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Squishables Plush Polar Bear, Koala, and More

Updated on April 22, 2013

Squishables Plush Polar Bear, Koala, and More

I hope you are prepared for cuteness, because these Squishables plush bears are adorable. I love their plump roundness and cute faces.

Squishables bears are one of the best presents you could give yourself or someone else. Whether you want a plush polar bear, plush panda, or any other kind of bear, there is probably a stuffie here for you.

These little cuties love staying in bedrooms, cars, dorm rooms, and even offices - anywhere you need them. There are several different sizes for your convenience.

While these are great plush animals for kids, adults love Squishables too! Squishables love other squishy friends too, so once you buy one, it might need a friend.

I hope you find a stuffed bear that you love!

Squishable / 15" Polar Bear - Stuffed Polar Bear

This stuffed polar bear is 15 inches tall by 15 inches high, round, and absolutely adorable.

Squishable / Polar Bear Plush - 15"
Squishable / Polar Bear Plush - 15"

Oh wow, I love this polar bear! He has the cutest expression on his face and he looks like a big, cuddly ball of fuzz. This is probably my favorite Squishables bear.


Squishable / Mini 7" Polar Bear - Stuffed Polar Bear

This spherical plush polar bear is about 7 by 7 inches. It is soft and snuggly and perfect for anyone that loves polar bears.

Squishable / Mini Polar Bear Plush - 7"
Squishable / Mini Polar Bear Plush - 7"

This smaller plush polar bear has the same sweet face as the bigger one, just in a more compact size. Still just as huggable!


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Squishable / 15" Panda - Stuffed Panda

This puffy, round ball of panda goodness is about 15 by 15 inches. He is highly squishable and easy to keep. No bamboo, carrots, or sweet potatoes are necessary.

Squishable / Panda Plush - 15"
Squishable / Panda Plush - 15"

Squishables has done a great job on the stuffed panda. It gives a whole new meaning to "Giant Panda". My nephew would love this!


Squishable Mini Panda Plush - 7" - Stuffed Panda

This mini plush panda is about 7 by 7 inches. Despite his smaller size, he has just as much to give as the giant Giant Panda.

Squishable Panda Plush, Black and White, Mini 7"
Squishable Panda Plush, Black and White, Mini 7"

In this case, I think I like the smaller version of the Squishable more. It is perfect for little Panda fans and grown ups that need a little squish now and then.


How to choose the best Squishable

Shopping tips

Are you looking for a stuffed bear? As you have noticed, most Squishables come in 3 different sizes. I think the largest ones are probably the most fun, especially for adults. The other two sizes would probably work best for little kids if they want something that they can cuddle with in bed. The largest size would be fun to play with around the house though. Really, you can't go wrong.

As far as which one to choose - well that depends. If you are shopping for someone that loves Panda bears or Koala bears, then you just need to pick the size. If you aren't shopping for a particular kind of bear already, read through the descriptions and see which one strikes your fancy. Also, you can choose by color. If you are shopping for someone that loves blue, then the Koala would be perfect.

Have fun shopping!

Squishable Red Panda - Stuffed Red Panda

This 15 by 15 inch stuffed red panda is a new addition to the Squishables line. Despite his name, he is not closely related to the Giant Panda. Very cuddly!

Squishable Red Panda
Squishable Red Panda

I love this stuffed red panda. Red is my favorite color and this guy looks like a bandit. You could get into a lot of trouble hanging out with him (or have a lot of fun).


Squishable / 15" Honey Bear - Plush Honey Bear

This cute Squishable stuffed honey bear is 15 by 15 inches, round, and super soft. He's eaten so much honey he turned a gorgeous shade of yellow.

Squishable / Honey Bear Plush - 15"
Squishable / Honey Bear Plush - 15"

This bear is a cutie pie and perfect for anyone wanting a regular bear. Like all Squishables he is soft and snuggly.

Unfortunately, he is also a bit shy. You'll need to click through to Amazon to see his picture.


Squishable Mini Koala Plush - 7" - Stuffed Koala

A 7 inch version of the Squishable Blue stuffed koala. Perfect for anywhere real koalas are not allowed. He would go great in a backpack for overnight trips or sleepovers.

Mini Squishable Koala
Mini Squishable Koala

This 7 inch stuffed koala is also a good choice. He may not be quite as cuddly, but he is travel sized for your convenience!


Micro Squishable Koala - Stuffed Koala

A 3 inch blue stuffed koala. This cute little Squishable comes with a removable plastic key chain. Take it wherever you go!

Micro Squishable Koala, 3"
Micro Squishable Koala, 3"

Don't let his size fool you - this little panda has a high squishy factor. Great for clipping to your car keys, backpack, or remove the key chain.


Christmas Morning!

I thought this was a really cute video. Watch this lady open up her Christmas gift from her sister. It is a really sweet video. I love how excited she is, not to mention surprised. The great thing about these is that not everyone has one yet, so they are always a great surprise.

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