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Spinjitzu - The Lego Ninjago Game

Updated on December 12, 2013

The Lego Ninja Battle Game

Spinjitzu is the Lego Ninjago Game player with spinners in a battle arena. Find out how to play Spinjitzu and what you need to get started.

Spinjitzu is aimed at kids (especially boys) from age 7-14. Younger kids will enjoy the sets but may struggle with the more complex rules and getting a great spinning technique - they'll still have fun though.

There are several options for a battle arena and additional packs to extend the game. We'll take a look through the Spinjitzu range.

LEGO Ninjago Starter Set 9579

@ Amazon


We have a new snake themed Lego Ninjago Set for 2012 with Rattla and Cole ZX.

LEGO Ninjago Spinjitzu Starter Set 2257

@ Amazon



This is the Lego Ninjago Spinjitzu game starter set. It includes everything you need to play the game. Spinjitzu is a two-player game. Each player needs a mini figure, spinner, weapons and a game cards. You also need a battle arena to play the game in - it keeps the spinners in the play area.

The set includes Jay and Frakjaw minifigures and their spinners. You also get weapons, game cards, a basic arena plus some extra Lego blocks that are used in the game. Instructions for playing the game are included too.

This set is good value and practical and portable. A great way to get started with the Spinjitzu game at a low price.

You can buy additional mini figures and spinners individually (see below) and some also come with Lego Ninjago Sets

Spinjitzu - The Game

  1. Spinjitzu is a two-player or multi-player turn-based game which uses Lego mini figures on spinners.
  2. An arena keeps the spinners contained in the play area.
  3. The game starts with players saying Ninja GO! and spinning their spinners.
  4. Players win a round when the other player's mini figure falls off his spinner. The winner takes a weapon from the loser.
  5. Game cards add extra features to a game. There are lots of different game cards to collect. A game card might make an opponent stand on one leg, or allow you to win in the case of a draw.
  6. Each Ninjago character (mini figure) has a game card with their strengths on. The game card determines which other game cards a character can use.
  7. When one player loses all three of their weapons the other player wins.

LEGO Ninjago Spinjitzu Battle! Video

Here's a video of the Spinjitzu game battle in action.

Neat-Oh! LEGO Ninjago Battle Case

@ Amazon


You've probably noticed that there are a lot of small pieces involved in the Ninjago Spinjitzu game. You will want somewhere to store them and this Ninjago Battle Case is perfect.

The case opens up into a play mat that can be used as an area (though you're probably better on a hard surface if one is available.)

The reviews are good and this is a practical, fun and fairly inexpensive present for Spinjitzu fans.

Neat-Oh LEGO Ninjago Battle Case - Green

@ Amazon


And there's a new green snake-themed Ninjago Battle case for 2012.

More Lego Storage.

LEGO Ninjago Spinjitzu 3D Battle Arena

@ Amazon


The LEGO Ninjago Spinjitzu 3D Battle Arena is a big Spinjitzu arena that enables up to 4 players to battle at once. It has a 3D effect base with a lightning effect. And there's storage space for spinners and weapons.

The 3D battle arena also comes with a Sensei Wu mini figure and spinner. Sensei Wu is a very cool character he's the Spinjitzu master who is teaching the Ninjago heroes.

LEGO Ninjago Exclusive Limited Edition Set #2520 Ninjago Battle Arena Includes Cole Dragon Ninja Mini Figure Spinner!

@ Amazon


This Lego Ninjago Battle Arena can also be used to play Spinjitzu. It's a great Lego model set, but it's probably not the first choice for serious game play as it's a little awkward to access. It does come with some very cool weapons and makes a gorgeous set for Ninjago role playing.

LEGO Ninjago Exclusive Set #9456 Spinner Battle

@ Amazon


For the snakes theme, we also get this amazing Spinjiyzu spinner battle set. It comes with Kendo Kai and Slithraa. This battle area has some really cool add-ons.

Spinjitzu Spinners and Mini Figures

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Spinjitzu - The Lego Ninjago Game

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