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Star Trek the Video Game Take Down the Gorns to Recover the Helios Device

Updated on May 5, 2013

Star Trek the Video Game Take Down the Gorns to Recover Helios Device

In Star Trek the Video Game, the heroes Kirk and Spock chase after the chieftain Gorn, who has obtained the Helios Device. There is a chase through the remainder of the Helios facility. This is primarily a mission where Kirk and Spock must take down as many as Gorns and their ships as possible in order to recover the Helios Device. In the end, Kirk and Spock must escape being overwhelmed by the Gorn forces on New Vulcan. They are teleported back to the Enterprise and then must use the Enterprise to defeat the Gorn ships.

Star Trek the Video Game Take Down the Gorns

Kirk and Spock will first arrive at the Helios chamber. They want to chase after the chieftain Gorn, but he is long gone. They will have to put down the hordes of Gorns to continue. Stay behind cover and use the Vulcan Pulse Rifle to destroy the Gorns. Once some of the Gorns are down, run forward and grab the Ravager – the Gorn rifle weapon. Use the Gorn Ravager to annihilate and take down the remaining Gorns. Then proceed to the turbo lift.

Once out of the turbo lift, Kirk and Spock will be able to pick up some stun grenades. Go to the next area and learn that they cannot communicate with the Enterprise as the Helios device is interfering with communications.

At this point, Kirk and Spock can either go through into the Gorn ambush and take down more Gorns, or find an alternative path around the Gorn ambush. The latter will earn them commendations.

Star Trek the Video Game Get Past the Electrified Water

Choose your path and then reach an area where there is electrified water. Climb the pillars to avoid the water. Use the tricoder to activate more pillars so that they rise above the water. Jump and climb past the pillars. Activate the control console on the other side to deelectrify the water and allow your companion to wade past the water to the other side.

Enter the next corridor and then climb onto some crates. Get a hand lift onto the roof and climb down into the next chamber to find a power cell. Open the door and put the power cell into the socket to advance.

After this, Kirk and Spock will reach the surface, where Gorn reinforcements have arrived. Take down all the Gorns and one of the Gorn ships will crash into the other, taking everyone down to the next level. Kirk is injured. If you are Spock, go ahead to help Kirk. Then assist Kirk to the nearest medical facility. Control the firing of Kirk’s weapons whilst holding him. Get Kirk to the medical bed in the medical facility and then use the advanced medical facility to heal Kirk’s leg.

Star Trek Survive the Gorn Reinforcements

Star Trek call in an orbital strike using photo torpedoes from the Enterprise. Kirk and Spock will survive the Gorn reinforcements.
Star Trek call in an orbital strike using photo torpedoes from the Enterprise. Kirk and Spock will survive the Gorn reinforcements.

Star Trek Escape the Science Center and New Vulcan

With Kirk’s leg healed, proceed back to the Great Hall in an attempt to escape New Vulcan. Defeat more gorns in the Great Hall and then get outside. Once outside, T’Mar will join them. As they are trying to get out of the compound, Gorns will swarm in and attack them. They must survive the Gorn reinforcements. Kirk will contact the Enterprise. Scotty cannot transport them at first. To get a delay until the interference clears up, use the tricoder and allow the Enterprise to aim photon torpedoes onto the Gorn. Then survive more Gorn reinforcements and be teleported to the Enterprise.

On board the Enterprise, Kirk takes the captain’s seat and prepares to launch an offensive on the Gorn ships. Simply aim the hair marker on the Gorn ship and keep firing until the first wave of Gorn ships is destroyed. Then (on PC) use space to mark out weak points on the next Gorn ship and let loose photon torpedoes. The captain must be fast with the fingers to prevent enemy counter fire from weakening the Enterprise to the point where the shields cannot be restored. At a later stage, the captain must activate the shields with one control and target the Gorn ships with the other. This is representative of 23rd century Federation ships where power between shields, photon torpedoes, life support and weapons must be balanced and diverted to shields or weapons as needed.

Decisive action, evasive maneuvers and fast accurate targeting aims will take care of the minion Gorn ships.

Once the minion Gorn ships are destroyed, Kirk has a choice to make – land on friendly grounds and get reinforcements or chase after the main Gorn ship to recover the Helios device. Kirk decides on the former. To save his crew from the unknown, Kirk decides to forgo the recovery of the Helios device........ for now.

Get ready for some "friendly" Federation politics at the Federation space station.


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