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Skyrim Read Black Book Untold Legends

Updated on December 17, 2012

Skyrim Read Black Book Untold Legends

Skyrim Read Black Book Untold Legends to get its rewards.
Skyrim Read Black Book Untold Legends to get its rewards.

Skyrim Read Black Book Untold Legends

In Skyrim, the hero will gain more lost knowledge by reading the Black Book Untold Legends. To read the Black Book Untold Legends, the hero must first get the Black Book. This will guide the hero on how to get the Black Book Untold Legends and then guide the hero through the realms of this particular Black Book.

Skyrim Benkongerike Walkthrough

Speak to Neloth to learn the location of the Black Book Untold Legends.

Head to Benkongerike and navigate this icy dungeon. Benkongerike is full of rieklings, but for the sneaky archer hero, the rieklings can be taken down from stealth positions with arrow attacks. Follow the icy passageway and head past the numerous wooden bridges that the Riekling have built. Defeat the rieklings and find a snowy path into a non-snowy passageway distinct from the white snowy Benkongerike dungeon (use the map to help you).

The hero will know that he is on the right track when he wanders into a chamber with rieklings rising from nowhere to attack him. Survive the ambush and then go into the Benkongerike Great Hall. Go up some stairs and then find a locked door on the left. Unlock it and search through the chamber beyond. Now head down the passageway opposite the door and into a large chamber with more rieklings. Beware of the riekling charger here. Take it out first, as one charge from the charger can deal massive damage. The rest of the rieklings are just cannon folder.

Once all the rieklings are defeated, it's time to open the locked gate. The combination is fish (closest to locked gate) and snake on the right, and fish (closest to locked gate) and eagle on the left (when facing the gate). Push the button and the gate will open. The word of power cylone, unleash lies within this next chamber. Head upstairs through a rock ramp and go through a dusky passageway to find the Black Book Untold Legends on a pedestal.

Skyrim Get Rewards of Black Book Untold Legends

Now it's time to do some bedtime reading.

The Black Book Untold Legends sends the hero to Apocrypha. The following steps will guide the hero.

  • Follow the passageway on the way to the pedestal containing Chapter II.
  • Chapter II lands the hero onto a platform above the acid pools. There is a lurker here. Defeat it and head beyond. There is a choice of Chapter III or Chapter IV.
  • Real habits in real life die hard, so read Chapter IV for speed reading. Head down the corridor to a large chamber with seekers patrolling the area. The key within this large chamber is to unlock the central door with the central scrye.
  • Turn right and activate the first scrye on the right. The door will open. Go through and activate the second scrye. If the seeker is alerted, just run.
  • To the left of the central chamber (and scyre) is another scyre which will unlock the central chamber. Activate this and go inside the central chamber. Activate the scrye and then head forwards through the unlocked gate and read the Chapter V.
  • Chapter V lands the hero near the Apocrypha version of the Black Book Untold Legends. Head south until the book is reached.

Read the book and reap the rewards -

  • Black Market - Summons a Dremora merchant to trade with the hero.
  • Secret Servant - Summons a Dremora butler to carry your excess items.
  • Bardic Knowledge - Summons a spectral drum that increases Stamina Regeneration for the hero and companions / allies.


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