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Sofia the First Talking Sofia and Animal Friends

Updated on June 14, 2013

Talking Sofia and Friend Dolls Released

Since I first heard about Mattel's planned release of the Sofia the First Sofia and her animal friends interacting doll I have been excited for it's arrival on store shelves. I wanted to see if this doll lived up to the hype and if it was a toy that a child could have lots of fun playing with.

The release of this doll has snuck up on me and I have yet to see it locally where I live but I now have my eye out for this gem. It would make a fun gift for my niece who has a collection of Disney Princess dolls and is an avid watcher of the Sofia the First series. I have read a lot of reviews by parents who seem to be impressed with toy; mostly because their pint-sized princess love Sofia and how the two inch animal friends talk when placed up to the dolls amulet.

The Sofia Doll Scoop

I tend to be drawn to dolls, and I must say that the ten inch Princess Sofia doll is beautiful in her purple dress with the white details. I like the amulet and the crown, but what I think kids will be most interested in is what this doll can do. The amulet actually glows when one of Sofia's animal friends are placed in front of it. This allows Sofia to talk with one of her three animal friends: Mia, Robin or Clover. The interactive doll allows children to relive the magic one of their favorite parts of Sofia the First. Just like in the show the amulet on the doll allows her animal friends to come to life. This is a really fun feature for young Disney Princess fans.

Show Your Love for Sofia the First

It is no secret that Disney's new series Sofia the First is stirring up some magical fun. Will kids be ready for their own Sofia the First doll this 2013?

Will you purchase your child Sofia the First Talking Sofia and Animal Friends doll set?

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Sofia and Talking Animal Friends Doll

Disney Sofia The First Talking Sofia and Animal Friends
Disney Sofia The First Talking Sofia and Animal Friends

For what this doll can do I really like the price point it is retailing at. Many dolls, less magical that the Sofia the First Talking Sofia and Animal friends are priced higher.

I also like that this doll seems to tell Sofia the First's story nicely and is true to her story from the animated series.


Talking Animal Friends and Longevity

When you purchase a toy for your child do you think about longevity? Do you think about how much play time this toy will receive? I do, but I often misjudge what my niece's attitude towards a toy will be. Some she will play right away, over and over again and other she looks at and then they hid the deposit of toys she has created.

While I do think the Talking Sofia the First and Animal friends light up amulet is pretty cool. I'm not sure if that feature will be enough to keep my niece's attention over a few months. That being said, the doll and the animal friends will probably receive more playtime with out the feature. She has several Princess dolls that go through stages of no play to full out play. I think she will employ her own creativity and create her own stories with the doll. Not to mention, she uses her toys to create new stories so her Woody and Buzz doll could inherit a new rabbit side kick (Clover).

While the feature seems like the father in the video described as a one trick pony (the animal friends and Sofia play the same repeated phrases) I think whether the toy has longevity will depend on the child and whether the toy fits into imaginative world.

Sofia the First and Animal Friends Doll

Want to see how this doll works? Check out this review by a parent of a year old Sofia the First fan.

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Share your thoughts about the 2013 release of the Sofia the First Talking Sofia and Animal Friends doll.

Talking Sofia and Animal Friends Doll Review

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      anonymous 4 years ago

      My 5 year old daughter loves this doll. She makes them talk all day!