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Start Playing like a Pro on USA Golf Courses

Updated on January 24, 2015

Start Playing Golf


Start Playing like a Pro on USA Golf Courses

On USA golf courses, you can find different types of people playing golf throughout the day. Some of them are just doing it for fun and pleasure. Others are just there because they love this sport. Among the people that you can see there playing golf, the professional golfers will always be the ones that can get the attention of many people. At first, playing golf may only be your hobby. As you keep on improving yourself, you will find yourself aiming to become a pro. In fact, everybody can be like them.

Beginners Syndrome

If you have just begun to play golf, you may become overwhelmed by the infinite number of terms being spoken in this sport. It may sound as though you are studying another foreign language which is spoken by many people around you. On one hand, it is true that you have to learn such lingo. On the other hand, it is just normal that you can’t learn everything overnight.

In order to learn golf, the best way is to start experiencing it. As the saying goes, “experience is the best teacher”. Even if you read tons of books that contain the glossary of terms in the world of golf, it is likely that you will soon forget them. The most important thing you should do is to find a golf course. By being there, you will discover everything that you may have not known yet. In addition, you can also look for somebody that may provide tutorial service to show you how it is to play golf.

To simplify everything, here are some simple tips that you should remember when you decide to learn golf:

  • Find a golf course
  • Enroll in golf tutorial courses
  • Take down notes
  • Start your research on how to play golf
  • Use your notes as reference to your research
  • Invest in some few important equipment such as basic golf clubs
  • Practice as often as you can
  • Play with some veteran golfers

These steps may sound like common sense, but they have mostly been forgotten by many people. Even the pros still have so much to learn, so these simple steps will reduce the complexity of the learning process. It is no secret that theory and practice are indispensable with each other. The reason why beginners get intimidated with the complexity of playing golf is because these simple steps are often overlooked.

Golf is not only about its rules and its system. It is also about real action and physical movement. It entails the actual use of different golf clubs in different areas in a golf course. Apparently, beginners syndrome only happens when the knowledge base is not based on actual practice. Indeed, it takes theory and practice to learn golf.

When learning golf, it is recommended you explore as many different golf courses as possible to learn and apply many different strategies in almost all types of terrain. You may begin to search on the internet and browse a golf course finder. In this way, you will not get confined with limited approaches in learning the game. You don’t have to visit all golf courses, but it is much better to have enough exposure with the top golf courses in America.

For beginners, here is a short list of what golf is all about:

  • It is about you
  • It is about the equipment you use
  • It is about who you play with
  • It is about how you learn it
  • It is about how you play it
  • It is also about where you play it

When you search for golf courses using golf course finder, you should take note of the above considerations. Of course, it is also important to learn the rules, the system, and the mechanics of playing golf, but never forget all the simple and common steps in learning it before you jump into mastering its knowledge base. Nevertheless, learning the basics of golf is still the most important step of all.

Learning the Basics of Golf

Learning the basics of golf is not really difficult. It only takes time before you really get to the level where you can see yourself playing in a full golf course. In the beginning, you will have to spend time practicing in a driving range before stepping into a full golf course. Top golf courses in America have better driving range areas where beginners and even veteran golfers can practice to develop different sets of skills needed to play golf professionally.

As you improve, you may begin with a shorter course such as an executive golf course where the distance between the tee area and the hole is only around 250 yards. This will enable you to apply what you have developed in a driving range, and experience the game with less difficulty. You can find public golf courses where you can enjoy playing in this way. In the long run, you may try joining an exclusive membership to play in a much more difficult golf course.

While developing your skills in short golf courses, you can increase your knowledge in reading some primers and written instructions on how to play golf. A golf course guide will help you understand some more advance techniques that you can also develop through practice. By reading more instructional materials, it becomes easier to practice and develop your skills. And through practice, it makes it easier for you to understand the techniques behind the game

Meanwhile, you still have some options to learn privately with any veteran player. Some veteran players offer golf lesson programs. However, it may cost you around $100 on hourly session to learn from them. If you wish to save money, you can join some golf clinics being offered in some golf courses. Usually, golf clinics is conducted by one or two golf instructors, and are attended by golf beginners. This option will only cost you around $20 per hour, and most sessions are done weekly depending on the schedule of each golf course.

