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Special Agent Oso Plush

Updated on December 6, 2013

Special Agent Oso Plush Toys

Are you looking for a Special Agent Oso plush for your child to love and cuddle? You'll find them here! Below you will find Agent Oso plush toys, as well as the Wolfie plush and Dotty plush! If your kid loves the Disney show Special Agent Oso, then they will love having a plush Oso toy to call their own. These plush toys are all made by Disney. They are super soft and the perfect size for snuggling! Browse the Special Agent Oso plush toys below and find the one perfect for your kid.

A Special Agent Oso plush toy makes a great Christmas gift for kids!

*Image credit: Customer photo on Amazon review of Special Agent Oso Plush.

Special Agent Oso Plush Toy - 14 inch Oso plush

Any kid who enjoys the Disney show Special Agent Oso would love to have his very own Oso plush bear. This teddy bear is 14 inches. It is made by Disney and is super soft.

Special Agent Oso Wolfie Plush Toy - 14 inch Wollfie plush toy

In the words of Wolfie, "Outstanding!" This 14 inch Wolfie plush is super soft. It is made by DIsney.

Special Agent Oso Dotty Plush Toy - 14 inch Dotty plush toy

Dotty is the brains behind the whole Special Agent crew. She makes a perfect gift for little girls who love the Special Agent Oso show. The Dotty plush is made by Disney and is super soft.

Which Is Your Favorite Special Agent Oso Character?

Who is your favorite character on Disney's Special Agent Oso?

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Disney Special Agent Oso Cast - Voice cast of Special Agent Oso

  • Agent Oso - Sean Astin (Best known for his roles in Goonies and Lord of the Rings).
  • Paw Pilot - Meghan Strange
  • Mr. Dos - Gary Anthony Williams
  • Wolfie - Phill Lewis
  • Dotty - Amber Hood

More Disney Special Agent Oso Toys

These Special Agent Oso toys make great gift ideas for any kid that's a fan of the show.

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