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Fun St Patricks Day Party Games

Updated on May 28, 2013

Bring Some Irish Fun To Your St. Paddy's Day With These Games

If you are gearing up for a big St. Patrick's Day shindig this year, you do not need the luck of the Irish to make it a night to remember. While you are working on remembering all the standard party essentials, make sure you do not forget the St. Paddy's party games!

Pictured: Plush Leprechaun Hat w/Beard Festive Accessory

Sure, your festivities might be so rocking that you do not really need these things, but they are definitely good to have around. You can even use some of these St. Pat's party games if you want to throw a St. Patrick's Day event for kids, or at least one that does not center around drinking as much green beer as you can!

Take a look below at some of my suggestions for fun St. Patrick's Day get togethers. Just keep in mind that they are not all rated "all ages."

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If you are looking for a fun item that is suitable for all ages, then this Irish taken on Monopoly is a good choice.

The product is designed for ages 8 years old and up, which also means that it is the perfect way to keep kids occupied while the adults play other things or do other things. Up to 6 players can play the Ireland-Opoly Board Game at once.

It is also a fun game for Ireland enthusiasts as it can be played all year round!

If you are looking for a St. Patrick's Day fun choice that is just as fun for the adults as it is for the kids, then this is it.

The bean bag toss game, which is also known as a cornhole, can provide hours of fun for your holiday guests. Traditionally, you can play at two teams of two, but feel free to add as many people to your teams as you want. Or, buy more than one game so that there can be simultaneous games going on at once.

If your St. Paddy's party centers around the Irish tradition of consuming lots and lots of Guinness, then this just might be the perfect party game for you.

Whether your party guests are drinking wine, green beer or another adult beverage, this fun little dice game is certain to make it the best St. Paddy's party yet. It is actually the perfect game to take to your local bar or pub since the dice say things like: Hug someone wearing green, Dance a jig and Wish someone a happy St. Patrick's Day.

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In sticking with the Irish tradition of lots and lots of drinking, as this pack of St Patrick's Bar Bingo cards to your next St. Patricks Day party.

You do not need to actually have your own bar to add this fun little bingo game to your St. Patty's party. You may even want to consider these bingo cards for a teen St. Patrick's Day party since the most offensive thing on them is an image of a stein of beer.

If your friends and family are anything like my in-laws, then no get together is complete without a game of cards. Usually the kids are playing rummy, the teens are playing Texas Hold'em poker and the adults are playing euchre at gatherings.

No matter who is coming to your St. Patrick's Day party, these shamrock playing cards are sure to be a hit with some of the attendees. Just be sure to buy more than one deck so that you can have a few different card games going on at once.

Farkel is a classic dice throwing game and this leprechaun edition is perfect for your next St. Patrick's Day party. It is actually a great choice for a family St. Paddy's Day party where there will be all ages at the party. In fact, it is recommended for ages 5 and up, but do not let that discourage you if the party is for adults as it is still a fun game for all.

The game is easy to learn, if you have never played it before. You do need at least 2 players to play the game.

If you're looking for St. Patrick's Day party games for adults, then this is a good choice. This drinking game is actually a pin that the host or one of the party attendees must wear. Then each of the attendees at your St. Paddy's bash can take turns spinning the wheel when it is their turn.

This party game pin is even more fun to wear out to a bar or pub on St. Patrick's Day with your friends. This way, you can let some other bar patrons in on the fun!

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More Fun St. Patricks Day Party Supplies

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