There are lots of ways to learn how to play like a pro. One of the most effective ways is to keep on asking people who already know how to play the game. This is the most economical way of learning from others. All you have to do is to socialize and get in touch with the people who are already playing golf for quite some time. With this, you can discover different styles and strategies that you may apply in the course of improving your skills. Watching how others play will give you a lot of insights on how you should also play similarly. Afterward, you can develop your own strategies out of watching them. This is why some sport fanatics who idolize a superstar may likely become superstars, too. Who knows? You could be the next Tiger Woods. What the eyes can see, the body can achieve.

On the other hand, whatever you learn from asking people and watching others play must still be put into practice. The more you spend time practicing, the more you become what you want to be. In some golf courses, it may be disappointing when many people are playing. Although you can watch others play, you can hardly find time to play and practice for yourself. However, you can ask the golf course operators about the usual time when less people are playing so that you can take advantage of such time to freely practice without having any feeling that another player is waiting for you to finish.

Golf Etiquette

In playing golf, there are many things that you must observe all the time. Though they are no longer parts of the rules, they are very important in keeping the order of the game. These sets of behaviors to be observed belong to what is known as golf etiquette. Golf etiquette is not different from any other type of etiquette we have known to exist. All types of etiquette are based on the principle of respecting others in order to be respected, too. In golf, players should observe some behaviors that are important in keeping the integrity of the game. Nevertheless, golf etiquette must be included in every golf course guide.

During the game, players should not make any noise especially when any of them is about make a shot, so as not to create distraction. Unquestionably, it is not right to distract the game of your opponent. Even golf carts should not be running at the wrong time, and should be at the right place while someone is concentrating on the shot he is about to make. What would you feel if someone is destroying your momentum by distracting you with unnecessary noise? You should observe the same thing for your opponent.

When you are too slow in your game, it is just proper to give way to the next player to pass. There is no problem if you play a little bit faster without any significant delay, but causing other players to wait because of your own problem is unfair for them. It is not different when you are in their situation. If you have already hit the ball and you think the ball gets lost, you will not have to look for it even for 5 minutes. Let the next player takes his turn. In other words, you should not cause any delay.

Walking on the path between your opponent’s ball and the hole is not proper. It may damage the path, and may cause the ball not to get into the hole. This behavior can be considered a form of cheating. When someone takes his turn to shoot, everybody must stand still, and stay away from the player. Even standing behind a player that is about to hit the ball must be avoided. Whatever action on your part that may cause your opponent to make mistake should be avoided.

When hitting the ball, especially if you are in the bunker, make sure that your club will not hit the ground, the sand or the water especially when you are still preparing to hit the ball. It is alright for the club to touch the ground, to thrash the sand or the water in the act of hitting the ball. This is not a rule, but it must be avoided to prevent others from thinking that you are doing something to cheat. Of course, everybody will surely react when your club touches the ground before you hit the ball. On the contrary, it is not your fault if your club accidentally touches it.

Golf etiquette is not just invented to avoid cheating. It has also been observed to ensure safety. Everybody should stay away when a player is making a shot to make sure that nobody will ever get hit. But the most significant reason why golf etiquette is important is to promote respect to one another. Having this measure of respecting others, golf has become the symbol of building good relationships with other people. Aside from that, it promotes integrity. Therefore, this is not just a solitary game. Golf is also a game that is social in nature.

Golf Course Components

Before you click on a golf course locator to look for the best golf courses in USA, you must first be familiar with the component parts of every golf course. These are the specific areas which have specific functions in the game. They do not exist by chance. In fact, they are designed to determine the rules of playing golf. A golf course will never be a golf course without them. Otherwise, it will not be called a golf course but a simple piece of land. In other words, learning golf is learning how these components work.

Here are the component parts of a golf course:

  • Teeing Area
  • Fairway
  • Rough
  • Hazard
  • Putting Green
  • Par
  • Bunker
  • Pin
  • Hole
  • Driving range

Teeing area is where the game begins. This surface is a bit higher than the fairways, but is similar with putting green in terms of grass surface. It is where a player begins to hit the ball towards the direction of the hole. In this area, a player can put the ball on the ground or on a tee which is around four inches in height.

