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Squishy Stress Balls

Updated on September 12, 2014

Behold, the Wonderful Squishy Stress Balls!

I love squishy things, don't you? It's fun to squeeze squishy stress balls and watch them bulge into weird shapes. The more rubbery and gooey and colorful they are, the better!

A squishy toy is a safe target for all your anger and aggression; it won't complain if you sink your claws into it. (I wouldn't chew on it, though--it's probably not safe, and I'm sure it tastes terrible.)

So, are you looking for some cool squishy stress balls? Then you've come to the right place!

Why I Love Squishy Stress Balls

  • It just feels good to squish them.
  • They usually come in bright, happy colors.
  • The translucent light-up ones look so cool.
  • You can use them to exercise your hands.
  • They appeal to my inner child.

Isoflex Stress Ball - The Squishy Stress Ball for Grownups

I used to have one of these. It doesn't have quite the same "squishy" factor of most other squish toys... it's full of microbeads that feel a little like sand. It has a fascinating texture you can feel and hear when you squeeze it. The little tail at the end makes it look like a balloon.

An Isoflex stress ball isn't exactly a toy, but it's great fun.

Play Visions Bead Stress Ball
Play Visions Bead Stress Ball

It's double-lined with latex, so it's extra strong and resists breaking.


Squishy Animals - Splat Goes the Pig!

I found this video on YouTube that shows a unique kind of squish ball. You can squeeze it, of course, but it's more fun to throw it as hard as you can and watch it go splat. Kind of gross, but mesmerizing at the same time. Hours and hours of fun!

The Stress Ball Poll

What do you look for in a squishy stress ball?

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Rubber Mouse
Rubber Mouse

A Word of Warning to Pet Owners

I had a squishy rubber mouse when I was a kid. I loved it.

My cat loved it too. She loved it so much, she ate it.

Then she barfed it up on a Neiman Marcus bag. It was disgusting.

Don't worry, she lived for many years after the incident. My point is, if you have pets, be careful about where you leave your squishy stress balls and rubber toys. At best, your toy will be ruined; at worst, your pet could get sick. Please don't let your beloved cat or dog play with them!

Chinese Health Balls
Chinese Health Balls

Stress Balls vs. Chinese Health Balls

Chinese health balls are a little like stress balls... except they don't squish at all. They make a pleasant chiming noise when you rotate them in your hands. They're not just designed to help you relax: They also help you improve your hand coordination. Supposedly they also hit certain pressure points that stimulate the flow of your Qi, although I haven't looked into it.

As beneficial as Chinese health balls may be, I've always found them a little... boring, I guess. I always preferred stress balls. There's something therapeutic about squeezing something soft and malleable in your hand. Squishy stress balls usually come in bright, happy colors and novel, even comical designs.

Stress balls all the way for me!

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    • Charlino99 profile image

      Tonie Cook 6 years ago from USA

      Today I could have used about 40 of these things. Great lens, and great assortment of products.