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Streets of Rage - info , hints , tips, full playthrough

Updated on August 12, 2014

Streets of Rage. This game is a good memory for many people around the world, we all remember playing it with an old fashioned game consoled called Sega. Some people (including me :) ) still play this using our PCs and they are still very fun than the new bloody games that are produced today. Here you will find info on Streets of Rage, some tips and tricks and the entire gameplay level by level. Also I will share my way of defeating bosses.

So, generally it's a fighting game, you select a character then walk on the streets and beat the bad guys up. I am don't want to tell you the story, anyway you will not be interested, but if you are interested wikipedia provides the necessary material.

Choosing the right character to start with

Choosing the correct character is vital, for playing the levels efficiently you need to select the character which fits you the best. When you are on the character selecting screen, you can find some basic info, under each character there are traits such as speed, power and jump. And each of this traits has it's level, Level A is high and Level B is low. You should consider that before choosing, If you like speed and flexibility you better choose Blaze and if you like power and speed you can choose Axel and if you like flexibility and power you can choose Adam.

Fighting bosses

Below you will find some strategies for fighting bosses in Streets of Rage. Each boss has unique ability and is not easy to deal with.

Man with a boomerang

The first boss of the game. This boss is not too powerful, he is more of a long rage fighter, he will throw his boomerang at you if he is on the right position and if you get too close, he will kick you. His kick is long so you can't defeat him if you always keep walking toward him. One basic strategy would be jump-kicking of course you kick must be long enough, I tried with all of the characters, even Axel who has the shortest jump range can reach him without being hit, just keep you distance and you wont't have troubles with this one;

Man with claws

Sometimes in movies when teacher teaches his student martial arts he always says "never show your back to the enemy always go face to face". You should really consider this advice when fighting the second boss of this game game - the man with claws. If you turn your back to him he will move faster and will eventually attack you, if you get to close he wil just hit you with his deadly claws. Be very careful, I still consider this boss as the most powerful one and the most hard to defeat one. If you want to defeat him never stand on the same line as he is, you need to get closed not from left or right but from up and down, you need ti be able to be close enough so that you can grab him (grabbing happens when you just "step" on him) thus you will be able to avoid his attacks and defeat him.

The body-builder.

This boss is powerful in terms of strength but it is defeating his is very easy. He just gets on the line where you stand, then runs at you and punches you really hard. There are many different ways of defeating him, you can just punch him when he is close to you, doing so , he will jsut get back and try the same thing again. This is a slow method but guaranteed to work, there are also other methods, you can stand opposite to his direction, and when he is close to you you can kick your back (A+B) which means pressing jump and attack keys at the same time. Thus he will fall down and you can also give him some other punches until he gets back. And one of the most genius strategies, this boss has a trait of retreating when hit even ones, you can just corner him, on the corner of the screen you will be ale to punch him until he dies and he will not attack you if you get him cornered correctly.

Fat guy with breathing fire

This guy has only one type of attack, it is his fire breathing, he releases fire from his mouth. The strategy of defeating him is as follows. Stand with your back against him, he will come closer slowly, (not too close, he never gets too close) at some point he will open his mouth, and that means that he is about to run at you with a mouth full of fire, his fire range is pretty high but you need to jump-kick him, this requires some good timing, if you do it right, he will fall down, and when he stands up you can punch and punch him.

2 girls

2 girls are really strong together, just because there are 2 of them you might get confused. They are really fast, when you try hitting them they always jumo backwards, and they are extremely flexible. Again , the key of defeating them is on standing with your back against them, while doing so one of them will come closer to you buy foot and the other one will try to kick you from above. When any one of them is close to you you need to kick your back. (A+B) this is always effective but it requires a lot of button pressing skills. It is so hard , because if you press those buttons with a little milisecond difference the move will not happen and they will end up taking your life points away from you. So practice your button pushing before facing them :)

Let us see all those strategies in action

Below you will find videos on all of the levels of Streets of Rage. Examine them and see the strategies mentioned above in action.


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