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Show Love of Disney Princess Sofia the First with These Shirts (Princess Sophia)

Updated on May 29, 2013

Get T-Shirts For The Newest Disney Princess - Sofia

If your kids caught the Disney channel and Disney Jr. special Sofia the First: Once Upon A Princess, then they might be excited about getting some awesome new Sophia the First merchandise to show what big fans that they are now.

Once you get all of your toys and books featuring the young princess, it is time to start outfitting your kids with some new apparel in the way of clothes featuring the princess and all of her friends.

I have found some cool t-shirts from this show that your kids, like mine, will just love. Take look at these awesome new character tees below. I am sure that you and your kids will just love them all!

images via Disney & Amazon

Pink Sofia the First T-shirt For Girls - Buy Disney's Sophia the First Tee For Girls in Pink

If pink is the favorite color of your little girl, then this Sofia the First t-shirt is for her! This shirt comes from the Disney Store, so you know that it is an official shirt and not some knock-off.

The shirt features the young princess along with a bird friend the rabbit Clover, who is her best friend on the series. As you can see, she is all dressed up in a beautiful princess gown.

The shirt has glitter accents and it made out of 100% organic cotton. For me, that is incredibly important since non-organic cotton can expose kids to pesticides and possibly cause skin irritation.

Disney Store - Sofia the First Tee For Girls
Disney Store - Sofia the First Tee For Girls

This shirt is made of organic cotton!


Purple Disney Sofia the First "Princess in Training" T-shirt For Girls - Buy Disney's Sophia the First "Princess in Training" Tee For Girls

For a little girl with the favorite color of purple, this Disney's Sofia the First t-shirt is the perfect choice. This shirt only has Sofia on it and no other characters. It does say "Princess in Training" and feature some princess-y designs around it like castles and tiaras.

The shirt is made out of 100% organic cotton and it has some glitter accents on the design.

Personally, this is my favorite of the shirts because I am a big fan of the color purple. Now, if I could just get my daughter to agree with me on this one!

Check Out This Trailer for Sofia the First: Once Upon A Princess - Trailer for Sophia the First: Once Upon A Princess

If you somehow missed out on seeing this movie when it aired, then take a look at the trailer for it below. You should know that this movie kind of serves as an intro or the pilot for the television show on Disney Jr. So, watch for it to air again or buy it on DVD so that you can your kids can get up to speed on the back story of Sofia and her friends.

Find More Of These Great Items on eBay

If you're having trouble finding one of the cute little tees in the size you need, try looking for it on eBay. Just be sure to check the shipping cost and reputation before making the purchase. This will ensure that you have a smooth transaction. You can see some of the current listings on the site just by looking below. And clicking on any of them will give you more info on that particular item as well as give you access to other listings on eBay. Good luck with your shopping!

Find Sofia the First Pajamas / Nightgowns on eBay - Buy Sophia the First Pajamas / Nightgowns on eBay

If you are more interested in pajamas than tees, then you can find a great selection of those on eBay. Just read the listing description to see if you are getting a brand new item or a used one. Also, check the shipping cost the the feedback reviews for the seller. Take a look at current PJ listings right below here.

Find More Great Princess Merchandise on Amazon

If a few Sofia the First tees and night gowns are not enough merchandise for your kids, then do not panic! You can actually find loads of really cool related products online on Amazon. Just take a look at some of the below to get started on your shopping. Your kids will love you for it!

Or, if you are like me how many of the shirts did you buy?! Yup, I had to buy several of the items on this page for my kids. And I suspect that it is the same way for you. So, what are you waiting for? Let me know what you bought. And if you found something that is not listed here, please let me know! I may need to go out and buy it myself! Thank you for reading!

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