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Stratego | A New Version of the Classic Strategy Board Game

Updated on September 22, 2014

This game is the updated (aka “futuristic”) version of the classic 1961 original game. If you are looking for a replacement to the much loved classic be prepared for a new theme and different rules. Once you get past that, it’s really easy to learn and it’s a lot of fun.

How to Play Stratego

This game is set on a different planet and revolves around 2 warring groups of soldiers. You must use your army to fight your opponents, and only one can be victorious. It relies heavily on strategy and thinking ahead. It’s very similar to chess but the pieces are hidden from view from the other player. In the game each player receives a set of 30 tokens, they are numbered in rank from 1 through 10 (from weakest to strongest). Each player arranges their tokens on their own side of the board with the label facing away from the opponent. Also similar to chess: the pieces move around the board from square to square. If pieces come face to face they must battle. With each encounter with the opponents piece, battles are fought. The simple explanation is that when you fight your opponent you both reveal what piece you have. The one with the higher number wins and the loser’s piece is removed from the board… but it’s more complicated than that, each piece can do different things (like chess) and the pieces with a value of 1, called Spotter’s can defeat any piece by guessing correctly the rank of the piece they are facing. Since pieces are hidden from opponents, when and if pieces are revealed it’s important to remember their rank to be able to use your Spotter’s properly.

My Review of the Newest Version of Stratego

Personally I adore the original game a lot but after playing it so often I needed an update. I went looking into modern versions of Stratego and came across this one(there are other version available as well). This version is a little different from the original because there are new pieces and moves to learn. Another reason why I like this game is because as an avid board game player, I have found that most battle and strategy games require 4 or more people to play. Classics like “The Settlers of Catan”, “Risk” and “Dominion” are all a lot of fun, but in my experience you really need more people to play them properly and it can be difficult to get a group together when you want to play a board game. Stratego is a 2 player versus game, which means when it’s just me and my boyfriend we can still play and have fun. We don’t have to plan it ahead of time and we don’t need to find more people.

For someone who is inexperienced with strategy games it might take a little time to remember what the pieces do, but it really isn’t too complicated at all: it’s a good game for children (I would recommend for kids 9 years old and up). It can also be more advantageous to play if you haven’t played the older version because you won’t get confused about what the tokens do. Either way, it doesn't take long to learn, and it’s a good choice if you are looking for a 2 player strategy game.

Rio Grande Games Dominion
Rio Grande Games Dominion

This is one of my favorite games. It's a card game that you can play against another person and up to 4 people. Become a monarch and rule over your kingdom.


Dominion: A Strategy Game like Stratego

If you like playing strategy games, check out Dominion. It uses 500 cards that get dealt randomly, the game is always different, but always a lot of fun. Unlike other strategy games, I found that this one has instructions that are very easy to learn.

Have You Ever Played Stratego?

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    • Katie Hazel profile image

      Katie Hazel 3 years ago

      @dmhonz: If you like chess I think you will like this as well. Since I play chess it was a little confusing at first to learn what all the tokens meant, but once I got it, it was like playing a new form of chess. Hope you end up liking it :)

    • profile image

      dmhonz 3 years ago

      I love strategy game like chess/ this game looks great I'm looking to play this sometimes. thank you for sharing