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RC Stadium Truck | Stadium Truck

Updated on September 20, 2011

Vertex 1/10 4WD RTR Electric RC Stadium Truck

The Vertex is the epitome of the Sport RC truck experience. It's a Ready to Run 4WD 1/10 Electric Truck that is complete with radio system, forward and reversing electronic speed control, 550 brushed motor, 2000mah 7.2V battery, and a simple charger which is all included in this easy to drive and enjoyable RC hobby radio controlled truck! All that you need are 8 AA batteries (not included) and you're ready to go. Pull it out of the box, get the battery topped off, and get it out to the dirt, ready for 4WD RC truck action.

Top-Notch aluminum components and strong bracing are strategically used in the truck's advanced chassis design to ensure durability and enjoyment for use after use. Add to that the oil filled shocks, aluminum drive shaft, and a countersunk molded composite chassis allowing the truck to be driven hard onroad and offroad, even in the roughest terrain!

4WD Option parts are available to fine-tune and customize your Vertex. Adjustable to your liking, tunable to your tastes, and always exciting to drive, take a look inside the Vertex and be amazed by its features, quality, and performance.

HP Cars Vertex 1/10 4WD RTR Electric RC Stadium Truck


  • HP Cars Vertex 1/10 4WD RTR Electric RC Stadium Truck

  • Cirrus 2ch AM with steering/throttle trims, steering throttle end point adjustments, and steering dual rates

  • Cirrus CS603 6kg Standard servo for steering

  • 550 size brushed motor

  • Brushed Electronic Speed Control (100A 7.2v-7.4v input)

  • Detailed instruction manual

HP Cars Vertex 1/10 4WD RTR Electric RC Stadium Truck

Duratrax Evader EXT2 1/10th Scale Stadium Truck

The four new trim schemes and the split 6-spoke wheels? Strictly for show. But everything else about the Evader EXT2 is strictly for "Go-go-go!" A Photon Speed 2 motor delivers the speed, a proven Sprint ESC provides precise control and treaded all-terrain tires put power to the ground anywhere you go. They're all included...and like the metal-capped oil shocks and onboard gear for the

Tactic 2-channel radio, they're ready to take off-road by storm. Affordability, durability and performance. That's what every first-time driver wants and that's exactly what the DuraTrax Evader EXT2 RTR delivers - and then some! Tough MagnaFlexTM Chassis Off-roading is a breeze for the injection-molded MagnaFlex chassis. It's ultra-tough to absorb impacts and everyday wear and tear. Complete Ball Bearings A complete set of ball bearings provides smooth, reliable operation and extended life.

Precision Metal Idler Gear A metal idler gear helps make the EXT2's durable, long-lasting tranny off-road ready. The performance enhancements begin with the included Photon Speed 2TM motor, which delivers quick acceleration and awesome top-end speed. The SprintTM Electronic Speed Control offers forward, brake and reverse, while the battery hold-down accommodates 6-7 cell NiCds/NiMHs and 2-cell LiPos. Please note that a low-voltage cutoff (LVC) is required to use LiPos.

Killer looks! Want to trick out your Evader EXT2? Plenty of hop-ups are available for unlimited upgrading possibilities. The Evader EXT2 RTR is rough, tough and ready for off-road action. Everything a first-time driver could ever want is included, so they're guaranteed to get hooked on the first drive! DTXD32** Specifications Length: 16.1 in (409 mm) Width: 12.9 in (327 mm) Height: 6.6 in (168 mm) Ground Clearance: 1.4 in (36 mm) Required Battery: DYN1070 Required Charger: DYN4056 Required: 8 x AA Batteries

Associated RC18T2 2.4 1/18 4WD RTR Electric Stadium Truck

The RC18T2 comes loaded with awesome features including the XP3-SS 3-channel 2.4GHz radio system, a newly designed chassis with a fully enclosed, 2-belt drive train system with adjustable slipper clutch that is capable of handling the extreme amount of power that today s brushless motors and LiPo batteries can dish out. Along with durability, the drive train is sealed to help keep rocks and dirt away from all the gears and pulleys.

Click image to visit site.

Drive out loud with the Circuit™, a true ready-to-run vehicle that comes with absolutely everything included in one box. You read that right, everything’s included—right down to the AAs. You’ll love the powerful Dynamite® 20-turn motor and beginner-friendly snap-lock battery system.

Without a doubt, this rugged stadium truck is easy to use, but it’s also hard to abuse. It’s built from a strong, durable nylon composite material. You can customize the body with the included decal sheet. And thanks to the standard components and mounts, you can hop the Circuit up with additional bodies, tires, and parts and accessories.

The Losi Mini-T RTR is a full-featured, 1/18-scale off-road truck that you can race just about anywhere. Its chassis is inspired by the championship-winning XXX-T and boasts "big truck" features like an extended travel, long-arm suspension, digital proportional radio system with adjustable rate steering, as well as an electronic speed control with reverse. Best of all, the Mini-T is completely ready to run and includes a painted body with stickers already applied. Just drop four AA alkaline batteries into the truck and eight into the transmitter, and you're off.

Losi is out to take RC to every level with the Micro-T. The Micro-T is the smallest RTR that Losi has ever offered, coming in at just under 5 inches long. But just because it’s small doesn’t mean it skimps on performance. Packed with an NiMH battery pack, independent suspension, differential equipped transmission, automatic peak charger and 27MHz AM Losi radio system, the Micro-T has the speed and handling to tackle everything from the tabletop to the tile. Take it with you anywhere you go and satisfy your need for speed with the Micro-T

Traxxas pumps performance, innovation and top value into this highly anticipated Ready-To-Race package. For electric thrills, the new Rustler RTR is ready for rugged action and fun few trucks can match—particularly in the speed department. With its powerful new Titan 12-turn 550 motor, XL-5 ESC and Torque-Control slipper clutch, the Rustler can do more than 35 mph, leaving its competition spinning its wheels in the pit.

RC Stadium Truck Racing

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