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Soft and Cuddly Stuffed Penguin Plush

Updated on November 13, 2015

Stuffed Penguin Plush Soft and Warm, Great to Cuddle

Penguin stuffed animals are really popular and this cute little stuffed penguin is no exception. He is all you would expect from a plush animal, cute, cuddly and just so soft you will want to bury your face in his "fur".

Photo courtesy Amazon

Aurora Plush Baby Emperor Penguin 6.5"

Penguin stuffed animals - Is the Baby Penguin Evil or Cute?

I was reading the penguin stuffed animals reviews as you do and I had to smile. One review raved about him saying how cute he was and adorable and just how lovely his face was and right next door the review said that his face looked evil and sinister. Well go figure! I think perhaps it is that as babies do their eyes are not so open and he may look to some like he is plotting. I would never have thought of this and have to admit I think he is adorable, soft and cuddly and if he is plotting anything it is to be snuggled up keeping you company.

What do you think evil or cute? Poll you view below.

Is this Stuffed Penguin Evil or Cute Poll

Is this Stuffed Penguin Evil or Cute?

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Penguin plush - If it Looks Like a Penguin!

Not only is he cute (yes I fall into the cute and adorable vote) this baby penguin plush looks like a penguin as well. He has the softest material and is just made to cuddle.

A Real Baby Penguin

This could be one of the penguins that the baby plush penguins are based on. Though in real life they are quite large.

12" Toy penguin with baby

This large 12" toy penguin with baby is also very popular as you get both the mom and baby penguin together though of course the baby will be much smaller.

Is the penguin plush baby just for kids?

The baby penguin plush is just so cute and adorable that anyone of any age who loves animals and in particular penguins and who also loves soft toys will love him to bits.

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