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Strider ST-4 Balance Bike Look Mum NO Pedals!

Updated on June 29, 2013

Strider ST-4 No- Pedal Balance Bike!

Strider Sports International is regarded as one of the world's premier manufacturers of children's no-pedal balance bikes, these bikes are predominately aimed at toddlers.

By having no pedals the toddler can quickly gain the feel and balance required to step up to a pedal bike in the fastest possible time.

STRIDER No-Pedal balance bikes are a proven concept for encouraging balance and general motor skills.

STRIDER No-Pedal bikes are built to last and have a reputation of durability and safety.

Strider have spent quite a few years changing and improving their balance bikes and the ST-4 is the end result. All of the changes have added to the overall quality and ease of use that toddlers will appreciate.

Image credit to Amazon

The St-4 Upgrades!

Strider really work hard at improving each model and the upgrades to the ST-4 make these balance bikes even more user friendly.

1. Sealed ball bearings replace the old cup and cone bearings in previous models, these have proven to be much smoother and more reliable.

2. The tyres get an upgrade in the tread department.

3. The frame is now powder coated compared to baked enamel.

4. New Graphics and styling.

5. Softer, narrower grips.

The sealed bearings will ultimately be much more free running, meaning less effort to get moving. The tyre tread has been designed for less rolling resistance also.

The frame being now powder coated will handle the bumps and knocks that toddlers are renowned for. The smart new graphics give it a modern look, while the grips are slightly smaller to match a toddlers hand.

Image credit to Amazon

Strider ST-3 Honda No-Pedal Balance Bike - Red
Strider ST-3 Honda No-Pedal Balance Bike - Red

Don't the graphic's make this look great?


My Thoughts

The STRIDER range has been held in high regard for years, the STRIDER name is synonymous with quality and ease of use, many toddlers have learnt valuable balance and motor skill's on a STRIDER built balance bike.

These skills will benefit them when the time arises, to step up to a bigger peddle operated bike, it's a natural progression that thousands of toddlers have experienced.

The ST-4 would make an awesome introduction to balance biking, with it's ability to move with the smallest of effort to it's balanced design, making it easier for little people to master.

Add to this their exciting colour range as well as some bikes having custom graphics, such as Honda and Nitro Circus these bikes will be a big hit with your youngster.

There's no question these bikes are built to handle toddler abuse, they've been handling it for years now. With the frame being powder coated they will look great for years.

It's not uncommon to hear of bikes being handed down through families, with two or three or more children enjoying their first set of wheels.

As with all sports safety is an integral part of any sport, and riding balance bikes is no different, just because your toddler doesn't appear to be going fast, injuries still occur.

I can't stress enough, spend the time to fit a helmet , knee and elbow pads at the very least ensure they wear an approved helmet.

I would have no trouble recommending one of these bikes to my friends, I personally think there that good.

Image credit to Amazon

Let's Not Forget Safety!

One of life's pleasures is a casual walk through your local park, kids running and laughing kicking footballs, dogs chasing sticks and balls, and your own toddler experiencing freedom on their bike.

Whether it's a balance bike or they have progressed up to a bigger pedal bike, one HUGE factor remains the same SAFETY!

First and foremost a Helmet, and not just some old hand me down, these days Helmets that meet all relevant safety requirements are within almost anyone's budget.

Lets face it, your head is pretty vital to your survival so there is NO EXCUSE for not wearing a good quality Helmet.

There are plenty of choices available, including many fashionable colours and designs, so please make sure you child has a modern approved Helmet on when riding.

Next, a sturdy but comfortable pair of shoe's is almost as important as a Helmet, not only for riding but toddlers will drop the bike anywhere and start walking or running at or to whatever their hearts desire, so you don't want them standing on glass or anything sharp.

To raise the safety stakes even higher you might consider Knee and Elbow pads, again I stress a Helmet is the minimum I would let my child ride with.

But toddlers usually don't care about looks at their age, so knee and elbow pads are a great investment to save skinned knee's and elbows.

Some Safety Suggestions!

Strider - Knee and Elbow Pad Set for Safe Riding, Black
Strider - Knee and Elbow Pad Set for Safe Riding, Black

Your Toddler will avoid nasty skinned knee's and elbows with these!

Pearl Izumi Kids Select Glove
Pearl Izumi Kids Select Glove

Hands need protecting too!


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    • profile image

      shabi9764 4 years ago

      looking good! thanks for your advices

    • profile image

      SamanthaSays 4 years ago

      Its a good lens but ive been so accustomed to pedals on bikes that i dread these darling things maybe too dangerous...

    • govomg profile image

      govomg 4 years ago

      @lesliesinclair: Hey Papier

      The idea is to give the toddler the skills to steer and balance upright, without the need to concentrate on peddling as well, the child just uses their feet to propel forward and then just glides for a while.

    • lesliesinclair profile image

      lesliesinclair 4 years ago

      I learn so much on Squidoo. Can't imagine how anyone ever felt the need for a balance bike without pedals, but there it is. I still wonder how it get going. Do the tots run and then pull their feet up? Does someone push it? Approximately how long is a kid satisfied with this type of bike before they insist on having one with pedals? Practicing balance can only be a good thing for strengthening the core muscles, but is it worth the expense? I feel a bit smarter for the introduction, still.