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Superhero Spiderman Lego Sets And Toys

Updated on March 4, 2013

Lego Spiderman Toys

Kids playing spider-man Lego's is doing more then them just watching spider-man on TV. Like many moms I try to reduce time my kids watch TV or play video games, Lego's is one of the thing my boys love to do.

Even though sometimes they would love to watch their cartoons they soon find themselves deep in thought with their spider-man or superhero Lego sets making their own show.

There are many spider-man Lego sets to choose from depending upon your child's age and interest.

Spiderman Lego Sets Under $20 - Low Cost Spiderman Lego Sets

When my son first wanted a Spiderman Lego set I searched for just the right one, just to find out they can be very expensive. I was worried about spending the money and then him desiding it was not something he would play with much. These cheaper options was great to see if it would be work the cost and they fit great as a add on with more extensive Spiderman Lego sets.

Perfect Age For Kids To Start Playing With Legos

Spiderman Lego Set For Kids
Spiderman Lego Set For Kids

Truth is is there is not perfect age to start getting Legos for your kids. The best guide is printed on the box. But on this one I say parent knows best. No only are you wanting your child to be ready for it you need your household ready for it too. Because a older child who does not remember to put toys up around a crawling baby may not be ready for Legos that a baby could swallow.

What Age Did Your Child Start Playing With Legos?

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Spiderman's First Chase Lego Set - Six To Twelve Year Olds

If your child has been a Spider man lover from day one this would be a awesome Lego set. This is a Lego set to represent Spiderman's first set, also a great start for the first full set of Legos for a future Lego collector.

Spider-Man 2: Doc Ock's Hide-Out Lego Set - Eight To Seven Years Old

This lego set is set to resemble when Doc Ock's first fused his devices and sought rescue in a old abandoned warehouse keeping Mary Jane as his captive.

Spiderman 3 Superhero Showdown Lego Set

This is a very large Lego set with figurines for major characters in Spider man 3. Even comes with a Spider-Man kids mask.

Spider-Man Action Studio Lego Set

This is the scene where Spider-man stops a bank robbery. It include figurines such as Spider-man, a bank robber, police officer, police cruiser, bank, and more

Spiderman Legos

Spiderman Legos On Window
Spiderman Legos On Window

Spiderman Lego Figurines

Spiderman Lego Cars

Every Spiderman lover needs a Spiderman car why not make it a Lego Spiderman car. All my boys ended up with more then just a few Spiderman Lego cars and with all their unaccounted for toys, all their spiderman lego cars are put up and loved.

How To Keep Legos From Being Lost and Spreading Throughout The House

Legos can be a little messy if there is not plan on where to store them or keep them organized. This problem is probably the reason why I was a little delayed in buying my oldest son his first set of small Legos.

For our family I learned that keeping the box for Lego sets is a must. I store lego sets in the box and sometimes in a Ziploc bag in the box. This means easy storage and that I can find which one my child is wanting without having to do much opening.

I store Legos that are not part of a specialty set such as spider-man Legos, in a clear Tupperware containers so my kids can see what they want before opening up everything.

How Do You Keep Legos From Becoming A Huge Mess and Laying Around The House?

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What do you like about Legos?

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    • LaineA profile image

      Amy Stephens 5 years ago from Missouri

      @anonymous: Hi Vick If you would like to link to where you have your spider-man figurine for sale that would be okay, I am sure some of the readers may be interested.

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      i have for sale one of the spiderman figures from the top photo aparently they only made five of these