Fairway is the largest green surface that surrounds and connects other components such as the teeing area and the putting green. It is the area in a golf course where the ball usually falls from the tee area towards putting green. Normally, it is on the fairway surface that a ball can be easily hit.

Rough is the area that surrounds fairway. It is called rough because of its rough surface typically with grass higher than that of fairway. In this area, it is very difficult to hit a ball. This area is located between fairway and out of bounds, and encircles the outside portion of the golf course.

On the other hand, hazard is a place inside a golf course that contains water or sand. This is the most difficult area to hit a ball. It is where all golfers are afraid to hit the ball to. Once the ball goes to hazard, it may seem to be the end of the game for the player. This is the area where a club is prohibited to touch the ground, the sand or the water. The type of hazard that contains sand is called bunker, and its surface is usually lower than the surface of fairway.

Putting green is a smooth surface that surrounds the hole. In this area, a particular club is being used such as putter. In putting green surface, the grass is trimmed smoothly, making it the easiest place to hit the ball to the hole since it is very close to it.

Par is a type of golf course that can be identified according to the distance between the teeing area and the hole. Par 3 is the most common type that most golf courses have. It ranges from par 3 to par 6. Normally, par 3 is the shortest golf course among them with around 250 yards in length between the tee area and the hole.

The hole, or a cup, is the end point of every golf stage. It is surrounded by putting green. It is actually the main goal of the game. Meanwhile, pin is simply the flag stick standing in the middle of the hole.

Driving range is a separate area different from a golf course. This area is designed to be used as a training ground for beginners. It is simply composed of tee area, fairway, and the hole. As compared to a regular golf course, driving range is much shorter and limited, and only a few types of clubs are used.

Choosing the right golf course to play

When you are already familiar with the component parts of every golf course, you will now some have better ideas on how it is to play in a particular golf course. It is true that visiting as many golf courses as you can will give you more exposure and solid experience as a golf player. However, in reality, it may not be practical for you to do so. Golf course hopping is like traveling from one high-end beach resort to another. Consequently, it is still best to start with a single golf course that can really help you grow to become a pro.

Finding the right golf course among the many USA golf courses is a challenge. However, the internet may help us search the right one according to our needs and preferences. With the help of a golf course locator, we are just a click away from finding the best golf courses in USA.

In choosing the right golf course to play, there are two types of golf courses that you should take into consideration - public courses and private courses. Public courses are owned by the government, and are open for public without any significant cost. On the other hand, private courses are owned by private individuals or companies, and are available only to a limited number of people. Since they are private, the cost of joining them is quite significant. Nevertheless, private courses offer better amenities and facilities than what public courses do.

There are many things to consider when choosing the right golf course to play. If you wish to save money, public courses will do better. But if you wish to enjoy a lot of useful features, you should invest in joining a private golf club. Alongside, you may choose a golf course whether it is private or public as long as it provides what you need. If you only need to look for a tutorial program, it won’t matter what type of golf course it will be. What is important is that it serves your purpose.

Almost all golf courses have their own driving range areas where you can practice to improve your skills. The only thing you need to know is the best time to be there. In a crowded golf course, it is impossible to freely practice alone. People who are next to you will give you so much pressure to finish your game quickly. Therefore, practicing at the right time is crucial. The right golf course to choose must also have the best time to offer you. Aside from that, it should also have the available tutorial services that you need.

Of course, private golf courses can offer the best time and the best tutorial lesson. They can even offer the best experience to play golf. If you have no problem investing so much money, the best private golf course will always be the right one.

Playing golf is fun and fulfilling. For some people it is boring. Still, more and more people begin to play golf. This is why more and more golf courses are being built as time goes by. USA golf courses are filled with new faces everyday. As a result, competition among golf courses changes the way people choose the right one for them.

In a nutshell, finding a golf course should always be the first important step to learn golf, and choosing the right one among the many is the key to start playing like a pro. Learning golf does not have to be complicated, nor difficult to do. It must be simple and feasible.


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