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Star Trek Secure the Helios Device

Updated on May 6, 2013

Star Trek the Video Game Secure the Helios Device on New Vulacan

In Star Trek the Video Game, the heroes Spock and Kirk land on New Vulcan with the aim of trying to find Surok. After finding Surok, they must try to secure the Helios Device. This part of Star Trek the video game will see Spock and Kirk discover the Gorn-infected and then defeating a Gorn for the first time. This will guide Kirk and Spock as they try to secure the Helios Device.

Star Trek Meet the Gorn Infected and Surok

After Spock, Kirk and T’Mar crash land on the Enterprise, they make a decision to go down to New Vulcan. On arrival at the research center and Helios facility on New Vulcan, Kirk and Spock must hack a door control panel together to get through the door. They enter and find the place in a mess. T’Mar stays behind to operate the communications system and guide Spock and Kirk.

Spock and Kirk will cross the bridge and enter another part of the facility. Here, they will encounter the first Gorn-infected Vulcan. Set phasers to stun and then press E (on PC) to take him down. Take the turbolift down to the next level.

Continue and meet another Gorn infected. Stun him and then allow Spock to make a mind meld on him, so that Spock may learn the passcode for the door. Open it and continue onwards, meeting more Gorn infected. Stun and defeat the Gorn infected. Eventually reach Surok in the control room. Learn that they must travel further to secure the Helios Device.

Star Trek Defeat the First Gorn on New Vulcan

Star Trek Defeat the First Gorn on New Vulcan
Star Trek Defeat the First Gorn on New Vulcan

Star Trek Defeat the First Gorn

Spock and Kirk will continue onwards. They will learn several things, including how to use the power cell to insert into the door to open it. Then they must uphold their Star Trek ethics by putting their phaser on stun and taking down the enemies in a non-lethal way. This will earn them commendations.

Defeat the ranks of Gorn-infected in a stealthy manner and then proceed to the next room and fight off the Gorn-infected. Pick up and keep the Vulcan Pulse Rifle. Repel the Gorn-infected with the phaser and then take the turbolift to the final level. Reach a room where Spock and Kirk can recharge the weapons using a recharge pedestal.

Kirk and Spock cannot proceed further through the crack in the door. Instead, look for a panel on the floor (use the tricoder to detect the panel on the floor, if you cannot see it). Open it and proceed through the corridor and then up a panel on the roof. Kirk and Spock will meet their first real life Gorn. It’s time to put it down.

The Gorn will have the following tactics. It will pick up the power cell. Use that Vulcan Pulse Rifle you kept from earlier and use it repeatedly on the Gorn, targeting the power cell. When the second power cell explodes, the Gorn will charge towards Kirk or Spock. Roll out of the way and then when the Gorn goes for Spock or Kirk, the other one will shoot at the creature. Force it to pick up the power cell again. Shoot at it when it is picking up the power cell. That is when maximal damage is inflicted on the Gorn. Keep repeating this sequence until the Gorn is defeated.

Defeat the Gorn and then proceed to secure the Helios device. However, it is too late. The Gorn chieftain is one step ahead of them.

It’s time to chase after some Gorns.


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