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Sleeping Dogs

Updated on November 20, 2014

Gritty Open-World Crime Game

Sleeping Dogs is a stylish action-adventure video game that should appeal to John Woo action movie fans and gamers who enjoy titles like GTA or Saints Row. It is an open-world crime simulator with a strong story and an emphasis on hand-to-hand combat. The game takes place in Hong Kong and follows an undercover police officer whose mission it is to infiltrate and take down the local Triads.

Sleeping Dogs was previously known as True Crime: Hong Kong, and was renamed after Square Enix purchased the rights to the game from Activision. Despite these problems, it remained a strong title that can compete with other big names on the market like Grand Theft Auto.

Game Features

What you can look forward to in Sleeping Dogs

Sleeping Dogs is a fast-paced action game that combines elements from various genres. Kung fu moves meet Need for Speed-worthy driving and GTA-like vehicle hijacks. Here are some of the most interesting features of the upcoming game:

  • Strong story: Sleeping Dogs is a powerful cop drama that forces you to make some tough choices. As a policeman who's trying to infiltrate a criminal organization, how far are you willing to go to earn their trust?
  • Open world: Hong Kong never sleeps, and there's always something to do in a game set in this sprawling city. That includes side missions, adrenaline-fueled street races, gambling, and fighting for money.
  • Martial arts: first for a sandbox crime sim, Sleeping Dogs lets you perform powerful combos and flashy kung fu moves worthy of Jacky Chan himself.
  • Vehicles: no GTA-inspired game is complete without a variety of vehicles to hijack, drive, and crash. Sleeping Dogs offers you fast cars, powerful bikes, and even boats. Drive them through the city streets, perform drive-by shootings, and participate in underground street races.
  • Movie-like action: you are not limited to just hand-to-hand combat; Wei is also proficient with a variety of guns, and the players can slow down time like in Max Payne games and punish their enemies in style.

Buy Sleeping Dogs

Sleeping Dogs - Xbox 360
Sleeping Dogs - Xbox 360

Sleeping Dogs is an upcoming open-world action game that puts you into the middle of the Chinese mafia wars. Play as Wei Shen, a young detective who grew up in the dangerous streets of in Hong Kong. Bringing down one of the branches of the Triads is no easy task, and the player will have to face many enemies in the seedy criminal underworld.

If you have a new-gen console (Xbox One or PS4), go for the "Definitive Edition" which includes a lot of great DLC and runs at 1080p, meaning enhanced graphics and better gameplay experience. Of course, same goes for powerful gaming PC owners as well.


Cool Live Action Trailer

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Sleeping Dogs received quite positive reviews from the press; as of 2014, its rating on Metacritic is a nice 81. What's even better is that the user score for this game is even higher at 8.3, meaning both regular gamers and critics agree on how good a game is, for once.


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