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Updated on August 7, 2010


So some genius inventor and toy designer decided to take the only thing more addictive to kids than a claw machine with stuffed animals and turn it into a toy. They took the gumball machine with the little balls that have prizes and made it so you can take it home and also named it something fun to say Squinkies.

Squinkies are little collectible dolls and toys that come in little plastic balls and live inside gumball machine shaped houses. Squinkies come in a million different styles from the puppy squinkies to the turtle squinkies. You can order the baby, the pig, the schnauzer, the cheerleader squinkies, the monkey the pony and hundreds more squinkies. They are not only cute and fun to look at, but girls everywhere are going crazy over collecting them.

They are using Squinkies to decorate their lockers and their lap top computers. To attach to their backpacks and keychains as well as carrying around like a status symbol or who they represent in their groups of friends. Years ago girls used toys like rainbow brite or the smurfs or snorks but now there are these cute little collectible toys called squinkies that they can use to not only identify their personality, but because there are so many squinkies as seen on tv to choose from, no one has to have the same one in the same group and everyone can feel like they fit in. The squinkies houses are also kind of cool.

Squinkies houses are gumball shaped doll houses that fold out or open up to become squinkies mansions. Each one has something that looks like the knob you would turn after putting in your quarter to get a gumball and each one is a fun shape with fun colors. The two that I like the most are the traditional gumball shaped Squinkies doll house and the teapot squinkies doll house. Both are cool and great for girls who collect or play with squinkies.

Squinkies are a seriously cute and fun toy for girls to collect and play with and one that will probably be a huge trend and fad for back to school now that everyone is getting ready for it. Get ready to buy squinkies for your girls this back to school season and when you see your first set of squinkies or how cute they really are you'll understand why every girl wants to have you buy squinkies for their back to school supplies. Your girls will love how cute squinkies are and you'll love how little they cost.

Squinkies are not only inexpensive, unlike other trends, but they also come with affordable accessories like the squinkies palace or the squinkies carrying case that is absolutely addorable. I personally love squinkies and think that they are the perfect new trendy product and toy for back to school for girls.  The only thing to really worry about is if you have small kids around since squinkies are small.  Please make sure that your girls only play with squinkies under close adult supervision and that they are old enough to play with toys that have small parts and small toys. 


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    • profile image

      LILY 6 years ago


    • profile image

      lololala 6 years ago

      squinkies rock

    • profile image

      boogie 6 years ago

      Do they make smurf squinkies

    • profile image

      nev11 7 years ago

      I get them in guelph

      @ places like walmart.....

    • profile image

      mahri  7 years ago

      I got mine at Wal-Mart Canada, in Milton and Mississauga..

      Great stocking stuffers too..


    • profile image

      brittney 7 years ago

      i love squinkies i have 109

    • profile image

      Christelle 7 years ago

      I wish squinkies would come to canada! I really want them!

    • profile image

      lizard456 7 years ago

      Toys R us in pickering had tons.

      i just bought them today.

      I got every set 1-6

      saving them for christmas

    • profile image

      jennifer  7 years ago


    • profile image

      Victoria Bustinski 7 years ago

      Where cAn we buy squinkies in Canada, Whitby Ontario????

      \seems like no one carries therse toys here.

      please let me know asap.

      Thank you