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Spiderman Kids Punching Bag

Updated on April 3, 2013

A Classic Toy Every Boy Should Have

The punching bag is a classic kids toy that can be played with for hours. My sons have had many kids punching bags over the years but my youngest has his favorite Spiderman punching bag. It sure has seen better days as well, but for a toy that gets hit, kicks and jumped on it sure does hold up well.

He loves hitting it and the having it pop up again so he can hit it again. He got it when he was almost three and from then on he seems to play with it time and time again. So for my youngest the classic style is what he likes best.

But for my older kids we have a punching bag that is connected to the TV. It came with a DVD that matches the toy, I think at first sight my kids thought it was going to be a video game, maybe that's why they wanted it so much. I would describe the DVD more like a training video or like a kids workout video. The video leads the viewer in kicking the punching bag like Spiderman would.

Spiderman punching bag connected to TV
Spiderman punching bag connected to TV

Best Spiderman Kids Punching Bag

Master Moves Spiderman Training Studio With Kids Punching Bag

While this punching bag is a bit more expensive I love it because it is more then them just hitting the bag. They are following directions, learning to teach them self's something and having a great time as they are doing it.

* Learn the secrets of Spiderman's web crawl, sling and swing

* The real Spiderman actually trains you!

* Real Spiderman Moves

* This 30 minute DVD is entertaining and fun!

* Comes with mat, two-sided sound Activated Bop Bag and 30 minute DVD

Master Moves Spiderman Training Studio

The Classic Spiderman Pop Up Kids Punching Bag - Spiderman 42" Bop Bag by Hedstrom.

The Spiderman punching bag was my sons favorite but we also have had an incredible Hulk and Power Ranger Punching Bag as well. I have seen kids punching bags last many years in some households but in mine they seem only to last about two years before an older kid takes it out side and a dog puts a whole in it.

Hedstrom Ultimate Spiderman Bop Bag- 42"
Hedstrom Ultimate Spiderman Bop Bag- 42"

42" inflatable Bop Bag

Easy to Inflate

Deflates for easy storage

Ages 4 and up

boys spiderman punching bag
boys spiderman punching bag

What To Avoid When Buying A Kids Punching Bag.

Tips On Buying A Goo Punching Bag For Kids

The first kids punching bag I got my boys turned out to be a disaster. It was a superhero themed bag required us to put water in it and it was made out of thin plastic. The dog ended up putting a hole in the bag and the water that weighted the bag down broke and got all over the carpet. The punching bag was a complete waste.

When looking for a good punching bag for my boys I always pay attention to how durable the material is so messes can be avoided. I also look at how big the punching bag is going to be, I have had more then one surprise when opening up a package, one time the bag ended up being really really small and another time the kids punching bag turned to be too big for the kids' room.

Kids Toy Spiderman Boxing Gloves

Franklin Sports Soft Sport Boxing Gloves - Spiderman
Franklin Sports Soft Sport Boxing Gloves - Spiderman

We ended up getting a pair of spiderman gloves that matched their punching bag. The kids had great fun with the gloves and it made them feel like real fighters.


Boys Playing With Kids Punching Bag

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