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Spongebob gifts for girls

Updated on November 9, 2012

The best Spongebob gifts for girls

If you are looking for Spongebob gifts for girls you have stumbled on the right place. Spongebob Square Pants, more commonly referred to as Spongebob, is the creation of Stephen Hillenburg and has become so popular it is Nikelodeon's highest rated show and listed 15th in IGNs top 100 animated list. As you'd expect there is a lot of Spongebob related merchandise, some of which is very good and some of which is cheap and nasty.

Spongebob is a cartoon that appeals to both girls and boys however this lens focuses on the girls. For the best Spongebob related gifts for girls, all of which have been handpicked, take a look at the gifts below. It doesn't matter whether it is Christmas, a birthday, an anniversary or just some random occasion all female Spongebob fans will love these.

Spongebob Grooming Set

Girls of all ages like pampering themselves and using various cosmetic products right, and this Spongebob grooming set makes the perfect gift. This gift basket contains many different products including body wash, shampoo, hair gel, a hair brush set, pony tail holders, visor, rings, earrings, bracelet and necklace, all of which is embossed with Spongebob and housed in a purse shaped basket. This luxury Spongebob grooming set will make the perfect Christmas gift, birthday gift, anniversary gift or valentines gift for all female Spongebob fans.

Spongebob Cuddle pillow

This Spongebob cuddle pillow is a detailed replica of Spongebob that is designed to be a “comfort” toy in a child’s bedroom, cot or playpen. However, all girls need something to hug every now and again, regardless of their age, and this Spongebob cuddle pillow is the perfect product for this.

This Spongebob cuddle pillow is tough and durable, yet it is super soft and super cuddly. It really is a great Spongebob gift for the girls.

Spongebob Earrings

All girls like earring right, therefore these Spongebob ear studs make an excellent gift for all female Spongebob fans, providing they have their ears pierced of course. These studs are made out of 925 sterling silver and measure 8.86mm high by 7.77mm wide, which means they are large enough to be seen but not so large they look tacky.

These Spongebob earrings are reasonably priced and will suit all Spongebob fans. These are an excellent gift that will last a long time.

Spongebob Costume

All girls like to dress up right, so this Spongebob costume makes an excellent gift. Some costumes are only suitable for specific parties or functions, however this Spongebob costume is not like this. This Spongebob costume can be worn whenever wherever, so it is very versatile.

Many costumes look cheap and nasty and are a bit tacky, but this Spongebob costume is not like that at all. This Spongebob costume is tough, durable and well made. What's more, it looks really cool too.

This Spongebob costume is available for girls of all ages, therefore all female Spongebob fans can enjoy this product.

Spongebob sleeve

Notebooks, E readers and tablets and similar devices are popular products and many girls own them. In order to keep these expensive devices clean, scratch free and looking like new a case is the best product you can buy.

This 10.2 inch sleeve is a universal sleeve, embossed with Spongebob's face that is perfect for all the above named devices. This sleeve is tough, durable and well made so it will definitely keep all devices safe and sound.

The Spngebob Squarepants Intro song

If you have never heard the Spongebob Square Pants intro song - which rock have you been hiding under for the last few years? This intro song is one of the best cartoon intro songs ever made. Don't believe me? Check out the video footage below.

If you have any comments, rants or raves pelase feel free to note them in my guestbook. Similarly, if you know of any other top Spongebob gifts for girls please feel free to share them here.

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