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Stratego Board Game Review

Updated on November 24, 2013

I am a big fan of board games. My family has a game night at least once a week. We are all partial to strategy games, and one of our favorites over the years has been Stratego.

Now Stratego is not even close to being a "new" game. Stratego and Risk are two very old games, that are so great simply because of the fact that they are very well thought out. Like chess, once you have a game that is complex enough to involve real strategy and not just luck, adding in too many bells and whistles, just decreases the strategy value.

So I think Stratego is a pretty darn good game, but let's get to what you are here for: the Stratego review.

How do you play Stratego?

In a nutshell, Stratego is a game of "capture the flag", with two sides battling to win the other players flag. In some ways it is like chess; in others fairly different. Unlike chess, you know where your pieces are, but you do not know what the enemies pieces are. This makes the search for your enemies flag placement more enjoyable.

You start by placing your 40 pieces for each side. Pieces are ranked by position, with quite a few options out there, scouts, spies, miners and the Marshall are just a few of the options you can use to defeat and counter your opponent.

As you move your pieces into play, they become revealed and you can begin to strategize how to counter your enemy moves as he works to counter yours. As in real war, no initial plan of attack survives contact with the enemy.

I will not go into deep detail of all the different minor rules. There are a few, as a game like this needs structure. But it is not difficult and can be picked up fairly quickly.

If you play board games with your family, or just love the occassional strategy game with friends, I highly recommend this fun strategy game which is one of the best strategy games out there.

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See an in depth video review of the Stratego board game


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