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Awesome Snorlax Bean Bag Chairs and Bean Bags

Updated on January 26, 2013

The Best Snorlax Bean Bags and Bean Bag Chairs Online!

Snorlax bean bag chairs are awesome - Snorlax is big, sleepy, and looks like a great place to just lay down and relax. Snorlax bean bags are cute, cuddly, and are a great addition to any Pokémon fan's room. Here, I've compiled all of the best Snorlax bean bags and bean bag chairs, with links to the sites they originated! I've also included a whole bunch of other Snorlax gift ideas for Snorlax fanatics.

Please be sure to bookmark this page for all of your Snorlax bean bag needs! Also be sure to take the Snorlax quiz and leave a comment about why you love him!

Photo courtesy of Meghan on Flickr.

Check eBay Auctions for Snorlax Bean Bags! - Great Deals Online!

One of your best bets for purchasing Snorlax bean bags and plushies is by checking eBay - auctions change all the time and there's always the chance that you get a great deal. This page updates frequently, so come back again and again for new and exciting gift ideas here.

The Greatest Snorlax Bean Bag Chair Design! - Check it Out Here!

Click here for instructions on making your own!
Click here for instructions on making your own!

This beanbag chair is more than just another chair - it's the perfect likeness of Snorlax, the giant sleeping Pokémon! Out of all of the Snorlax bean bags I've found, this is probably the best looking one.

This bean bag comes with arms and feet attached, with the stomach serving as the spot to take a seat. The finished product really looks like a Snorlax just jumped right out of a game and into your lounge. If you're looking to create a thoughtful gift for a friend or relative, then this site is the place you want to go. It'll take a little bit of time and effort, but it's definitely worth it in the end.

Click the photo above or click below to get this design!

Incredible Snorlax design!

Tween sized Snorlax bean bag chairs for sale!
Tween sized Snorlax bean bag chairs for sale!

Snorlax Bean Bag Chairs for Sale!

Get a Chair Custom Made for You

While Pokémon doesn't sell official bean bag chairs, some people still make them and sell them online. Many people don't want to take the time to make a beanbag themselves, and so this is a great option if you're pressed for time.

As you can tell from this image, these Snorlax bean bags are special because they're made to smile! Plenty of love and care goes into each of the chairs that are made, and this seller gets great reviews. If you're looking to purchase a Snorlax bean bag chair, it's definitely worth checking out, though they can be a bit pricey at times due to the amount of material and time that goes into each one. If you're willing to part with a bit of cash to buy a Snorlax bean bag chair, then clicking here might be a great idea!

Click the photo to go directly to a seller that makes Snorlax beanbags, or click the link below!

Snorlax bean bag chairs for sale!

While this lens is about Snorlax bean bags and gift ideas, everyone has a different favorite Pokémon. I've always been partial to Charizard since I was young and first got Pokémon Blue. Ah the memories...

Please post below: what's your favorite Pokemon?

Get a 6" Snorlax Bean Bag Plushie - Another Great Gift for Kids and Adults Alike!

A small Snorlax toy is a perfect gift idea for a Pokémon fan. I mean just look at it - he's small, cute and looks like he needs a friend.

SNORLAX 1998 Pokemon Bean Bag Plush 6"
SNORLAX 1998 Pokemon Bean Bag Plush 6"

Snorlax is one of the most iconic Pokemon in the series. Get a miniature version of Snorlax for your room - a great addition to any Pokemon collection, and a great gift for a friend. You won't be disappointed with this Snorlax bean bag plushie!

Free Snorlax Designs HERE!
Free Snorlax Designs HERE!

More Free Snorlax Bean Bag Patterns

In a Variety of Colors!

These designs are free - how can you possibly go wrong! A list of supplies is included, and this gives step by step instructions on how to create your own Snorlax bean bag chair.

What makes these Snorlax bean bag chairs unique is that they come in a variety of colors. These range from blue to yellow to red and pink, adding a bit of personality to the chair you create - there's a chance that no two will be the same colors. If you have a creative side and want to make something that stands out, this is likely the place for you!

Again, click the photo or the link below for free Snorlax bean bag chair designs!

Free Snorlax designs!

Snorlax Merchandise! - If Bean Bags Aren't Enough!

If you're looking for something other than just Snorlax bean bag chairs and bean bags, then this is the place to look. There's a whole range of Snorlax gift ideas out there, and these below are simple additions to any collection.

Munchlax Gear - To Go With Your New Snorlax Items!

Munchlax is the lovable pre-evolution of Snorlax. Grab yourself a couple of Munchlax inspired items while you're here!

Did you like the lens? Think more should be added? Did you buy something? Let me know!

Thanks a ton for reading! Please be sure to give this lens a thumb and share it with your friends!

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