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 Step2 Naturally Playful Playhouse Climber & Swing Extension

Updated on May 13, 2012

My 2 year old loves to swing. Every morning he wakes up and as soon as he is done his breakfast, he is pulling on my leg and asking me to open the door so he can go out in the backyard. He climbs up into his swing and then sits there until someone
comes out and pushes him(which is usually not too long before his big brother comes out to play).

But lately I have been noticing that the swing set is really on its last legs. It is one of those older style metal models that has seen one too many thunderstorms and creaks back and forth loudly swaying to and fro with each push of the swing. When the two boys try to swing together now, it shakes so badly that they are soon swinging crookedly and banging into each other.

We also have separate slides in the backyard that have gotten too small for the boys so I have been thinking that maybe it is time for an upgrade to a complete climber and swing set. After spending a few days browsing through catalogs, flyers and online at Amazon, I finally saw the perfect play set for the kids. It is made out of plastic which will survive the weather better as each year goes by. It has a 5 1/2 foot slide, a little playhouse area where they can play house and have picnics. They can swing and since it is made from such sturdy materials there will be no creaking and bending when they swing high into the sky.

It also comes with free shipping so that is another big concern people have with ordering from Amazon, you can often be stuck paying an extra hundred dollars or more in shipping alone.

While there is adult assembly required, everything is meant to lock together and requires very little hardware. It measures 11.5" in length, 110" in width and 75" in height. This unit can hold up to 200 pounds so Mom or Dad can easily climb up with their little ones and enjoy a slide as well.

This is a great outdoor play set that is suitable for multiple children and will provide endless hours of fun for many years so is worth the investment. Step2 is a reputable manufacturer who is known for producing quality products that are enjoyed
by families all around the world.


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