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Some of The Top Key Batman Issues In Comics

Updated on September 22, 2014

Wondering What Batman Key Issues To Get For Your Collection?

Welcome and thanks for tuning into this Bat-channel, Bat-fans! There's, perhaps, every few in the comic collecting world who doesn't love, or at least respect, the vigilante and "World's Greatest Detective" known as the Caped Crusader. As a comic fan, Batman (Bruce Wayne) was one of the only few comic book characters I could identify with within the DC Comics universe.

No I'm not a millionaire (or billionaire) and don't have a bunch of neat gadgets to fight crime with, but I could relate to the characters sense of justice and why he dresses up to fight crime. Yes, I've thought about doing so a few times in my childhood (what comic geek hasn't?).

But, now, it seems that a lot of comic fans out there are getting more and more interesting in key comic book issues for the characters they love, including me. So, hopefully this list tunes you into some you haven't quite discovered yet.

Whether you're a veteran huge Batman comic collector or one that's starting out, I'm going to list some spotlight key Batman issues every collector should consider adding to their collection. Sure, there are a ton of Batman key issues, but these are the issues that are the most sought out and in-demand.

Be warned, however! Batman is a golden age superhero, so this list wont be for the faint of heart. The Batman series does have quite a lot of key issues, and many are pretty darn expensive. Let's get this on!

Detective Comics #27
Detective Comics #27

Detective Comics #27

1st appearance of Batman

Alright, I know this key Batman issue is ridiculously expensive and most collectors like possibly you or myself can't afford this one, but it would be a crime not to have the very first appearance of Batman on this list, right? Of course, it would be!

In the world of Batman comics, Detective Comics #27 is the undisputed holy grail of key comic book issues for the Dark Knight. There's no even debating this one, and why would there even be a debate.

Most just dream to own a PR or GD copy of this key issue, and, of course, the higher graded CGC copies sell in the six digit figures. The first appearance of Batman is perhaps the 2nd most sought out golden age key issue comic ever.

In 2010, a graded copy of Detective Comics #27 sold for $1,075,500! The issue was graded at a VF 8.0 and the consignor who sold the million dollar copy originally bought the comic for a hundred dollars back in the day!

However, buying a comic for a few hundred bucks and selling it for a few hundred thousand is an extraordinary return on investment, wouldn't you say?

Batman #1
Batman #1

Batman #1

1st Batman Regular Series, 1st Catwoman, 1st Joker

Not only does this golden age comic kick off the very first regular series with Batman in his own titled comic book, but it also has two very important first appearances. The first is The Joker, who has been voted the #1 DC Comic villain of all time. Actually, he also beat out most of the Marvel villains as well.

The Joker is the most important villain in the Batman rogues gallery, and he's the most beloved by fans. There's no reason to explain why. The character is just cool that way.

Aside from the first appearance of The Joker, the first appearance of Catwoman is also in this key Batman issue, and this sultry vixen has become one of the most iconic female villains and later anti-hero in the world of comics.

Yes, this Batman key issue will put a huge dent in the bank accounts of most regular collectors. Last year a CGC graded 9.2 low NM sold for a whopping $850,000! The owner who sold the comic originally bought for $100 dollars back in the day. I can see his wife during that time giving him grief about it. I doubt she's giving him grief about it now.

Batman #181 First Appearance of Poison IVy
Batman #181 First Appearance of Poison IVy

Batman #181

1st Appearance of Poison Ivy

When it comes to silver age Batman key issues, Batman #181 is one of the most important and high demand issues there are. This issue marks the first appearance of Poison Ivy, and the character has undoubtedly become a fan-favorite.

She has also become one of the sexiest villainesses in the world of comics and one of the most cosplayed characters as well for good reason. The first appearance of Poison Ivy is one of the few major, important key issues of the silver age within the Batman series.

The demand and value of this book is consistently rising and high grade CGC graded copies will put a nice dent in the wallet of the average comic collector. However, mid-grade to VF copies aren't that hard to find.

If you're on the hunt for this key issue Batman comic, be sure to click the blue link to check out the available copies on the world's biggest auction site.

Also, there's a few lower graded CGC copies at you check out as well by visiting the link.

Although Batman #181 is one of the most important key Batman issues during the silver age, there are plenty more keys during that era.

Batman #232 First appearance of Rha's al Ghul
Batman #232 First appearance of Rha's al Ghul

Batman #232

First Appearance of Rha's al Ghul

From the bronze age of comics, Batman #232 gets the spotlight for this comic era. This key issue boasts the very first appearance of Rha's al Ghul, who became greatly more popular since director Chris Nolan introduced the character to mainstream audiences in the movie Batman Begins.

Since then, a huge spike in demand and value for Batman #232 has still been going on with no signs of decreasing. Created by the legendary comic creative team of Dennis O'Neil and Neal Adams, this issue has become the most sought out key Batman comic of the bronze age.

Actually, Dennis O'Neil and Neal Adams turned the Batman comic series around during the Bronze age when Batman comics were losing interest with readers during the time. The team was responsible for returning Batman as well as The Joker back to their darker roots, in which the Comics Code Authority had plagued the character during the silver age. That's the reason why Batman and the 60s T.V. show was riddled with campiness.

Despite Batman #232 being a high demand key, there are plenty of copies on ebay

Find Out More Bronze Age Batman Key Issues!

Although Batman #232, the first appearance of Rha's al Ghul, is an extremely important key issue to get if you're looking for a Batman investment comic, it's not the only one from that era! There are quite a few more. Not many, but the ones I have listed at the link below are surely some Batman bronze age keys to consider adding to your collection.

If you're truly on the hunt for Batman keys, be sure to click the link and check them out!

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