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Fun Stomp Rockets For Kids

Updated on November 5, 2014

Kids Love Stomp Rockets

Kids love to play with rockets and things that fly in the sky. But often rocket toys can be dangerous. This is why Moms are very happy to give their child a Stomp rocket.

Stomp Rockets are fun for kids of all ages and they are safe to play with. The way the the Stomp Rockets work is the child stomps on the pad causing air to shoot through the tube which sends the rocket into the air. I love Stomp rockets for kids because they are so much fun, yet really simple. You don't need batteries and they are very easy to assemble. Kids are entertained for hours. The Stomp Rocket company has a huge selection of rocket toys for kids.

All Kids want a Toy Stomp Rocket

These stomp rockets are a hit with kids. Children love playing with a toy stomp rocket and will literally play for hours. The harder you stomp on the pad the higher up in the air they go.

They are the perfect toy for out door fun. Some Moms even let their kids play with them indoors. As the rockets are really soft and can't hurt any furniture.

Most Popular Toy Stomp Rocket

The most popular toy stomp rocket is the stomp rocket ultra. This particular one comes with 4 rockets that light up and there is an extra set of LED rockets included in the package.

These stomp rockets will fly up to 100 feet. They can even go higher depending on how hard you stopm.

Stomp Rockets Love them or hate them?

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Watch the stomp rocket launcher in Action!

6 Kids and a Stomp Rocket - What Fun!

Stomp Rocket Junior

The Stomp Rocket Junior comes with 4 stomp rockets that glow. This particular set includes 3 extra rockets.

These rockets will shoot up 50 feet or higher. Even younger kids can enjoy it. I recommend playing in an open area so the rockets don't get stuck in trees or on the roof of your house.

Stomp Rockets are Just Fun!

Doesn't a Stomp Rocket look like Fun?

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    • profile image

      jimmyworldstar 6 years ago

      Stomp rockets are fun when you're young. They remind me of a easier to use version of the rockets we set off in science class that had fuses.