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Spiderman Minimates Toy Figure (with removable mask) Review

Updated on May 8, 2015

Since my son Kane was born he's been a spiderman fan. I'm sure that has mostly to do with his Daddy also always being a fan and my in laws buying Kane lots of spiderman toys from the start. But once he got a little older I knew it was not just because of his Daddy.... cause once he saw the action movies he was hooked! My little guy just loves to play act and one of his many favorite things to do is dress up in Spiderman costumes and act out scenes from the movie where he's Peter Parker and then Spiderman (or black spidey)... especially the scene where he first gets bitten by the spider. He loves acting that out so much that I've even had to calm others down who were panicking thinking that he'd actually been bitten by a spider!

So when I found this pack of minimate figurines I was interested. But they don't sell them directly in Australia so to get them I knew that I'd have to order them online from the States or UK and shipping was going to be a bit steep so I did some research on them first to make sure they were toys that Kane would really like (I do research now on nearly every toy I'm thinking of buying him cause I dread the thought of another toy being given which then sits in his toy box having never been played with). So as soon as I saw how cute these little figures were and in particular that this set comes with spidey's removable mask with Peter's head underneath, I bought it immediately! And when Kane got it for Christmas and saw the mask can be taken on and off he was thrilled!! Didn't take long for him to be acting out his favourite scenes and making up new Peter and Spidey stories of his own.

The lizard is very cool looking and his tail is the perfect balancer for him to stand well with. I'm on the hunt now to buy Kane the Dr Connors set cause he wants to act out some of that fun!

Now... as for the quality of the toys I have both pro's and con's... .but the pro's far outweigh the cons. I have purchased over 8 different minimates for my son now and I"ve noticed some of the feet on a few of the toys were so loose that they would just fall out of the socket. I had to super glue two of them because I knew they'd be lost within the first week if I didn't.

But the detail on minimates and extra accessories are really marvellous... especially for toys that are so small (a bit bigger than Lego mini figures) it's quite astounding the amount of detail they put into them.

You'll find with most minimates sets, you get the most adorable little accessories. With this set you get Peters hair, Peters backback that can go over one shoulder as well as stands to put the figures on if you want to keep them on display.

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