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stick a doodle

Updated on February 5, 2011

Stick a Doodle As Seen On TV

I just saw the commercial for Stick a Doodle as seen on tv.  If you cannot tell I love educational toys that make kids also have to use their imagination and creativity.  I also love products that can be used over and over again.  Stick a Doodle as seen on tv drawing toys are exactly what I look for when I am shopping for a gift for my niece.  Stick a Doodle as seen on tv drawing toys are perfect since they can be used multiple times, are educational and make kids use their imaginations. 

Stick a Doodle As Seen On TV is sort of a Green Product.  What I like about it is that it comes with reuseable sheets and washable markers.  Unlike drawing books and paper, you can reuse the Stick a Doodle sheets and draw over and over on the same one.  Because they come with washable markers, you can clean off the Stick a Doodle sheets and then use them again.  The other thing that I love is that you can restick the sheets up to 5 times on clean smooth surfaces. 

This means that as you are driving in the car and your kids are drawing, you can pull over to a restaurant and they can take the drawing in with them.  Then when they unstick it from the table they can put it on the window of your car and finish drawing.  Once you get to where you are going, a vacation house, back home, etc... they can take their drawing off of the car window and put it in their room.  If they are undecided where it should go, they have up to a couple more times where it will stick to a smooth clean surface again.  I love that the Stick a Doodle isn't only resueable, but because it can stick to clean, smooth surfaces up to 5 times, it becomes a toy that can travel. 

Each stick a doodle has a colorful border that is fun.  One thing you can do is theme each border and give your kids a theme or idea of what to fill in the inside to match the border.  Give them a theme and then when they finish, ask them what they think the border could be a border of.  Then all of the sudden you have them thinking about what the border is of.  You could say the border looks like candy on a sunday and to draw an ice cream sunday.  Then you could have them draw a candy store.  You could also say it looks like tropical birds and to draw the entire bird and where they live.  Because drawing makes kids use their imagination, you could have them keep drawing and kill hours of time each day. 

Stick a Doodle is an awesome as seen on tv drawing toy and something that kids could end up loving.  Because each sheet is reuseable, it is less wasteful than paper and because they can stick up to 5 times, you can let your kids bring their drawings with them no matter where they go.  This is great for overnight trips and vacations so that your kids can have something from home to help them feel less homesick.  There are a ton of ways for your kids to be able to draw, use and play with Stick a Doodle which is why I really like the idea behind this toy.  If you have bought stick a doodle for your kids, feel free to share how much you like or don't like it below.  Please also feel free to share the pictures your kids have drawn and where they put their stick a doodle as seen on tv drawings. 


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    • profile image

      Dawn 6 years ago

      My son just had to have this! So we got them.. took about 2 weeks in the mail.. and they dont stick.. it's the static electricity that makes them "stick" . The tops are so hard to put on- everything my 6 year old (and his friends that were here) opened one they had to bring the marker to me.. so I could put the top back on! And it hurt my hand everytime!

      Don't waste your money!!

    • profile image

      janessa 6 years ago

      it is sooooo cool! I wish I had one