you see

-Use your bow often

-Always level Speechcraft first

-Hunt and gather leather

-Level Stamina

Basically your building your foundation skills. Mining and Hunting will get you the materials you need to start crafting some strong gear for yourself. I found sneaking and using the bow was the easiest way to bring down wolves and deer for the leather. I found wandering just outside of Whiterun is a great place to start. Once you get stronger hunt around Riften. You'll bears there and some better minerals as well.

Your first few levels you should gain stamina instead of health (magicka is neglected in this build). Stamina will allow you to get places faster and carry a bigger load. Also later you'll need it for Archery.

Speech craft is a mostly useless skill except for the first tier. For each point you put into it you get 5% better prices while buying and selling. You want this very badly. Gold in Skyrim is the key to everything. Use it to buy extra materials to help level up crafting faster.

I used to be an adventurer like you....

But then I took an arrow to the knee. Yes, yes we get it.

The Arrow to the knee meme as pretty much taken off. Even those who have never played the game are saying it. Still it does make a pretty awesome T-Shirt

Skyrim Arrow to the Knee Vinyl Die Cut Decal Sticker 5.25" White
Skyrim Arrow to the Knee Vinyl Die Cut Decal Sticker 5.25" White

Arrow to the Knee. Let those in traffic know you are a true son of Skyrim.



What Perks to Pick

Instead of a level by level list of where to invest your perks I'm going to give you a priority system.

1.Speech (Haggling)- If there is an available perk in Haggling take it.

2.Enchanting (Enchanter)- If there is an available perk in Enchanter take it.

3.Smithing- Put perks into the Smithing Heavy Armor. Steel,Dwarven etc

4.Enchanting (Fire or Insightful)-The tree divides between elemental enchants or skill and stat enchants. I prefer the latter but pick one side and follow it to the top.

5.Archery (Overdraw)- When you don't have any of the above available put points into Overdraw

6.Archery- When Overdraw isn't available get Eagle Eye or other.

Which Shout or Thu'um to Choose?

Honestly good old Fus Ro Dah works pretty great. Fus alone isn't really enough though so if you're thinking of avoiding the main Quest for awhile I suggest you pick up one of these.

Ice From-It's a super easy shout to get near the beginning of the game. Basically the Ice Form Thu'um roots people to the ground. Doesn't get much better for a ranged build. You can find the world wall in Frostmere Crypts

Disarm-It's not a bad second choice. Especially useful when fighting an enemy with a unique weapon. You can get this shout at an outside world wall on Eldersblood Peak

Free Training

Get Started in Riverwood and the Archery Level up Fast Trick

Make Your First Friends

After escaping Helgin you're going to head to Riverwood. There's a few starting quests to be done here.

First up talk to the Blacksmith. He can give you a series of quests where he provides you the material to craft items. If you chose to escape Helgin with the Imperial you will also be friends with the blacksmith and he will allow you to take a few Iron and Steel Ingots from around the forge. This will help you get a few points in smithing quickly.

Find the Woodelf Faendal and help him with his lady problems. Faendal has a thing for one of the shopkeepers in Riverwood and if you help him to win her over he will befriend you and if asked become your follower.

As a follower Faindal is so-so. His skills are in Archery,Light Armor and Sneak which makes him decent back up. Since his starting gear is pretty abysmal you can give him pretty much anything and he'll use it. Biggest problem with Faendal is you both need arrows. For the first little while you might not have them to spare.

None of it matters because what makes Faendal great is that he is an Archery trainer. 5 times per level you can pay him to level up you Archery one point. Since he's your follower you can pay him then go into his inventory and take the money back. This essentially makes his training free. As long as you have the amount needed to pay him in the first place.

Bonus Power

As an added bonus you can get the Power Voice of the Sky to calm animals so they don't run from you. All animals will not fight or run from you for 24 hours. This is hugely beneficial for hunting and gathering leather. You can get this power from the throat of the world. Check out the video below for a full explanation.

How to get Voice of the Sky Power

Getting Crafty

Okay So before you get really crafty you want to pick up a few things

-A Weapon With Soul Tap

This Skyrim Build really opens up once you have Soul Tap on a weapon. If your lucky you will find it on a Bow. If not you may have to disenchant it and put Soul tap on a bow. Remember to upgrade your bow on the grindstone first. Until you get the Smithing perk "Arcane Blacksmith" you will only be upgrade items without enhcants or effects on them.

Once you have soul tap on a decent bow you can really speed up your hunting and fill up soul gems fast.

Wolf=Lesser Soul + 1 leather

Bear=Common Soul + 4 leather

Bigger beasts will give you bigger souls, which in turn gives you bigger enchants on gear.

Getting Crafty Part 2

As you go about spelunking and dungeon crawling you're going to pick up lots loot. Once back at down here is what you do with it.

Ore: Smelt it

Skins: Turn to leather or leather straps

Magic Items: Disenchant/Sell


Everything else: Sell

After everything is sold use your gold to buy more materials like Ore,Ingots,Leather or empty soul gems.

Always buy the Gems Empty. They cost a fraction as much and you will fill them very fast with a Soul Tap Bow.

Now with all your materials set out making as much new gear as possible. Remember to make the best stuff for yourself. Once you have a nice big pile of gear head over to the enchanters table and start adding enchants and effects to them. This will make them worth a lot more gold and help you increase your enchanting.

Note: Certain enchants like "absorb health" or "carry weight" are worth more than others. Take a look at the value of the item before confirming the enchant.

Now head back and sell of all your newly enchanted gear. Again keep the best goodies for yourself. If some of the vendors still have materials to sell, buy them up and repeat the process.

Unlimited Gold

Infinite Money In Skyrim

You now have unlocked almost infinite money in Skyrim. After doing this a few times you won't have trouble finding cash for what you need. Here's a few useful ways to spend that all that gold.

-Buy a house to store your goods

-Hire a decent follower (see below for my suggestions)

-Stock up on the best Arrows

-Buy useful Scrolls and Potions

You really have the world in the palm of your hand. Personally I just reinvest and keep getting myself better and better gear. You never know when you need a full set of fire proof gear.

Open Ended Build

This build will take you up to about level 30. After that you should have nearly maxed out both smithing and enchanting. I've purposely left out any perks in any armor skills, magic skills, or thief skills. This is on purpose. Now that you have smithing and enchanting down you can play any way you want.

I personally like Archery so I would keep investing points there and go for a full artillery build. Even pick up a few sneak points to get the stealth multiplier. If you wanted though you could pick up heavy armor skills and make yourself two one-handed ebony axes. Dive in get crazy. You can do whatever you want.

I hope you enjoyed this build. Please leave a comment and let me know what you think.

Any Build From Here

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    • aesta1 profile image

      Mary Norton 

      12 months ago from Ontario, Canada

      I don't know anything abut this but it really sounds interesting.


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