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Steiff Bears & Schulte Celebrate A New Partnership With Reinhard Limited Edition Teddy Bear

Updated on October 6, 2010

Steiff Bears Reinhard Schulte Bear

Steiff Bears have used beautiful materials produced at the Schulte fabric mill in Duisberg, Germany for over 100 years. Founded in 1901 by Reinhard Schulte the factory produced woven plush fabrics and were soon asked, by Richard Steiff to manufacture materials that could be used to make their new product - teddy bears!

Since those early days Schulte have become the world's biggest and best-known manufacturer and supplier of woven fur fabrics, maufacturing mohair, alpaca, wool and synthetic plush furs. The variations in the fabrics are endless - wavy, curly, sparse, ratinee, matted, distressed and an endless colour pallet. Every stage of the manufacture process is carried out at the factory in Duisberg to ensure only the very highest quality fabrics bear the Schulte name.

The most famous teddy bear brands in the world use mohair and plush fabrics from schulte - Steiff bears, Dean's Bears, Hermann Teddy, Kosen and Merrythought are but a few that use the fine materials produced by schulte. In addition Schulte supplies mohair fabric to the fashion industry including designers Prada, Vivienne Westwood and Marc Jacobs.
Steiff Bears cemented the 100 year old partnership in 2009 when they purchased the Schulte company and joined forces to become Steiff Schulte. The factory continues to occupy it's original site in Duisberg and supply it's fabrics to companies all over the world. There is now even more scope for exclusive material to be produced for making the world's best, Steiff Teddy Bears.

Steiff Bears Reinhard teddy bear is the first limited edition teddy bear to exhibit the special partnership between Schulte and Steiff. He is made from 11 different kinds of Schulte mohair and alpaca, stitched together in a patchwork of colour and texture. A small sample of the thousands of fabrics that Schulte produce come together to make a very special Steiff Bear with a classic design and modern twist. Reinhard is fittingly named after the founder of the Schulte factory and is limited in edition to just 1901 pieces. He is a very special bear celebrating over 100 years of teddy bears.


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