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Smallworlds Review

Updated on April 13, 2014

The Review

15th November 2010

This is a fast growing, fun, original and fantastic game for all ages. Including a wonderful art community, mini games, PvP gaming, quest design, interior design, business operating and more


The community of Smallworlds is ever changing as it becomes a much more widespread game. While it is a great place to make new friends, chat and share interests there is also, as in any game, the ones who think they know and do better than everyone else. However there is many ways of riding these people from your Smallworlds life, either by reporting them, blocking them or, if they are in your space, you can also boot and ban them.

One thing that is much more obvious in this game than perhaps other games I have played is the VIP and non VIP segregation. You can tell straight away just from appearance whether someone has purchased the VIP package or is simply playing completely free and many VIP's take advantage of this, and no matter how long you have been on Smallworlds, that little "1" on your profile determining citizen points (which go up when you buy VIP) can make your life on Smallworlds miserable.


There are featured places, consisting mostly of spaces that have been made by the game creators and spaces made by users that the Smallworlds Crew have taken a shine too; Popular spaces, the trending spaces of the moment, the ones most full of people coming first; shops, which includes all the traditional Smallworlds shops with fixed Smallworlds prices; spaces for sale, which includes all spaces whether Smallworlds sold or member sold that are currently for sale; as well as finally your own spaces.

You are given one space at the beginning which you can customise how you like turn it into a shop, a club, a home, whatever you want. However you are not limited, you can also purchase as many other spaces as you wish and turn them into whatever you you want or feel Smallworlds needs with many options of furniture, building styles, walling and flooring to choose from.


While rather basic the avatar creation is neat and sleek and generally give the ability to make a character that suits you. You also have the ability to change your look whenever you wish throughout your time in Smallworlds. However bearing in mind the options for a non VIP are much more limited than that of a VIP.


You have the ability to own a pet in Smallworlds, limited to only a dog or a cat, however you can enhance your pet through your time in Smallworlds by looking after it giving you points that enable you to purchase actions and dances for your pet.


Missions boost your experience in artist, social, explorer, gamer (enabling you to purchase items or higher levels in these categories). Along with this, they also earn you tokens, the main currency of Smallworlds.

PvP Games

PvP games are fun and good for interacting with others in a team. You pick a team to start with, before proceding to use guns, weapons and magical staffs to slow and reset the other team back to the spawn point as you race with them to complete various goals, such as capturing flags and skulls. The first team to 100 or that holds the most points after 10 minutes wins.

When Smallworlds first introduced PvP gaming it earned you gaming experience, however now this has been transferred into Arena experience.

Smallworlds Art

Art is a big part of Smallworlds. You will find many art galleries with art either for sale, auction or just appreciation as you roam Smallworlds. Creating art yourself is also incredibly simple, by purchasing either a gold or token graffiti board (be wary that the currency that you buy the board in will be the currency you will sell it in).

Extra player games

Be creative invent your own games, the classic falling chairs and various booting games are a big part of Smallworlds, mainly produced by and for the younger age groups but can be a quick easy way of earning extra tokens.

Graphics and Actions

The graphics of smallworlds

VIP membership and packages

smallworlds is completly free to sign up however if you want access to vip only rooms, more variety of clothes, to send out alerts have more hairstyle and facial fetures, take your pet around with you and get more citizen levels then you can also become a vip where you pay between £3-£5 for just 1 months membership depending on the package you choose. you can also purchase vip membership with gold for 1 month vip membership costs 1500 gold. you can also earn gold by completing offers- i have found these very sucsessful and have earngt about 3000 gold with it in about an hour getting 1500 only took me a couple of minuetes. I feel the VIP membership is very good value seeing as it is quite easy to get hold of it without spending any real money at all. there are also many packages available which have names like gamer girl, vampirism, crystal light which contain rare items only availble with the package, gold and also membership and citizen levels.

Citizen levels

as you go up citizen levels you can use more and more items (these mainly from the sovienge plaza) and also edit your attributes (your speed, health etc) they also give you a title which becomes more impressive the more levels you have. you can earn the levels by purchasing vip, packages or inviting friends.

Smallworlds economy

Smallworlds has a very unstable economy, the ratio of gold to tokens that smallworlds set is 1:10 however you will find that a more realistic example of what it has become is the ratio 1:50 because gold can purchase alot more and is therefore worth more. Also the value of items changes, especially if it is a rare and depending on how many inworld they have of them, rares come from packages, one off events, featured missions, collectables etc and as time progresses most of these rares will increase in value, for example the collectables- each month there is a different collectable (wearable) that usually takes the form of an animal, when these are first released they cost 2000 gold to purchase but they are only available for one month when another is released and as each month passes they will increase in price. The snow fox (the first collectable, released in dec 2008) is now worth around 2 million gold because there are hardly any of them inworld and the value has increased over time and has become the most rare, valuable and expensive item in smallworlds seeing as many struggle to even gain 500 gold. Keep an eye on the smallworlds economy.

-you can purchase gold, spin the wheel (get lucky) and land on up to 100,000 gold or do some offers in the factory

-watch out for beggars, dont give anything away (you earnt your money) just tell them to go do some missions

-watch out for scammers, there quite a few, search in the forums to find threads on what scams are out there and how to avoid them :)


good graphics

fun game to play

good value for membership

endless possibilities in world

fun and friendly community in forums


keeps improving and updating

allows you to express many talents (artist (graffiti boards), author/script write (mission making/reviews to the chronicle) etc


some of the packages can be VERY expensive

being a newbie can be tough to start with

the economy is very unpredictable and you need to keep an eye on the value of items at the time an what is happening to them currency exchanges from gold to tokens etc

can lag quite a bit occasionally


Overall game rating 9/10

Graphics 10/10

Speed 7/10 (game play/loading)

Community 7/10

Originality 10/10

I would highly recomend smallworlds its great fun and you can meet many intresting and different people, play games, create your own buisness etc the possibilities ate literally endless

Thanks for reading hope you enjoy smallworlds :)


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    • profile image


      6 years ago

      OK I know that this is supposed to be a review of the game however I am writing to complain regarding those people running the site.

      The game itself is very playable and addictive however I have experienced what many other members have in getting banned with little explanation and no follow on support.

      I subscribed for 3 months VIP membership and within 2 weeks was banned for phishing ! I have emailed the so called support team at least a dozen times without any response whatsoever and of course they have taken my money as well.

      I would strongly recommend people to avoid this site at all cost. It seems to be run by a bunch of thieves who are only interested in taking your money and provide absolutely no support or assistant whatsoever AVOID !!!


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